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A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

Is love just a game of power? It seems that way to her, and she always hands over all the power.

The reason she does that is because she thinks of love as something worth fighting for, as well as living for.

She is prepared to lose herself in love without ever hesitating. She’ll do it anytime and any day, even though she’s scared to death of doing so.

When you look in her eyes, you’ll see her fear, and when you hear her voice, you’ll hear it trembling.

However, her love is so strong and passionate that it makes you fall head over heels.

It’s obvious that she’s so afraid, yet she’s ready to go for it anyway.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

She is still standing while completely falling apart on the inside, and that’s one of the reasons why you have to love her.

Love her because she wakes up every morning and faces a brand new day while fighting the darkness that’s inside her.

She’s the harbor in which you can find safety.

She thinks of sweet words as weapons that people use to lure a person in, just to be able to break them, because people have done that to her. 

To her, love isn’t just sweet, but also terrifying. Every time a person would promise her love, she would nod in agreement, but deep down, the doubt would tear her apart, warning her that she’d be broken again.

Hugs might help ease the pain, but once you are gone, it will only make things harder for her.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

After all, you are going to leave just like everyone else left; at least, that’s what she’s afraid of.

She faces all these fears every day while she is in love with you, so love her for that.

She is trying hard to show you how much she trusts you by tumbling down her walls, and that’s why you have to love her.

Love her because she has a gentle and fierce heart, and she’s willing to give that heart to you.

It’s a beautiful heart that can’t be broken again, and she’s much more than simply broken.

It is more painful and harder for her not to love you than it is to watch you walk away.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

She knows how it feels when you aren’t loved, so she loves people with all of her heart.

She knows very well how much it hurts when you are prepared to give someone your everything, but end up getting very little in return. 

It hurts so bad when you’re neglected and lied to, and she knows that from her own experience. That is why she won’t ever risk losing your trust. 

Whenever it’s possible for her to be your light, she won’t let the darkness consume you.

Let her be the flame she wants to be for you, and you’ll never be left in the cold.

She will bring color into your life if it’s black and white and give you warmth when you need it the most, so you have to love her for that. 

Love her for giving you a smile that you can wear whenever you think of her, and for laughing so cutely that it’s contagious, making you wonder if you could ever be sad next to someone like her.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

She hides the fact that she’s broken by having a beautiful smile on her face.

She’s not embarrassed about being broken, she’s just scared that you won’t be able to take it.

Her biggest fear is that you’ll see her as who she was before – someone who let other people take away her smile and her worth.

She trusted everyone and expected them to keep her heart whole and safe because she did so with theirs.

Another big fear of hers is that you’ll walk away because you won’t be able to fix her. However, when something doesn’t need fixing, you don’t need to fix it.

She has had so many amazing battles, as well as victories, and you need to love her for that.

She endured all the pain with that beautiful smile on her face, and that is why you have to love her.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

The truth is, even being broken is something that looks great on her, and you should love her for that.

She doesn’t hold anything back, because she lives her life like every day could be her last one. 

In the end, what really destroyed her was waiting for those who never bothered to come.

Hoping in vain was killing her, and she’s broken because she always gave her heart away.

She is used to living day to day and deals with problems as they come instead of being worried about what the future brings, because she doesn’t expect everything to change overnight. 

Every second of every day, she gives all of her completely.

She is ready to fight and deal with all the pain and problems that come her way and while fear sometimes gets a chance to hold her back, she fights it and shakes it off.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

Memories sometimes come to hunt her down, but she doesn’t let them take over her and leave her blue.

Being broken is a part of who she is, and if that’s your reason to leave her, you are not the man she deserves to have – a real man.

You have to love her for who she is. Cry, laugh, and breathe with her.

Wake up next to her to help her get up and see the sunrise. Appreciate every moment you get to have together.

Watch this woman in awe and admire her because she deserves nothing less than that. If you aren’t prepared to do that for her, you should let her go.

She would rather be alone than with someone who isn’t ready to love her the way she deserves and for everything that she is.

Setting her free is better than locking her in a loveless cage.

You have to love her, all of her, so if you can’t do that, you need to let her go because you’re not the real man she’s looking for.

A Broken Woman Needs A Real Man To Love Her

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