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A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

There’s one thing deeply rooted in a man’s behavior. It’s the idea that men need to be tough in order to be seen as real men.

Strong, rough, emotionally stable – those are things that men are expected to show if they want to be taken seriously. If they fail at any of those, chances are they’ll be mocked for it.

Because of that, many men go through life bringing these expectations into every sphere of their lives, including their relationships.

Even when he finds a woman he loves and who makes him feel special, a man still tends to keep his feelings for himself.

It’s not that he doesn’t let his woman know that he loves her. It’s rather that he doesn’t let her see all of the emotions that she evokes in him.

Because a man is supposed to act like a man, right? To hide his feelings, to provide for his family, and to never crack under pressure.

So, he applies that rule, the one he’s been taught from day one.

DONE! A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

He acts reserved, objective, and in a way emotionless, even though he’s around the woman he’s chosen for his partner.

From time to time, this misunderstanding becomes the reason for many fights in a relationship.

When a woman sees the way her man acts around her, she doesn’t feel happy and expresses her discontent.

And it happens because women are wired differently. They love to feel cherished and appreciated.

They enjoy expressing love and fall for all those little things that speak volumes about it.

So when a woman finds herself in the arms of a man who’s been expected to act by certain standards his whole life, she gets lost and feels unappreciated.

She thinks that her feelings aren’t taken care of and she pulls into her shell, hoping that her man will reach out to her and spoil her with love for a change.

DONE! A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

I know that men don’t enjoy repeating themselves and saying those three words on a daily basis. But it’s the thing that we as women live for.

The thing that turns our gray days into days filled with sunshine.

Real men know that. They know that women love to be treated tenderly, with kindness and affection.

They know how much happiness their sweet words bring to us.

How sincere we smile when they hold us in their arms for a little longer than normal.

A real man knows what a woman is going through by the simple look on her face. He sees her emotions written all over her expression, even when she’s trying to hide them.

Her fake smile stands no chance when a real man looks her directly in the eyes.

And then, instead of asking her what’s wrong and accepting the word “nothing,” he holds her in his arms because he knows she needs him.

DONE! A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

He knows that he’s not less of a man if he holds his girl tightly, not wanting to let go of her.

If anything, it only makes him more of a man when he responds to the feelings of the one he loves.

He doesn’t want to see her sad and he makes sure to treat her with tenderness, no matter what.

If she needs it, he’s willing to hold her in his arms for days – because real men make their women happy.

A real man talks about his feelings openly. He looks her in the eye and tells her how she makes him feel.

He makes sure to let her know that he appreciates her for everything she’s giving him. For her love, effort, and time.

A real man knows that as long as she’s happy, he’ll be happy too.

She was his choice and he’ll keep choosing her till his final breath.

DONE! A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

Because of that, he’s not afraid to show her the affection she needs. He’s not scared to hold her hand while people are passing by.

To give her his jacket when she’s cold. To pick her up when her feet hurt.

If he’s a real man, he treats you with tenderness.

He lets you see how amazing love can be when it’s shared with the right one. How beautiful love looks when you’re happy from within.

His words are kind and honest, and he doesn’t worry about hiding his feelings.

“I love you” – he repeats these words day after day, even at the risk of her getting bored of them.

Because he loves how her lips make a curve each and every time he says something like this.

A real man who treats his woman with tenderness has only one wish – to always make her happy and to never disappoint her.

DONE! A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

His goal is to give her a life where she’ll wake up with a smile on her face every morning.

A real man knows what it means to find the woman of his dreams. To find the one he’s been looking for his whole life.

He knows that when it comes to her, all of the rules that he set up for himself break into pieces.

From that point on, he lives for her and does everything he can for her happiness.

He loves her tenderly and passionately at the same time. He holds her in his arms so no one ever again breaks her heart.

Real men treat women with tenderness. They hold them carefully in their arms, making sure not to do anything that may hurt them.

You’re not less of a man if you show your feelings to a woman. It’s the exact opposite – it’s the thing that makes you a man.

A Real Man Treats His Woman Tenderly

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