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A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

It’s so easy to believe that no one can love you. When he brushed you aside and walked away as if you didn’t mean anything to him. He discarded your love as if it meant nothing to him.

What else are you supposed to believe? The man you showed yourself unapologetically to didn’t bother to love you.

He made you believe that you were too much.

Whenever you’d tell him how you felt about something, he’d tell you that you were overly emotional. He said that you were too much to handle, that you were trying too hard to be the perfect girlfriend.

You did too much for him in particular and when he saw that he couldn’t match you, he told you that you were overbearing. So you tried to lower your own wants and needs in order to please him.

You didn’t want to be too much for him, so you decided that it would be best to eliminate everything that could fall into that category. You didn’t laugh as loudly anymore and you tried really hard not to cry when he was around. You even changed your style and tone of voice.

Yet he still found a way to make you believe that no one would ever love you because of it. He told you that he couldn’t love you because of the fact that you were too much. And you took those words as law.

He didn’t bother to reassure you that you were the only person for him.

DONE! A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

You weren’t unreasonable. You didn’t ask him to spend every hour of every day telling you that you were the love of his life. But it would’ve been beautiful if he could’ve told you at least a few times a week.

You wanted to know that he felt about you the same way you felt about him. You would always tell him that he was the one and only for you, that he was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your days with.

But it seemed like such a hassle for him to say those same words back. As if telling you that he loved you would give you too much power.

So at one point, you eventually stopped asking him, just assuming that you had to work harder to make him love you.

Whenever you’d look at him, you saw your forever. But he didn’t want it. He didn’t want you to be his forever.

He never wanted to talk about the future. You felt like you had to prove yourself and show him that you’re worthy of that spot next to him. So you did everything you could, but he still found a way to abandon you.

Now the future you imagined is nothing more than a distant wish.

You see yourself as worthless. He didn’t want you, so why would you even consider yourself worthy of anyone’s love?

DONE! A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

He didn’t want to hug you in the mornings until you were prepared to get out of bed to make him coffee.

The man you considered to be the love of your life didn’t kiss you on your cheek, let alone remember your favorite color or how you liked your tea.

This man didn’t care that he was hurting you. He didn’t care that your own sense of self-worth depended on how much he loved you.

But who’s he to determine your worth? Why would you ever let a man – especially one who doesn’t see your true self – determine if you are or aren’t worthy of love?

That right there is a man who was unable and unwilling to see all the things you were doing for him.

He didn’t see all those times you watched your every word so that you didn’t trigger or upset him. He didn’t know how to appreciate you, not even when you would make him your biggest priority.

You did everything for him, to make him happy, to keep him by your side, but he didn’t bother to lift a finger for you.

So why should he have the privilege of loving you? Of having you around?

DONE! A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

He could’ve loved you and cared for you. He could’ve had a woman by his side who’s so absolutely beautiful like you are, but he chose to be blinded by his own narcissistic ego.

A man like him will never be able to see your worth, because he, himself, is unworthy of you.

Why would you want to waste your time on someone who makes you believe that no one will ever be able to love you?

One day someone will see your worth. A man that’ll come into your life and remind you just how absolutely breathtaking you are.

He’ll appreciate the little things you’ll do for him. He’ll appreciate your loud laughter and the way you sometimes stumble over your words.

He won’t get mad at you just because you cried when you watched a sad movie. This man will come into your life and turn it upside down – in the best of ways.

And at first, you may not believe that he’d ever be able to love you, but over time he will prove it to you with every single one of his actions. He will prove his love to you on a daily basis and even when you doubt him, he’ll come through with the most amazing declarations of his love.

He’ll show you that you’re easy to love.

DONE! A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

Just because one man didn’t know how to love you properly doesn’t mean that you’re hard to love or that you’re completely unlovable.

You’ll know what I mean when you finally meet the right man. He won’t let you believe – not even for a second – that he doesn’t love you. Sometimes, you’ll see it in the way he’ll smile at you and keep you close to him.

You will love him so naturally. There’s no way you’ll be able to resist the urge, the pull of your heart. Every fiber of your being will feel appreciated next to him.

You won’t be too much for him.

Everything that you are will be just right for him. You will be enough in everything that the man who hurt you thought of as too much.

He will show you that every part of you can be loved and that the loudness of your laughter is beautiful. He’ll make you laugh even harder just to hear it.

And he will never leave. He won’t be able to imagine a life without you.

So stop thinking that no one can love you when you are the most lovable woman on this planet. You just weren’t loved by the right man or in a way that you deserved to be loved.

A Reminder For The Days You Feel Like No One Can Love You

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