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A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

Once you fall for a narcissist, it’ll feel like you’ve fallen into a black hole. He’s someone who drains your energy and changes you completely, a man who makes you forget who you were before.

A narcissist will trick you into believing that he’s the perfect match for you. He’ll act like he’s your dream man, the one you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Then, as a woman who loves dearly, you’re going to surrender your soft heart to him. You’re going to give him all of the love you have because it feels natural to you.

That’s when the problems will start. That’s when you’ll realize that something’s off as your Mr. Perfect isn’t even close to that.

No matter how well you treat him, a narcissist will never be able to appreciate your soft heart. No matter how much love you give him, you’ll never get anything in return.

A narcissist will never be able to appreciate all of the efforts you put into the relationship. In his eyes, it’ll be something you’re obliged to do but he’ll never do the same for you.

He’ll expect you to chase him while he’ll keep playing a hot and cold game with you. He’ll expect you to dedicate your time and energy to him while he’ll always have something else to do.

And then when you tell him that you feel unhappy, he’ll ignore your feelings.

DONE! A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

He’ll keep convincing you that your feelings are irrelevant and that you should only listen to him. He’ll act as if he knows you best, as if he’s the owner of your heart and soul.

Your emotions will always be too much for him. You hear him calling you oversensitive, clingy, and needy, and no matter how you act with him, he always finds something to blame you for.

Other guys would appreciate your love but he calls you controlling. Others would love a woman who makes them a priority and he tells you that you’re too invested.

He’ll play dirty with you because that’s the only thing he knows to do right. His mind games will take on a whole other level and he’ll know how to convince you of the words he says.

You’ll see him love bombing you, assuring you of how you mean the most to him, and how he can’t live his life without you. Once you fall for these words, there comes a series of gaslighting and manipulation.

At some point, you’ll physically feel dizzy as you’ll have no idea what’s going on. You won’t be able to comprehend whether this is your actual reality and how you should deal with it.

Whatever you do, it just doesn’t seem good enough. All of your good sides will suddenly become flaws and you’ll start to see them that way too.

DONE! A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

You’ll become insecure about yourself as you’ll no longer know who you are. Truth be told, you may even start wondering whether you’re actually a horrible person.

“If he keeps repeating himself, always reminding me of my negative traits, maybe I do affect him in negative ways?”

These thoughts will roam around your head and you’ll start thinking about a breakup and leaving this guy forever. But he’ll sense your ideas and he’ll hold you tightly in his arms.

He’ll give you a dose of love bombing and in no time, you’ll be on his side of the field. Again.

You’ll keep forgiving him for his actions and keep giving him second chances. You’ll convince yourself that he deserves that and that deep down, he’s really a nice person.

And he’ll pretend that you’re right and will calm down for some time. The gaslighting will stop and he’ll avoid manipulating you for a while.

Then just when you think that he’s a changed man, he’ll show you his real face once again. He’ll show you that he’s a narcissist who doesn’t care about you at all.

No matter how many chances you give him, he’s never going to change.

DONE! A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

His plan is to keep you around for as long as he wants, which means that you’re not leaving until he says so. You’re not walking away until he lets you do that.

In order to keep you around, he’ll destroy your self-confidence. You’ll no longer be a woman who knows what she wants and who never gives up on her dreams.

From then on, you’ll be someone who doesn’t think that she deserves better. You’ll be someone who thinks that staying with this man is the only thing she can do, as no one else could ever love her.

A narcissist will convince you that he’s a catch and that you could never find anyone except him who’d want to be with you.

And you’ll believe those words because you’re used to doing that. He made you think that he’s the only one who knows what’s best for you.

He presented his intentions as sincere and there was nothing else you could do but trust him. But you’ll end up suffering, as your soft heart won’t be able to take it anymore.

His toxicity will keep breaking it, piece by piece. And all of a sudden, you’ll be walking around with your heart torn apart.

A man who’s supposed to be the one to protect you will actually be the one who breaks you into pieces. Instead of being in a happy relationship, you’ll end up stuck in a vicious circle, one that’s too hard to get out of.

DONE! A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

He has downplayed your kindness and he’s kept walking all over you. And no matter what you think, he’ll never be good enough for you.

He’ll keep hurting you over and over again, and at some point, you won’t be able to take it anymore.

So, before it’s too late, you better pull yourself out of his narcissistic hands. You need to run away from him as fast as you can and don’t ever go back.

He’ll never change and deep down, you know that. You know that his only intention is to hurt you, as that’s what feeds his soul.

The pain he inflicts on others gives him power and that’s the sad truth. So, you need to be strong enough to run away from him as fast as you can, as he’ll never appreciate the person you are.

A Narcissist Will Never Be Able To Appreciate Your Soft Heart

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