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9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a guy loves you or if he’s just being nice to you.

All of the mixed signals can get to you and you can find yourself in a dead-end street.

”What now?” ”How can I know how he feels about me?”

Actually, it’s quite simple. Men usually show their feelings through actions.

Their love can be felt through the little things while their words will not be much help.

If you wanted to see what the signs are by which you can tell he loves you but you feel have been lost in an infinite list of signals, then keep on reading.

This article will give you the undeniable signs that will help you understand his behavior and his feelings.

1. He looks at you like you are the best thing in the world

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

If you get the feeling that his eyes are stuck on you and that he just can’t seem to take them off you, it means that his emotions are real and that he loves you.

This long stare when he loses a sense of reality feels like he’s saying, ”Oh, how amazing you are!”

In a way, he will be calm and lost and you will feel the emotions coming out of his look.

This stare could last for a long time as he is stuck in a moment where he can’t pull himself back into reality.

They say that the eyes never lie and that you can read someone’s soul through them.

If that’s the case, you will feel like you are the only woman in this man’s world.

It’s like you are a magical creature and that he can’t believe that he found you.

His look says, ”God, thank you for sending me this beautiful human being. I owe you my life for it.”

2. He is involved in your life

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

He checks on you regularly and always asks you how your day was.

‘How are you?” ”Do you need anything?” ”What happened?”

He’s not asking these for the sake of beginning a conversation but because he genuinely wants to know the answers.

He wants to know every single detail of your life as he wants to be part of it.

Your passions, hobbies, hopes, and dreams – he wants to be familiar with everything.

His goal is to be your real friend, someone you can lean on, and whom you can spill out the horrible happenings of your day to.

Then, he will hug you and comfort you, as he hates seeing that you’re sad.

3. You are his priority

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

If he goes out of his way to help you, then he truly loves you. It’s easy to express love but it gets serious when you show it.

When his actions prove that he really means what he says, that’s when you know it’s real.

When he loves you, your happiness will be his priority. He will do things in the right way because he knows your likes and dislikes as you are his priority.

He doesn’t care what others say, his attention is focused on you. If you feel that he would do anything for you, then it means that he really loves you.

He’s not faking it to get something out of you but his feelings are genuine and sincere.

When a man loves a woman, he rearranges the priorities in his head.

You become number one and he gets pushed to position number two as your happiness becomes his.

4. He always tries to protect you

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

This may seem silly, but when a man falls in love, he will do anything for his woman.

He will always try to protect her and be there for her at any time of day or night.

He will be your guardian angel whose job is to keep you safe.

I know that sometimes it can be unnecessary as we are able to take care of ourselves perfectly fine, but men need to make you aware that they will do their best so you can feel safe and sound.

This is their way of saying, ”I love you.”

5. His future involves you

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

When he speaks, do you hear words like, ‘‘We will…” or, ”The two of us…” or, ”Our…”?

If you find yourself in his plans for the future, it means that he loves you.

Including you in his life tells you that he trusts you and loves you so much, to the point that he even imagines your future life together.

Men are not like women. They don’t spend hours daydreaming about their future.

Instead, he will involve you in his life, making sure you understand that he wants you in it.

If his long-term plans involve you, that means that he found everything he wants in you.

He’s more than happy to welcome you in his life as he has fallen head over heels for you.

6. He asks you for advice

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

If you are the one he goes running to whenever he needs to make an important decision, it means that he loves you enough to trust you with your opinions.

He respects your beliefs as he’s giving you a chance to get involved in his life.

He doesn’t need to take your advice but the idea of going to you and asking you for it means that his love is real.

If he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t bother asking you for advice as he would know that he doesn’t want to listen to it.

When you love someone, you open the door of your heart to them. You let them in, and you trust them with their decisions.

You hope they won’t hurt you but you bravely take the risk as they are worth it.

7. His friends and family know about you

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

When you meet his friends and family and notice how much they know about you, you may be shocked at where that came from.

Don’t worry! It only means that he loves you as he is willing to rave about you to them.

Men don’t talk about a woman they don’t have any serious intentions with as there is no point in mentioning someone to your lifelong friends and family if you know that certain person will be gone by sunrise.

So, if you notice that he has been talking about you to the most important people in his life, it means that he loves you and that he is willing to spend his life with you.

His goal is definitely not to lose you as the bond that you two have means the world to him.

8. He always compliments you

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

You may ask yourself why a compliment would be a sign of love if anyone can say it and won’t always be serious about it.

But trust me, when a man who loves you compliments you, it won’t be like anything else you’ve already heard.

His compliments will be different as they will be focused on the things that no one else has ever complimented you on.

Also, they will be unexpected, sweet, and sincere as he never previously plans to say them, they just happen.

9. He misses you when you two are apart

DONE! 9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

If he sends you cute messages like, ‘‘I miss you,” or, ‘‘I can’t wait to see you again,” it means that he loves you.

You are always somewhere in the back of his mind, which is a sign that you mean a lot to him.

He will unexpectedly message you as he wants to keep in touch with you.

I’m not saying that he will text you 24/7 and constantly spam you with messages, as this would be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Instead, he will subtly make you aware that he thinks about you, misses you, and can’t wait for the time you see each other again.

When a man finds a woman he loves, he will dedicate his time and affection to her. You will notice a positive change in his behavior.

He will seem calmer, happier, and more satisfied with his life.

When love overtakes him, a man starts doing things he never did before. You become his priority and he starts fighting for you like there is no tomorrow.

When he loves you, you become his sunshine, his moon, and all of his stars.

9 Undeniable Ways To Tell He Loves You

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