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9 Behaviors That Reveal A Heartbroken Woman

9 Behaviors That Reveal A Heartbroken Woman

Heartbreak is the most hurtful thing we have to experience in our lives. And all of us have already gone through it, or we will at least once. It doesn’t even have to be the feeling you’re left with after breaking up with someone. A friend or a family member can hurt you too.

However, the heartbreak I’ll help you recognize is the one that comes after a crushed relationship. Every woman reacts differently to it. But there are some things most women seem to go through after having their hearts broken.

So if you’re worried about your friend or a family member, and you want to see whether she’s heartbroken or not, you’re in the right place! I’ve prepared the top behavioral signs to help you reveal a heartbroken woman. Let’s check them out.

1) She isolates herself

DONE! 9 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman

The first and one of the most obvious signs of a heartbroken woman is that she isolates herself. Try to remember her old daily routines. Is she an introvert or an extrovert? If she used to go out much more in the past than now, she’s probably trying to isolate herself.

She thinks that it will help her heal from everything that’s happened. And she also wants to keep her tears to herself, so she chooses to hide. She will probably make excuses to avoid going out with her friends for a long time.

2) She’s let herself go

You remember that she always used to do her hair like she was getting ready for the Cannes Film Festival. And now all of a sudden, it’s just a messy bun or the basic braid that’s there to hide the fact she hasn’t washed her hair for a while.

Maybe she’s even gained or lost quite a bit of weight. She always cared about what and when she eats, but after having her heart broken, she might not feel like following her own rules anymore. Or she might even stop caring about her appearance altogether.

Overall, it’ll seem as if she doesn’t take care of herself as much as she did before.

3) She is not motivated enough

DONE! 9 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman

If you’ve ever met a heartbroken woman before, then you’ve probably seen that look in her eyes. The look that says she doesn’t feel like doing anything. The look that shows she’s deeply hurt, and she can’t move on from it.

That kind of woman will not be motivated to do anything. Not even the things she used to enjoy before. Her spark is taken from her and she doesn’t know how to get it back. Unfortunately, she’s not even motivated enough to try.

4) Her eating habits have changed

This one goes hand in hand with the second sign. She usually followed a strict diet, or at least she always cared about what she put in her body. If it’s not like that all of a sudden, then the chances are high that she’s deeply hurt and doesn’t know how to heal from it.

Now she’s stuck in her room eating full jars of Nutella, or drowning her sorrow in alcohol. Or she’s chosen the complete opposite situation and she’s starving herself. She lies in her bed, refusing to even get up to eat.

5) She feels physically ill

DONE! 9 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman

A heartbroken woman might even feel physically ill. She might experience digestive problems, joint pain, dizziness, nausea, or really strong headaches. Her brain switches to survival mode and releases lots of stress hormones into the bloodstream.

That’s why she might experience these problems. Women who’ve been through heartbreak often complain about chest pain. And if left untreated, these problems can lead to serious health issues afterward.

6) She lives in the past

This is one of the biggest signs that your friend or a family member is heartbroken. If she’s constantly talking about the past, then it means that something from it is bothering her. She might even blame herself and feel hopeless because she can’t go back and change the situation.

Or she often talks about how good a relationship she had with her ex, even though you know they had lots of problems. It’s just that her broken heart makes her forget those bad times and prevents her from moving on.

7) She can’t sleep well

DONE! 9 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman

A heartbroken woman usually has problems sleeping. Try to remember something stressful that happened in your life. Then remember that night and the struggles with falling asleep. That’s how she feels every night since her heartbreak.

There are endless thoughts going through her head, preventing her from switching off. And even if she eventually does manage to get some shut-eye, she still has troubles with nightmares and constant waking up.

Then she wakes up tired, and she can’t function well the next day either. It just becomes one vicious cycle.

8) She has huge mood swings

If a woman has gone through a heartbreak, you’re likely to see her have huge and constant mood swings. Right now, she’s fighting with herself. She wants to feel good, so she forces a smile. Forces herself to go out and act as if nothing has happened. And sometimes she even seems completely fine.

But there are some moments when she can’t stay strong. And she bursts. Then she’s either highly upset or extremely sad, despite having laughed cheerily mere minutes ago. It’s something that happens often to people who have gone through a stressful situation.

9) She has changed a lot

DONE! 9 Behaviors That Reveal a Heartbroken Woman

A heartbroken woman will change a lot. And if you’re her friend, coworker, or family member, you’ll notice easily. It will be evident in many aspects of her life. If you see her at work, you’ll probably see her unable to focus as much as she did before, or she’ll overwork just to keep herself busy.

Her behavior will likely be the opposite of her usual one. And if you really know her well, you will be able to recognize these changes and try to help her.

Remember that no matter how she behaves, she wants to have someone next to her. Be her shoulder to cry on. A person to hold her hand and guide her through this difficult time. The one to help her get through it all.

I know that helping a heartbroken woman is challenging. But remember that it’s a situation she didn’t choose to be in. It just happened and now she needs your help to get through it in the fastest and the best way possible. The two of you can do it! I believe in you.

9 Behaviors That Reveal A Heartbroken Woman