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A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

To the girl who always ends up being just a rebound

Guy after guy, heartbreak after heartbreak.

You meet someone new and you get this feeling that finally, things will turn out right. You pray to God that this one won’t break your heart, but then, as you get to know him better, you realize that he doesn’t look at you the way you look at him.

He makes you fall in love with him and only then reveals his big secret. His heart is already taken. It belongs to the girl who broke him into pieces, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to forget her.

You’ve been in this situation many times. You’ve fallen for guys who used you to get over their broken hearts.

To them, you were just a rebound girl. To you, each one of them was an opportunity to finally find the love you deserve.
DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

But the moment you’d hear them talking about their ex with that painful look in their eyes, you’d straight away realize that they could never be yours. None of them would ever look at you the way they look at the girl who tore them apart.

After a while, you gave up on love completely, convinced that you keep attracting the wrong men.

You’ve reached the point where you can’t recall when last you had a real relationship. All these past years, you’ve been a rebound girl and nothing more.

You can’t seem to earn a better title, no matter how hard you try. And that realization is tearing you apart.

As of right now, you feel like you’ll never be able to find someone who would love you the way you want to be loved.

You probably blame yourself, feeling like it’s all your fault. Maybe it’s because you attract emotionally broken guys who just ended their relationships. Or maybe it’s because you look naive enough to fall for the story they tell you.

All in all, you feel that you’re the one in the wrong here.

But sooner or later, a man will walk into your life and he’ll make you forget about all those who came before him.
DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

To him, you won’t be just a rebound. You’ll be so much more. As impossible it is to imagine right now, you’ll be his everything.

He’ll introduce you to his friends and let them know that you’re his girlfriend. That’s right. There’ll be no awkward introductions where a guy mumbles your name and tries to explain to his pals that you’re just one more girl in the line.

The right one will know right away that you’re the only one who can make him happy. And he won’t be afraid to let others know that.

After he comes into your life, you’ll finally realize that all those before him never had an intention to love you. And there was nothing you could do to change that.

You could never change their mind since all of them had their own special girl in heart. And you were just a replacement.

But you should never blame yourself for that because it wasn’t your fault that they were incapable of loving you.

It’s not your fault that they didn’t know how to mend their broken hearts and that’s why they searched for help from others.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

And even though your wound got bigger every time you ended up a rebound once again, you must admit that you’ve learned many lessons through those experiences.

Each of them taught you that no matter how much you want something to work out, if it’s not good for you, you’ll end up without it.

And at first, it will seem like the worst moment of your life. But as time goes by, you’ll realize that you had to go through those experiences in order to become the person you are today.

Those were merely obstacles you had to cross to get to where you are now.

All this time, you deserved to be more than a rebound. You need to understand it yourself first for the others to understand it as well.

I know that those guys hurt you and you spent nights comparing yourself to all these other girls. But one day, all that pain will be gone.

You’ll realize how strong you are and how you can survive everything on your own. You’ll realize your worth.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

And at that moment, someone else will also see all of the beauty in your kind heart and lonely soul. Someone will walk into your life and show you that you deserve to be loved.

You may have spent days convincing yourself that you’re not worthy of love, but a real man will walk into your life and prove you wrong. The day will come where a man will prove to you that he’s willing to stay.

So, to all of the girls who are going through the same, to all of the ones who always end up being rebounds: Your time will come.

A day will come when a man finally treats you the way you deserve to be treated. He’ll show you how real love feels and you’ll finally feel happiness in all of the corners of your heart that used to be occupied by sadness.

Until that day comes, keep reminding yourself that you’re worthy of love. You need to understand that none of the things that happened to you is your fault.

You’re so much more than a rebound, and you’ll always be, no matter what.


A girl who used to be just a rebound

A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up Being Just A Rebound

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