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9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

Is there a right way to love a child? Can you find some recipes online and follow them? Don’t place your bets just yet. You’re the only one who knows your kids completely, that’s inevitable. As a parent, you’ll watch them grow up and develop into beautiful human beings, inside and out.

You know the best how much your kids love you and, of course, you do everything you can to show the unconditional love you feel for them. Sometimes it may seem like you’re failing, but as long as their well-being is your priority, I’d say you’re on the right track.

Being a parent is not an easy job, but you have to accept all the challenges it brings. You may struggle as you go through life, but don’t give up. They are your little miracles and you should treat them as such. Let them change your world one little grin at a time.

If you need some child-rearing advice, stick around for some parenting rules that teach us how to really love a child. I’m sure you’re already doing at least some of them. So, let’s start.

1. Be present

DONE! 9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

In every important moment in their lives, be present. Be there for your kids when they need you the most and show them that they can count on you when things get tough.

When you’re spending time with them, ignore everything else. Forget about distractions like your phone or TV and focus solely on them.

When they grow up, you’ll recall those moments fondly and be happy that you chose them over everything else. Because, trust me, no matter how much time you spend with your kids, it’s never enough.

2. Try to accept their suggestions as often as you can

Let me get this straight. I’m not saying that you should get them everything they lay their eyes on, but if all you have to do is invest your time, don’t say no. Sit down and fill in those coloring books with them, and watch their favorite cartoon with them if they ask you to.

Don’t think you’re spoiling them by doing this. Instead, you’re showing them that they are important in your life. You’re showing them how they deserved to be treated and they’ll learn that true love is not in buying gifts, but rather in spending quality time with the one they care about.

3. Read to them

DONE! 9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

You probably enjoyed it when your parents read you stories before bed, right? Do the same for your kids now. Read to them out loud and often. If you’re used to reading them only one good night story, surprise them with one more tonight.

Your kids will appreciate that you’re eagerly accepting the responsibility and they’ll enjoy every second that you spend with them. While you’re reading to them, they may end up falling in love with books, which will definitely help them develop their language skills.

4. Let them be themselves

I can’t emphasize this enough – let them be themselves! The most beautiful gift you can give to your child is this. Celebrate their uniqueness and do whatever you possibly can to help them fulfill all of their dreams. Let them believe that Santa Claus is real if they want to.

Don’t pressure them to change, or try to make them fit into a box. Stop having big expectations for them, because they don’t understand it yet. Let them be themselves and grow up at their own pace.

5. Make them laugh and encourage their childlike behavior

DONE! 9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

Dance with them. Give them pots so they can play some music. It may not be extremely pleasant for your neighbors, but you have to encourage their childlike behavior. Take them outside and make mud cookies with them.

Make them laugh until their stomach hurts and they cry tears of joy. Sing with them, make silly faces and decorate your dinner in an interesting way. I can’t tell you who’s going to enjoy it more, but I promise that you’ll both have incredible memories.

6. Go on adventures with them

Yes! Go on adventures with them. Take them hiking, or for a walk through the forest. Go to the coast and teach them how to swim. Explore the hidden caves and go see a movie in your pajamas. Be adventurous and let your inner kid come out and play with them.

Show your kid that the classroom is not only four walls and a blackboard. Discover the world with them one trip at a time. Introduce different cuisines and cultures. Make them appreciate everything the world has to offer.

7. Surprise them often with thoughtful gifts

DONE! 9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

What is it that they really want? Listen to your kids when they talk about things they like and notice how their little eyes sparkle every time they mention something specific. If you know that your son would love to play football, get him that ball.

Your daughter would like to be a ballerina, take her to watch a ballet. Don’t buy them gifts for the sake of buying, or because it’s a special occasion. Buy them thoughtful gifts on a random day and show them how much you appreciate them. I bet you’ll get the warmest hug ever!

8. Talk about feelings

Teach them that feelings are supposed to be there, that there’s nothing bad in expressing them. Talk about your emotions and make sure you clearly vocalize them. Your kids have to learn that being sad, upset, anxious, or depressed is not as bad as society says.

Explain carefully how another person should treat them and tell them not to accept anything less than what they deserve. Talk about love, happiness, and joy. Make them understand the difference between a happy life and the life they shouldn’t live. But, just be careful not to project your own feelings onto them.

9. Express your love

DONE! 9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

Express your love regularly, and make sure they feel it. Put a little note in their lunch box, write silly poems, and make them smile when they are away. Pull them into your embrace often and give them gentle kisses on their little heads.

Express your love in million little ways, and express it big time! Make sure they know that words matter too, even though actions speak louder. Help them understand that you love them unconditionally even though you may get mad at them from time to time.

Tell them you love them every day when they wake up and when they go to bed. Say it out loud and whisper it to their ear when their friends are around. Tell them you love them, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever…

Ensure that they know it with every atom of their being – that’s the only strategy you’ll ever need!

9 Parenting Rules That Teach Us How To Really Love A Child

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