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A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

I don’t know what life has taught you, but we need to make something perfectly clear right from the start.

Abuse isn’t love, it can’t possibly be, and it never will be.

Unfortunately, we romanticize abuse and it’s one of the reasons why many women aren’t spared that pain.

Love is not supposed to be hard. It does require making a huge amount of effort, but it should never make you bend over backward.

Most importantly, love is not supposed to hurt.

When your loved one is not with you, it’s normal to miss them and long for them and their touch.

These things are sweet sufferings and something completely different from a love that hurts.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

When a man makes you question your worth, thinks that you’re not good enough, and repeatedly breaks your heart, it’s not love.

A man who loves you won’t make you think that love is hard. In fact, he will make you feel like there’s nothing easier in the world.

A real man will protect a woman, not abuse her. If you’re telling yourself anything other than that, it’s just a lie.

You make yourself believe a lie because you’re afraid of walking away from your toxic partner.

A real man wouldn’t ever deliberately hurt a woman. It’s the truth and you have to realize it.

A man who loves you wouldn’t do anything to make you feel threatened or insecure. Ever.

He wouldn’t do something that could break your heart.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

Real men do a lot of things, but abusing a woman is not one of them and never will be.

They do things to make a woman feel loved, protected, respected, and cared for.

Those who are capable of abusing a woman aren’t real men. They’re just cowards who hide behind their manhood.

On the outside, he might look like a real man, but on the inside, there’s a rotten soul and nothing more.

Tell a child to draw a picture of someone who would abuse a woman either emotionally or physically.

What would you see in that picture? A monster.

Even a child knows that a man who abuses a woman is nothing more than a monster.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

A real man would never feed you lies, play games, or break your spirit. It’s that simple.

A real man would cherish you. He knows that a woman will give him more than he’ll give her.

When he gives her his heart, she gives him all the love she possibly can. If he gives her a house, she’ll give him a home.

When he gives her his love, she’s going to make him feel like the luckiest man on earth.

That is what women are like when they love a man, and what kind of man would take advantage of that?

A real man will protect his woman. This doesn’t mean that he’ll pretend to protect her in public and abuse her when they get home, where there’s no one to see it.

He will protect his woman even from himself. He’ll make her feel safe and he won’t allow anything bad to happen to her.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

A real man knows that women aren’t weak but strong, and he’ll be there for his woman when she’s not aware of her strength, to remind her of it.

A real man would hate to see his woman broken, on her knees, begging him for mercy or love. In fact, it would make his stomach turn.

The only man who would enjoy seeing that is a sick sadist.

A real man wants to see his woman holding her head high, smiling, and feeling confident.

There’s nothing he would find more attractive and he would help her feel that way.

A real man wants to make you happy when you give him your heart. If you chose to give your heart to a man who brings you down and abuses you, he’s a coward.

You need to walk away from him immediately or seek help if you can’t do it on your own.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

Please don’t settle for a pathetic excuse of a man that an abuser is.

Sometimes we settle for something we don’t deserve because of the circumstances we’re in or the pressure society puts on us… but you have to know that settling is the greatest ally of abuse.

It makes you go with the flow and ignore your desires and wishes. You forget your true worth and start thinking that you deserve the pain.

That is wrong so please don’t let yourself allow it to get to that.

Don’t settle for someone who intentionally causes you pain, because it’s not what you deserve.

Please try to love yourself enough to realize that it’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect you.

Settling is the greatest ally of abuse, but self-love is its worst enemy. Self-love can help you prevent abuse or save yourself from it.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

Doesn’t that actually make a lot of sense? When you love yourself enough, you are aware of what you truly deserve, and that’s unconditional love.

You know your worth and demand to be treated the way you deserve, and loving yourself helps others love you too.

Someone could still try to abuse you when you love yourself but do you know what?

You’d walk away from that monster at the first sign of abusive behavior, and never look back.

All this doesn’t mean that it’s your fault if you’ve been abused. It’s never your fault and it can’t ever possibly be your fault.

There’s no excuse for abuse but if you love yourself, you can be strong enough to fight against it. You can be strong enough not to let it make you think that abuse is love.

DONE! A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

I don’t know who you are or what you had to go through, but regardless of that, always remember something.

A real man will protect a woman, not abuse her. There are plenty of real men out there, and you should never settle for an abuser.

A real man will make you feel protected and safe and he’ll make you see that love doesn’t hurt.

If it hurts, it’s not love. Please always remember that.

A Real Man Will Protect A Woman, Not Abuse Her

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