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9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

Of course, there are a lot of ways to seduce a man and there are dozens of articles about that, but sometimes those tips don’t work. So what’s the catch? Are there some things you should keep in mind while seducing a man?

Yup, there are some tricks and I’ll gladly share them with you. It’s not rocket science and every single one of you can do this. There are some techniques that you can use to win his heart, but those are not going to work (successfully) every time if you don’t pay attention to the things I’ll mention.

Even if you decide to make something as simple as banana bread using the same recipe twice, it’s not going to taste or look identical, right? It’s the same with men; what will attract one man’s attention won’t necessarily be interesting to the other.

Therefore, you have to figure out how will you navigate the whole seduction process, but I guarantee you that these things will help you get to the goal (the goal being the relationship) easier. So, let’s go through them and you can thank me later.

1. Men love confident women

DONE! - 9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

Some will say that being a woman is enough to seduce a man and they are partially right. You don’t have to be a beauty queen, nor be the smartest woman in the room, but you have to be confident. Men absolutely love that.

Your beauty and brains won’t play their role unless you know your worth and you’re boldly presenting yourself to the world. I guarantee you that confident women can win as many hearts as they want. Because you value yourself, and at the same time you’re teaching others your worth.

2. They notice your vibe even if you don’t pay attention to it

If you’re always smiling and have a positive view of the world, there’s no doubt men will notice that. It may be something really simple and you may not think it’s relevant, but men notice your vibe.

When you make people feel good around you, they’ll want to spend as much time as possible by your side. And it’s the same with the man you want to win over. If he feels comfortable while he’s with you, I promise you, he’ll want to stay longer.

3. Men adore challenges

DONE! - 9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

Who doesn’t like a little bit of healthy competition? I know men adore challenges! If you’re not available all the time and they have to fight for your attention, they’ll gladly do it. I mean, everybody appreciates the things they worked hard for more.

However, don’t overdo it. Don’t play games with him for too long (a little bit of hot and cold game is not a bad thing) and don’t act like you’re hard to get. Acknowledge his efforts or he’ll leave and find another, more approachable girl.

4. They like women with a great sense of humor

Hell yes! Who doesn’t like when their partner has a great sense of humor? I know I adore that. Men love when they can make women laugh at their jokes and if you actually understand them, you get bonus points.

They’re absolutely nuts about those witty comebacks you think of instantly because they show how smart you are. If you start teasing them and add a bit of flirting to the mixture, he’ll be on his knees in no time begging for your love.

5. He needs to be the hero of your story

DONE! - 9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

Have you ever heard about hero instinct? One of the most important things every man wants to do for his woman is to protect her. If a man likes you, he’s ready to do almost anything to keep you safe and to help you.

When you’re walking on the pavement, he’s going to change sides with you so he’s closer to those passing cars, for example. He’ll always offer you his advice when you need it and he’ll make sure to support you every step of the way. Even though you’re an independent woman, let him do his thing.

6. They don’t want to read between the lines

Stating the facts here; they won’t get the hint, or understand that you want to take a relationship to another level when you’re talking about how one of your friends had the talk with her now-boyfriend. Men are simple beings and they hear what’s been told to them. Nothing less and nothing more.

He’s not going to read your mind or second-guess your mood swings, you have to be direct with him. Set up your standards openly from the start and be vocal about your needs. He’ll appreciate it and you’ll get his respect even if he decides that you’re not his cup of tea.

7. Eye contact is your weapon of choice

DONE! - 9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

Body language is really important when you want to show your interest in a guy, but eye contact… That’s a special art you have to master if you want to seduce the man of your dreams, girl! The way you look at him will tell him so much more than words ever could.

He’ll notice if you’re shy or confident, do you only like him, or if your whole body actually craves his touch. Learn how to catch his attention this way, add your beautiful smile to that and watch him fall for you. For those who are more courageous, bite that lip and start the flirting game strong.

8. You can use pick-up lines too!

Who said pick-up lines are only reserved for men to use? Step up your flirting game and learn some! It may be a bit weird from the start because you’re the one who used to hear all those cheesy phrases, but it’s time to change the rules a bit.

Think of all those words you’ve heard so far in your dating career and use them in your favor. Have fun while you’re doing it and win his heart playing yet another Uno reverse card.

9. Show him what he can lose if he doesn’t treat you right

DONE! - 9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

What is utterly important when you’re seducing a man is that you know your worth. Don’t compromise it and show him what he can lose if he doesn’t treat you right. Be mysterious but let him discover enough about you so he’s intrigued and wants to learn more.

Show him that you can conquer the world on your own, but having him by your side would be a great advantage. Treat yourself right and teach him how to treat you. Be yourself all the time and never change for anyone. Shine your light all over and let the right guy recognize that.

9 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Seducing A Man

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