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9 ‘Green Flags’ That Genuinely Mean He’s Worth A Shot

9 ‘Green Flags’ That Genuinely Mean He’s Worth A Shot

We’re always talking about red flags and what we should avoid in men but we never talk about the ‘green flags’. Sometimes, we’re so focused on the bad things that we’re not even aware of someone’s good traits.

There’s so much that we could focus on to know that he’s one of the good guys who’s worth a shot. So, instead of focusing on the downsides to dating someone, let’s talk about all the things that make someone an amazing boyfriend and show his true potential.

1. When he exhibits genuine concern for you and others

DONE! 9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

These days, men can be so afraid of showing vulnerability as well as showing that they genuinely care about someone. That’s why a man who isn’t afraid to show concern for someone is a rare breed and he’s a keeper.

You’ll see that he cares in the way he runs to help you whenever you need him. He acts as if the entire world is ending when you need him.

But let’s be honest, a man will often do anything just to get you to like him; he could even pretend to care. What you have to also pay attention to is whether he cares about the other people around him too.

When he’s concerned about everyone’s well-being, that’s when you know that he’s a catch.

2. When he picks up trash that’s not his

I don’t know what the deal is with this but there’s something so attractive about a guy who cares about the environment. He doesn’t mind picking up trash just to make sure that it’s not polluting the nature around you.

Someone who doesn’t care about throwing litter around and continues to do so even if you ask him multiple times not to is someone who simply isn’t able to care about anyone.

I know that this sounds extreme but you probably feel the same way. How is he going to treat you right if he doesn’t even treat his surroundings that way?

3. When he goes out of his way to include others

DONE! 9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

We’ve all been in situations where someone talks over us and then we simply stop in the middle of our sentence. Or when we get left behind a group of people because we had to stop to tie our shoelaces.

People often don’t really care to include you; they just keep walking without noticing your absence. That’s why it’s such a ‘green flag’ to see a guy who’ll stop in his tracks just to include others.

He’s always someone who listens to you and he doesn’t mind waiting for you when you get forgotten by others. That’s the type of guy who doesn’t care about social norms but is someone who cares about your feelings.

Also, you know for sure that he’d do the same thing for someone else. Kindness is just so extremely attractive.

4. When he owns up to his mistakes and makes sure to work on them

It’s rare to see a guy who really wants to work on his shortcomings but he’s different and you simply know it. You can see how much effort he puts into understanding your points of view.

He’s the type of person to listen to your argument and try to better himself so that you don’t feel misunderstood anymore. He wants to make you happy, so he’ll work through his issues.

A guy like him will never be defensive and put all the blame on you. He’s just not toxic.

5. You can see the way people feel uplifted and confident in his presence

DONE! 9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

It’s said that the best people are the ones who make the people around them feel the best. He’s definitely a guy like that and you can definitely see the way those around him become much happier and much more positive in his presence.

That’s because he’s not insecure or jealous of people. He doesn’t make others feel bad about themselves about anything.

When someone hates themselves, they can make the people around them just as miserable but he’s not that type of guy. He tries really hard to make everyone around him feel uplifted, confident, and understood.

6. When he has a good relationship with his mom

I’m going to be completely honest with you and tell you that I would never trust a guy who doesn’t call his mom on a daily basis. I understand that some mothers take it too far and become possessive over their sons but a normal and caring relationship between them is crucial.

You want a guy who respects women and you can’t really have that if he doesn’t understand or respect his mother.

Of course, this doesn’t include mothers who are abusive or toxic. It’s simply a huge ‘green flag’ to see a man who has a healthy relationship with his mother.

7. When he pays for people who earn less and isn’t arrogant about it

DONE! 9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

I’ve seen guys be arrogant about paying for others one too many times. I mean, what’s the deal with that?

If you earn more than others and you don’t have to spend that money on something important, I don’t believe that it’s a huge deal to pay for people who have less money than you.

That’s why it’s so attractive to see a guy who’s always ready to pay for others and who stays humble about it. It means that he’s a truly kind human being who loves to help others.

He probably isn’t even aware of how attractive that is because he does it without thinking too much about anything. That’s what makes him so sweet.

8. When he doesn’t say that his exes were crazy

A guy who says that his exes are crazy or when they put all the blame on them are guys you should stay away from.

Did he really not make one mistake in their relationship? Was it really all her fault?

For many women, it’s actually a ‘green flag’ to see a guy who doesn’t hate all of his exes. Even if they did him wrong, he’d still admit to his own mistakes.

He understands everything that he did wrong and how he could’ve acted differently. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s friends with them but rather that he respects them even though they broke up a while ago.

9. When he’s kind to animals

DONE! 9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

Animals are such helpless creatures so when he’s kind to them, it’s a great sign. It’s the same when you see a guy who’s good with small children.

It melts your heart and you know that he’ll probably be an amazing boyfriend. If he can be kind and caring toward animals and little kids, then you know he’ll treat you right as well.

This is a ‘green flag’ that can’t be ignored however much you may try to do so. He simply makes you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

9 'Green Flags' That Genuinely Mean He's Worth A Shot

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