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9 Surefire Signs He’s Lying To You Based On His Body Language

It’s a well-known fact that a person is more susceptible to someone’s non-verbal communication than they are to the words that person speaks.

We can sense that someone is lying to us, as our gut feeling is really looking out for us.

Sometimes, when the person who’s lying to us is someone we’re in love with, the love we feel masks our gut feeling.

For that exact reason, people have spent decades researching non-verbal communication and body language, so we can know if someone’s lying.

Is your partner lying to you? Or are you just being paranoid? Is he getting away with it?

You can keep an eye out for these signs and know for sure whether he’s lying to you or not.

1. He hides his face

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

What is he doing with his hands? If you see him touching his nose or mouth, he is trying to hide his face from you.

His lips might be quivering and he’s trying to hide the fact that he feels uncomfortable because he’s lying to you.

He might also be scratching his forehead. This way, he’s giving himself a moment to think while he acts like he’s got an itch.

This also helps him avert his gaze from your prying eyes and helps him focus for a moment.

Hiding his face like this is a defense mechanism that helps him hide his shame and discomfort.

2. His gestures don’t match his words

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

If he’s lying to you, the most obvious thing you can catch on to is the way his words and gestures don’t match each other.

For example, is he saying something affirmative but his head is shaking no? Or is he saying that he never cheated on you but his head bobs in affirmation?

This is something we do naturally, it’s not something we know how to control unless we train ourself to stop doing it.

We do it subconsciously, so it’s more likely that you’ll recognize this sign.

3. He gestures too much with his hands

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

Your usually calm and precious boyfriend is telling you a story and you’re not sure why but something feels very wrong about this entire situation.

He’s waving his hands around and he’s being very fidgety. He doesn’t do this usually? Well, he might be lying to you.

He’s trying to make up for the words he’s lacking and making more time for himself to figure out a new story.

There is also a good difference between gesturing before and after speaking. If he’s gesturing before he speaks, then he’s just telling you a story.

If he’s gesturing with his hands after he’s done talking, then he’s lying.

4. He averts his gaze

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

You can’t really be sure whether he’s telling you the truth or not unless you can see his pupils dilating, but you’re not Dr. Lightman from Lie to Me, so you likely don’t have the ability to do that.

Some people can train themselves to hold eye-contact while still lying straight to your face.

Nonetheless, if he keeps averting his eyes and you see a lot of movement around them, like his brow twitching or similar, he is probably lying.

Even if he does keep on looking at you, if he’s lying, you’ll know by the way he unintentionally raises his eyebrows.

5. He can’t stop talking

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

Liars tend to keep on talking, even bringing up some unnecessary details, just to make their story more believable.

A liar doesn’t understand that this in particular is telling you the truth.

Usually, people tell you about things that happened to them through short sentences and even if it’s a long story, they don’t bring up insignificant details.

You should also look out for stuttering, as if he doesn’t usually do that, it’s a huge sign that he’s lying.

He won’t stop talking until you seem convinced of his lie and you will see how breathless he’s getting from talking, but he still isn’t stopping.

6. He changes the tone of his voice

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

Ask him something you’ve been wondering about for a while now and try figuring out if his voice changes.

Is he getting nervous? Is his voice getting lower or higher? How is he handling the situation?

You have to listen closely to how his voice changes. It’s also a side effect to the fact that his breathing changes, which he can’t control.

This might be your biggest clue.

7. He can’t sit still

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

He doesn’t want you to know that he’s lying to you, so he gets nervous.

If a man is lying to you, he won’t be able to sit still and he will fidget with everything he can find.

Is he moving in his seat a lot? Is he changing his weight from one foot to the other? He could be playing with his watch or tie. Maybe even biting his nails?

Only you know what he does when he gets uncomfortable.

These little habits are his way of making himself seem more nonchalant and make him feel more relaxed.

What he doesn’t know is that those little habits are what give him away.

8. He touches his neck a lot

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

A liar touches his neck because the feeling of skin under his fingertips grounds him enough to keep him less nervous.

You might have even caught on to this when you two first started going out, when you made him nervous because he was so attracted to you.

Right now, it’s more serious and he is trying to find a way out of this situation.

Touching his neck is also a way of protecting himself. It’s his instinct to hide the most vulnerable part of himself at the time.

9. He clears his throat or coughs a lot

DONE! 9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

This has nothing to do with his actual health, don’t worry. It’s just a way for him to buy himself more time so he can figure out what to say next.

He needs time to think about what he’s going to say next so it sounds believable.

It’s like there’s a lump in his throat and he wants to get rid of it in order to talk normally and casually with you.

This is one of the obvious signs he’s lying. The more questions you ask him, the more he’ll do it.

To be honest, you will see that the more questions you ask, the more he’ll do any and all of the things from this list.

Don’t be discouraged if he raises his voice or anything similar. That is just his defense mechanism when he’s nervous.

Keep yourself grounded in these situations and talk honestly with him.

If you see that he’s doing any or all of the things on this list, call him out on it. Now you know what to look for.

9 Surefire Signs He's Lying To You Based On His Body Language

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