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9 Obvious Signs He’s The Empath You’ve Been Waiting For All This Time

9 Obvious Signs He’s The Empath You’ve Been Waiting For All This Time

I want to make sure that you don’t miss these obvious signs that he’s the empath you’ve been waiting for all this time. So today, we’ll talk about that and I hope you’re ready.

When you read the word empath, what’s the first definition that comes to your mind? Are you thinking about the person who can easily walk in your shoes, or do you think of someone who carefully listens to what you have to say?

Are we talking about a human lie detector or someone who can easily sense the pain of others and use every single opportunity to help? Well, yes. Empaths are all this and much more. When it comes to love, it’s incredibly intense for them.

They’ll openly talk about their emotions, they require honesty and respect, and their gut feeling and instinct are everything to them. Communication is incredibly important to them, and they may come off as picky daters since they would rather wait until they find their perfect someone.

Empaths need their alone time because they are prone to burnout and they can easily get overwhelmed with emotions. So yes, they’ll need some time to recharge. Each one of them is special in their own way, and if you fall in love with one, don’t let him go. But, how can you know he’s one of these unique people?

1. He’s an active listener

DONE! 9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

What does it mean when someone is an active listener? That’s an easy one; he’s going to listen in order to understand you, not simply to reply to your question. You’ll be heard, maybe even for the first time in your life and you’ll feel valued. He’s not going to judge you and he’ll offer you the best advice possible.

He’ll be really interested in how your day went and you’ll open up to him so easily that you won’t even realize how much he actually knows about you. He’s going to celebrate your small wins as well as your success and he’ll be your shoulder to cry on if you need to.

Make sure you do the same for him as well. Being an empath means you’re putting the needs of others before your own, so be someone who checks up on him and shows him you care and appreciate everything he does for you.

2. He’s protective

You’ll feel safe every time he’s around because he’ll make sure you’re protected. This varies from simply putting his hand over your shoulder while you’re walking past a weird guy, to the let’s-change-sides-so-you’re-not-close-to-the-street type of protection.

He’s going to step up for you whenever he feels like he needs to, but he’ll also make sure you show the world that you’re independent. When a tricky situation appears, he’ll observe and absorb what’s happening and he’ll definitely think before he does something.

He’ll recognize when you’re vulnerable, and he’ll be there to protect you. His hug will be your safe place and you’ll calm down while listening to his heartbeat.

3. He openly talks about his feelings with you

DONE! 9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

He’s the one who’s not afraid of his feelings and he’ll openly talk about them with you. You’ll always know when he’s not feeling good, if something that you did may cause him to feel sad. Additionally, you’ll never have to question his love for you.

Sometimes he may struggle with all the emotions he gathered down the road, so be a good listener. He’ll be honest with you and tell you about everything that’s bothering him and in those moments, he’ll only need your support to be who he really is.

4. He radiates happiness whenever he enters the room

The room lights up as soon as he enters? Yup, he’s an empath. He has this specific vibe that is super easy to catch and he radiates happiness wherever he shows up. I’m sure you’re smiling from ear to ear every time you see him, I could even bet on it.

Everybody loves to be in his company and people only have positive opinions of him. You’ll easily notice how every single person he knows, that you meet when you’re walking around the city, is smiling in his direction as soon as they spot him. That’s a clear-cut sign you have an empath by your side.

5. He easily picks up your mood

DONE! 9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

Are you sad for no apparent reason and your partner notices? Yes, empaths have that sixth sense and they’ll always notice your mood changes, no matter how irrelevant they may seem to you. It’s easy for them to pick up other people’s moods and emotions.

However, this can be really exhausting for them and they may need some me time. They can feel your pain and sorrow, sometimes even stronger than you. For some people, this may be overwhelming and they simply have to recharge, so don’t hesitate to give him some space when he needs it.

6. He genuinely cares about you

You’ll know that he’s the right guy for you when you notice that he genuinely cares about you. He’ll hold you close when you need it, and he’ll let you be yourself completely. You’ll always feel loved and cared for, I guarantee you that.

It’s not taking him too much time to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood, simply because he’s aware of your needs and feelings. You have a compassionate and attentive partner by your side who knows how to treat you right.

7. He motivates you and supports your decisions

DONE! 9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

Did you have your first public performance and he was right there in the first row staring at you with those sparkly eyes? If you’re dating an empath, he’s the one who motivates you to pursue your dreams and supports every decision you make, big or small.

He always has your back and he’s pushing you to go forward to reach everything you can. Even when you’re doubting yourself, he’s the one who encourages you. I assure you, he’ll always be in your corner when you’re fighting your battles because that’s who he is.

8. He puts your needs before his

He knows nobody’s perfect, but he’ll try to be the one for you. I promise you, this type of guy will go out and about just to see you smiling. He’ll do anything in his power to fulfill your needs, even if it means neglecting his own.

Make sure he knows how much you appreciate this and at least sometimes do something that you think he may like or enjoy. If you don’t really like hiking, but your guy is obsessed with it, climb that mountain. For you, he’d do that and so much more.

9. You don’t have to question his loyalty

DONE! 9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

Are you completely sure about your relationship and his loyalty? You’re one of those lucky girls who is dating an empath. He’ll never give up on your relationship and he’ll try to fix every problem that shows up. He knows how it feels to be broken-hearted and won’t let that happen to you.

Since you’re the one who won his heart, you can be at peace because you know he’s not going to do anything that may hurt you.

So, if you realized that your guy is showing at least some of these signs, I can only tell you you’re very fortunate. Learn how to love him right and you’ll definitely write a fairy tale together. I know many people pray for that kind of connection, so cherish it.

9 Obvious Signs He's The Empath You've Been Waiting For All This Time

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