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9 Important Things To Remember If You’re An Empath In Love

Empathy is a blessing and a curse. You feel everything so intensely and it once made you believe that everyone else was just as sensitive as you are.

Your heart crumbled at the realization that it was only you who could put yourself in everyone else’s shoes.

Your intuition never fails to surprise you or everyone else who encounters you.

Being an empath in love can be very draining at times and your partner might not even be aware of it.

You are giving so much of yourself into the relationship and the love you feel can consume all rational thought but don’t let yourself forget all of the things that make you so unique.

Don’t lose or break yourself for someone else and here are some reminders to help you with that.

1. Your intuition doesn’t lie to you

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

You feel everything so intensely to the point where you can sense things before they even happen.

Love can cloud your own intuition because it’s such a strong feeling, but please don’t stop listening to yourself.

Your intuition is what keeps you safe and very often keeps you away from anxiety-inducing situations.

There are so many things you can do to heighten your intuition when you feel the love you feel for someone else empowering it.

Meditate. Go for walks by yourself. Do things that make you happy when you can have a moment to listen to yourself.

2. Your heart WILL break easily

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

You are one of the strongest women out there and we all know that, but your heart breaks easily.

You can feel it shattering in your chest even when he raises his voice a little or every time he says something without taking into consideration how sensitive you are.

That is who you are. You are an empath who has very heightened senses and your heart breaks at a change in tone from him.

Let’s not even think about if he cheats on you or if you two break up, how much it will hurt.

I am reminding you of this not to scare you from loving in general, but to make you realize how sensitive you are so you can remind your partner too.

3. You are not a burden

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

We all feel like a burden sometimes, but your emotions make it harder to believe otherwise.

When you cry easily or are very sensitive to mood changes, your partner may get mad about it, but remember that you’re NOT at fault.

It’s not your fault if he doesn’t understand your empathetic soul and the way he makes you feel.

If you are always trying to understand him, he should put some effort into understanding you too.

You are not a burden. If he sees you as such, you are better off without him. It’s that easy.

4. Be vocal about the issues you have

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

It’s about the small things. If you have issues in your relationship, whether they’re big or small, you need to be vocal about them.

Tell him when he crosses boundaries. Tell him when you don’t feel as loved.

It’s your right, he’s with you because he loves you and I really do believe that he would be understanding if you tried to figure things out together.

Do this out of respect for yourself and for your relationship.

You can’t expect things to change if you’re going to keep quiet about them, even if you’re scared that he might get hurt.

5. You can’t fix him

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

We’re all fighting our own battles. Just like every other empath, you want to help someone you love and you want to be there for them.

However, who is going to keep you from breaking apart if you keep on forgetting to take care of yourself and you put all your time and attention into fixing someone else?

You can’t fix someone by loving them harder. You can’t love someone’s pain away.

He has to figure these things out for himself and fix the wounds he has instead of burdening you.

It’s okay to say that you are not able to help someone heal, as that is their job.

6. Enforce a ‘no yelling’ rule

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

Does your mind go blank when someone yells at you? Confrontation can be a huge deal to some people, while others don’t have any issues with it.

If you’re also one of those people who can’t talk or think if they’re being yelled at, simply enforce a no yelling rule.

How productive are your arguments if you end up crying in the middle of them anyway?

Instead, talk things through and make things more comfortable for both of you. Create a safe space where you can talk about the things that bother you.

7. Carefully consider what types of media you consume

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

The media we consume has a great impact on us and it can influence an empath in good and bad ways.

You know your own boundaries so don’t make yourself watch content that makes you anxious.

Horror movies? True crime? If they make you feel anxious and you’re not able to sleep after watching them, don’t force yourself just for his sake.

He can watch them in his own time.

8. You’re a natural giver

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

Always have this in mind when you’re with someone and ask yourself if you’re giving more than you’re receiving.

Your partner and you should be able to give and receive the same amount of love and affection in your relationship.

If you feel like you’re being pushed a place or two down his priority list, while you’re still doing everything in your power to keep him right at the top, call him out on it.

You shouldn’t have to give more than you receive and he shouldn’t keep taking advantage of that!

9. Empathy is your superpower

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

People might tell you that you are hard to understand. They might think that you’re too much of this or too much of that, but you are just enough.

You are perfect and your empathy is your superpower.

Imagine! You understand what other people are going through without judging them. How many people can actually do that?

This is YOUR superpower and please never think of it as anything less than that!

9 Important Things To Remember If You're An Empath In Love

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