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A Real Man Doesn’t Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

A Real Man Doesn’t Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

True love shouldn’t be hard. It takes a large amount of effort indeed to make it work, but the thing is, you should never bend over backward for your partner.

Growing up, men think that they have to be tough and strong, and sometimes that strength develops into abuse. However, abuse is not love.

True love makes you feel like you’re in seventh heaven. Even when you miss your partner, you yearn for their touch.

Things like this or sweet little sufferings that you bear in a romantic relationship should be pretty common.

True love never forces you to question your worth or respect. It should never make you fear that your heart might be broken into a million pieces. 

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

Only a real man knows how to make a woman feel truly loved.

A real man knows that loving a woman isn’t about abusing her in any way and instead, it’s all about protecting her.

Anything that you might see or hear differently to that is a lie and if you think that your partner might be abusive then you should definitely let go of him!

True love will never make you feel pain.

A man who truly loves you will never deliberately hurt you and would rather always make you feel safe so you don’t build walls around yourself.

Those insecurities you had with your previous boyfriends should be long gone once you experience true love. A real man will know that.

Knowing when you have a real man by your side in a sea of boys is difficult, I know that.

However, there are certain things that only a real man will do. Abusing a woman is definitely not one of them.

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

The truth is that men who abuse women don’t have the courage to show their true face.

They just hide behind their manhood and pretend to be strong and tough.

A real man shows his woman respect and he never tells her any lies or plays any mind games. He never does anything that could break her heart.

He knows that her heart is fragile and soft, so why would he do that to such a gentle human being?

A real man cherishes his woman.

He knows that she will always compete with him in love, so if he respects her and shows appreciation, she’ll return it double.

That’s why if he gives her his heart, she’ll make sure to stay his for eternity.

If a real man opens up to her, she’ll make sure that he feels loved every day and he won’t have to question her feelings for him any longer.

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

And what more could you possibly ask for? Do you need anything more than that? Isn’t that something that all of us strive for?

So, a real man makes his woman feel safe and he doesn’t abuse her.

A real man doesn’t pretend to be a man only when they’re in public but also continues to do that once they get back home, where no one’s looking.

A real man would never harm his woman. He would make sure that she feels safe and secure and won’t allow anything bad to happen to her.

The thing is that a real man is aware of his woman’s feelings and strength. He doesn’t consider her inferior to him in any way.

Instead, he treats her as his equal and he always tries to pick her up when life knocks her down.

A real man would never make his woman beg for love. That’s something only a manipulative monster would do.

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

There’s nothing more attractive than seeing a happy woman with her head held high, with a smile on her face while she walks confidently down the street.

A happy and gorgeous woman is her man’s number one supporter.

Those who hide behind their manhood choose to abuse their women and bring them down, so that they can feed their ego.

But the truth is that in today’s times, many women settle for those abusive partners. 

Eventually, they start to go with the flow and think that the way their man treats them is perfectly normal and acceptable in society.

They forget their worth and their wishes and desires come in second place.

They think to themselves that the pain they’ve been feeling all this time is justified and that they shouldn’t speak up.

You should never do that! Never settle for an abusive partner or a toxic relationship.

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

A real man should make a woman feel safe. 

Love is such a beautiful thing once you find the perfect partner.

It’s never too late to start anew, so even if you think that you’re old and no one wants you, remember that you’re enough.

You don’t need a man to make you happy. Find your inner happiness and you will never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Love yourself to the point where being single is always a better option than allowing some boy to treat you like his toy and abuse you.

Once you start loving yourself, you know that you deserve much more.

You become aware of your worth and that opens doors for others to love you too.

So, wherever you are and whoever you are, remember that a man’s duty is to protect his woman and not abuse her.

Know that you’re worthy of experiencing true love and abuse isn’t that. 

DONE! A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

A real man will fight for you through thick and thin, and he’ll be your shoulder to cry on.

Actually, he’ll do anything he can to make you feel loved and to make you feel safe.

You should never settle for a guy whose manipulative and abusive behavior hurts you.

Someone like that will force you to question whether or not true love is even real.

It is, but it’s not possible to experience it with an abusive man.

A Real Man Doesn't Abuse A Woman, He Makes Her Feel Safe

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