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A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

To all the strong girls who are broken inside,

I know you can get through anything. No matter if it’s a failed relationship, a heartbreak, or family issues, you choose to fight. And you do that numerous times.

You are the one who got hurt numerous times, yet stayed strong. You fix your makeup and get up as if you have never fallen before. Then you put back that beautiful smile of yours and go into the world. You act like everything is perfectly fine when you know that it’s not.

No matter how hard life gets, you choose to stay silent. You keep your problems to yourself and no one, except you, knows what happens when you close your eyes at night. No one knows that when you get into your bed, tears start running down your face and the weight of living crumbles on you.

That’s when you break and you feel you’re weak. You think that you’re only pretending to have a perfect life. And when your moment of weakness comes, your mind starts playing games with you.

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

It’s telling you that you’re living a lie and that there’s no way out. Then when the last tear slides down your cheek, you finally fall asleep.

And when you wake up, you stand up like the night before never happened. You put on your favorite outfit and your recognizable smile, and leave the house. When you meet your friends, you act as if everything is perfectly fine.

They start talking about their problems. You listen to them. Try to understand. Give them the best advice. Help them get through tough times. But you choose to stay silent about what’s breaking your heart.

You feel like it’s your problem, and people shouldn’t see how broken you are inside. And you’ve gotten used to it, so you’ve mastered hiding your feelings.

If by some chance you just break in public and you feel like a tear might slip out, you run to the bathroom so no one can see you. You give yourself a pep talk: “Pull yourself together, they don’t need to see you like this,” plaster that smile back on your face, and walk out like everything is perfectly normal.

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

You help others and save your problems for the times you’re all by yourself. It even helps you sometimes because you get to escape from your mind and focus on keeping others happy. But you know that when you get back home, you’ll be imprisoned again.

Sometimes you wish to tell your friends how small the problems they talk about are. And what it feels like to go through some truly difficult times. But you don’t want to undermine their issues, so you still stay quiet. You reckon it’s better that way.

People constantly tell you how strong you are because you never seem to complain about life. But you never believe them because you believe strong girls can’t possibly be broken inside.

The thing is, strong people are in fact the most broken ones. Because no one is born that strong; it’s the world and the issues we face that make us that way.

You like art because that’s how you can calm yourself down. You recognize yourself in that favorite book you’ve read countless times. And every time you read it, you feel like you’re not alone anymore, because someone else felt the same way.

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

The thought comforts you, so you convince yourself that there’s no need for your friends and family to know what you’re struggling with.

When your thoughts and problems crush you, you figure out a way to cancel your plans. You do so just so other people don’t see you that way. You don’t post sad songs or quotes on your social media. Oh no, that would just make people wonder whether you’re okay or not.

Your friends and family see you as the most lighthearted person in their lives. The one who always brings a positive atmosphere and brightens everyone’s day. The person who’s always there to help them solve their problems.

You love that, but at the same time, you feel guilty. You can’t help but think you’re lying to them.

But you’re not lying to anyone! And no one is lying to you when they tell you how amazing, special, strong, ambitious, and charismatic you are. There’s nothing wrong with being a strong girl, even though you know you’re broken inside.

You’ll heal one day, and the scars that remain will just serve as a reminder. A remembrance of what you’ve gone through, yet you fought every issue away. And evidence that you’ve faced most of the problems on your own, but came out the winner.

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

Be aware that it’s your own mind that’s playing games on you. And you need to realize that your thoughts are your biggest enemy. They make you feel small and worthless. They prevent you from seeing the real picture.

Maybe you hate the fact that other people see you as the strongest woman they know when you’ve never seen yourself that way. All you’ve ever seen in the mirror is a person faking her life and feelings.

The problem is that you’ve never realized the truth. And it’s that you’re as strong as steel. That’s because you always keep going no matter what happens. You’re the strongest because you never lost hope. And you’re capable of keeping that beautiful smile even if you’re going through the worst period in your life.

Not many people can do that. But here you are doing it! You’re a survivor who gets up every time you fall. And you’ve kept your strength and will to live even though you’ve witnessed how difficult it can get. And what’s better proof than that?

So here’s my final word to all the strong girls who are broken inside. You’re amazing and you have the power to overcome any obstacle. Don’t you ever forget that!

A Letter To All The Strong Girls Who Are Broken Inside

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