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A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

Every woman in the world has had a similar experience at some point in her life.

It’s the experience of being with a man who doesn’t respect you, doesn’t understand you, and doesn’t appreciate you.

A man like that doesn’t think that disrespecting a woman is a big deal, and he might even make you think that too. But you definitely shouldn’t!

Disrespect can bring any relationship to an end and this is because love without respect isn’t enough to make a relationship work.

Someone who doesn’t respect you doesn’t deserve to be with you.

DONE! A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

This is something you should never forget because it’s completely true.

Some women actually know that, but they still stay with a man who doesn’t respect them.

Why? Sometimes, it’s simply because they have never been respected by men so they don’t know what respect should look like.

Unfortunately, a lot of women have this problem and aren’t even aware of it.

When you are used to something, no matter how bad it is, it becomes normal to you.

You simply don’t know any better, because you never had the chance to experience it.

I was like that once, but I finally found a man who showed me what respecting a woman looks like.

Let me tell you about that so you will never think that disrespect is normal.

How can you recognize a man who truly respects you? Look at the way your man holds you. If he respects you, it will be with a very gentle touch.

A man who doesn’t respect you won’t do this.

DONE! A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

To a man who respects you, you will feel like he thinks that you’ll break into pieces if he touches you roughly.

It’s like in his mind, you are a fragile, delicate creature that he should always treat gently.

That kind of care shows that he respects you and deserves to be with you because he’d never hurt you.

Notice the way he communicates with you as well. A man who respects you will use a gentle voice when talking to you.

He doesn’t want to offend you, and he’s careful not to do so in any way.

If he never interrupts you, always lets you say what’s on your mind, and listens carefully, he respects you.

He makes an effort to remember the details you tell him, which shows that you mean the world to him.

A man like that deserves to be with you because he truly loves and respects you.

DONE! A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

How much effort does he put into your relationship? This is also something important that shows whether he respects you or not.

Nothing will be too much for a man who respects you because he’d do anything for you.

A man who doesn’t respect you won’t.

One who respects you would be willing to climb the highest mountain just so he can make you see how much you mean to him.

It’s all worth it to him as long as it makes you happy, because that is his main goal.

A man like that will show you his love and respect in the little things he’s not even aware of.

You will be aware of them, and they’ll surprise you if you haven’t been with a real man before.

You will notice the way his eyes are filled with warmth when he looks at you. You’ll also see that he doesn’t look at any other woman in that way.

His eyes will shine when he sees you, and you’ll know that he just wants to hold you in his arms and never let go.

These little things show respect more than anything.

You won’t see these things with someone who doesn’t respect you.

DONE! A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

Let me tell you something from my own experience that opened my eyes.

You know how they say that all men look at other beautiful women and that it doesn’t have to mean anything?

Well, they don’t all look, and it doesn’t have to mean that they’re cheaters if they do, but it might mean something.

For a while, I secretly paid close attention to my man’s behavior whenever an attractive woman was around.

It wasn’t because I wanted to prevent him from looking, doubted him, or wanted to cause a fight if he looked.

I wasn’t jealous, I just wanted to catch him not acting so perfect all the time, because all men look, right?

Wrong. He actually never even notices attractive women and seems completely oblivious of their beauty.

If he did look, I wouldn’t think that he loved or respected me any less… but the fact that he doesn’t has made me realize what true and genuine respect, commitment, and love look like.

Men I dated before who didn’t respect me made me realize some things too.

A man who doesn’t respect you will cross your boundaries.

DONE! A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

He won’t respect the boundaries you set and won’t care what you’re ready or not ready to do.

He’ll force you and make you think that love means giving in to your man. If your man does this, he surely doesn’t deserve to be with you.

Respecting the person you’re with means knowing when it’s enough. You back off when your loved one needs some space to think.

A man who respects you won’t just force the things he thinks are right. Instead, he will always listen to your side of the story.

A lot of people don’t really understand the true meaning of respect and how important it is in a relationship.

It’s something that is necessary for a healthy relationship without a doubt.

When someone respects you, it makes you love them even more and be much more certain of your future together.

After being disrespected by others, I finally ended up with a man who respects me. And I wish every woman in the world would.

I can feel his respect every time he listens carefully to me and tells me that he truly appreciates me.

He doesn’t want to change me and lets me be myself because he loves and respects me for who I am.

A real man will know that he can break your heart… but he’ll choose to give you unconditional love and respect instead.

Only a man like that deserves to be with you, so please don’t settle for a man who’ll disrespect you.

A Man Who Doesn’t Respect You Doesn’t Deserve To Be With You

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