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9 Remarkable Signs You’re Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

9 Remarkable Signs You’re Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

We’ve been taught that there are different kinds of love, but people rarely talk about the mature kind. This sort of connection between romantic partners is the purest, healthiest, and most intimate.

If you ask me, there are only two types of love: immature and mature. The first is something we experience often and the latter is the one we all pray for. A mature kind of love is something otherworldly.

This is a kind of love where partners are one. When you see your person, you have the urge to smile instantly. You’re simply not able to fight it. This person is your best friend, your soulmate, and your partner in crime.

You do everything together, you have your social circles outside of the relationship, and the support you have for each other is unequivocal. You love him immensely and it’s reciprocated.

Here are some remarkable signs that you’re actually experiencing the mature kind of love – the love we all dream of.

1. You trust each other wholeheartedly

DONE! 9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

When you’re in a mature relationship, the trust you have in your partner is limitless. You know he’d never do something to hurt you, and you can’t even think about harming him. You truly feel safe in his presence.

You’re open with each other and there’s no reason for you to hide anything from him or the other way around. He’s your best friend and your lover all rolled into one. You can’t imagine your life without him and sometimes, you wonder how you ever managed to live without him.

He’s not going to judge you under any circumstance and you can freely be yourself around him. You don’t have even an iota of doubt in your mind that your partner would intentionally harm you or your relationship.

Kindness and patience are some of the core values of your partnership, and trust comes out of them.

2. Your conflicts are productive and you’re not afraid of them

You’re not afraid of conflict; you know that they are inevitable in every relationship. You encourage them because every single one of them so far has been productive. You’re not afraid to express your opinion and you love to hear his point of view.

Because you have strong foundations of your love, nothing can shake it. Your conflicts are constructive and you respect each other’s boundaries during them. You will never do or say something to hurt the one you love, because that would cause you pain as well.

You’re open to compromise, as mutual happiness is extremely important for both sides. You don’t see his feedback as a personal attack, you’d rather try to change something if possible, and that’s really important.

3. There’s no place for jealousy

DONE! 9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

In a healthy, mature relationship, there is no place for jealousy. Of course, a bit of it is healthy from time to time, but you know how to control it. You’ll never let it affect the bond you share with your partner because you both know how much the other person cares.

You’re not going to do anything that will cause unhealthy jealousy and neither will he, simply because you know how ugly it can get. It’s easy for you to talk about this weird feeling that sometimes appears in different forms and you never hesitate to clear any doubts that may arise.

4. You’re each other’s biggest support

Who’s always in your corner when you’re fighting the toughest battles in your life? Of course, the love of your life. Mature love allows you to be each other’s biggest support and encourages you to cheer your partner on.

When you’re in this kind of relationship, you know that your partner will encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams. He won’t let you give up on those easily, even if you have to sacrifice something together, like your beach holiday.

He brings out the best in you and you feel most yourself when you’re around him. You keep pushing each other forward and have got each other’s back. You both know this kind of relationship is extremely rare, so you cherish it.

5. You can talk about anything and everything for hours

DONE! 9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

You never run out of topics to talk about, and you could go for hours! Chances are you practically read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences. Some people may find it annoying, but you absolutely adore the connection you two share.

You have your own inside jokes and you can easily have small talk, discuss politics, or talk about the Big Bang Theory (I’m not only talking about Sheldon’s oddities). Exploring something new together inspires you and actually brings you closer.

You also discuss and plan the future together, and neither of you feels pressured. Everything comes naturally to the two of you. That’s why those who don’t have this kind of relationship crave it.

6. You respect each other and your alone time

No matter how much you love each other, sometimes you need your me-time. Your lover has nothing against it, he even suggests some activities you could do. It’s not strange that he encourages you to do something for yourself if he notices that you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

You also do the same for him. It’s of utmost importance that both of you are happy and content as individuals and then as a couple. You cherish every moment you spend together and when you’re apart, you absolutely can’t wait to wrap your arms around each other.

You deeply respect each other, and there is no other person that can make you feel the same. Accepting his flaws and loving them simply because they are one part of him, has never been a problem. And the great thing is that he accepts you the way you are as well.

7. You’re not afraid to admit your mistakes

DONE! 9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

We all make mistakes – that’s a normal part of being human. When you’re in a mature, healthy relationship, you have no problem accepting that you’ve made a mistake. You ask for forgiveness and aren’t afraid that your partner will hold grudges.

You tell each other everything and you work together on fixing the errors that can be solved. He’s not going to point fingers if you started one of those rare arguments you guys have. After all, you both want to come to the best solution possible.

8. It’s you versus the problem

You constantly keep in mind that it’s not you against him, but it’s the two of you against the problem. In a mature relationship, partners work as a team. You both have ideas on how to solve something that’s bothering you and eventually, you come to the root of the problem.

The emphasis here is on your union. You know that you’re stronger together and you won’t let anything tear you apart. You want to fix all the problems that show up, from revising the household budget to fixing the washing machine and getting out that sock wedged behind the laundry drum.

This also easily transfers to your relationship challenges. You never fight with each other, you attack the problem together.

9. You feel the love

DONE! 9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

When you experience the mature kind of love, you truly can feel it. You feel the love everywhere you go, whatever you do.

It’s not questionable at all. Your partner loves you and you love him. You can feel his love in every touch you share, in every kiss and every hug.

He’s taught you to love your broken pieces and you’ve embraced them. You keep growing and flourishing by his side and the same is happening in his life.

Your relationship is priority for both of you and you genuinely care for each other. He’s everything you ever wanted your partner to be and he genuinely makes you happy. You’ve finally found someone worth everything you have to offer.

If you reached the end of this article and a smile is on your face, congrats! Your love is mature and you’re truly enjoying all of its blessings.

9 Remarkable Signs You're Experiencing The Mature Kind Of Love

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