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9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

There are so many things girls do that are attractive. When you’re in a relationship with someone, every little thing they do is attractive to you.

From the way your man holds his water to how he looks in the morning when he first wakes up. There are so many things that you find attractive about him yet you forget to tell him.

That’s why you’re wondering about the little things that you can do to appear attractive to him. The truth is that you don’t have to do anything much for him to see your beauty. Your appeal is in the little things you do on a daily basis that you’re not even aware of.

This list of things isn’t here to make you do these things more often. But rather to understand that girls do so many things subconsciously that genuinely are adorable and cute without even trying.

You don’t have to force yourself to do any of these. It’s just a nice reminder that you’re attractive nonetheless.

1. Wearing his clothes

DONE! 9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

One thing a man finds extremely attractive is when a woman wears his clothes. Especially, in the mornings when you’re so cozy, warm, and still sleepy. If you throw his shirt on without thinking, he’s going to see you as an angel.

Guys usually love when girls wear their clothes because they make you look even smaller than you actually are. You make the clothes look cozy, soft, and feminine.

It also kind of lets him know that you’re his. When he lets you wear his clothes, it only means that he loves to see firsthand that you’re his girlfriend.

How could he resist you when you look like that? He definitely thinks you’re beautiful.

2. Stretching

Don’t worry, we’re not really talking about exercising. To guys, the attractive type of stretching is when you’re trying to grab something that’s out of your reach.

For example, you want to grab a cup and it’s too high up in the cupboard. So you stand on your tip-toes and stretch your entire body to grab it.

From a man’s perspective, that’s the cutest thing you can do. It reminds him how small you are. And that makes him feel very masculine and protective over you.

He’ll probably help you get the cup you’re reaching for, but just the moment of satisfaction when he sees you struggle cutely for a moment makes him melt.

Attractive stretching also involves the moment when you outstretch your body on the couch after you’ve just finished doing some work on your laptop.

He’ll think that you’re just so admirable. His attention is on your body, but not in a suggestive way. It’s simply admiring your beauty.

3. Concentrating on a task

DONE! 9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

Men truly do believe that a woman who’s intensely focused on a task is one of the most attractive sights in this world.

It doesn’t matter what you’re actually doing, be it working on your computer, reading a book, or just painting your nails. This is when you seem so vulnerable, but you’re also at the top of your game.

He could stare at you for hours. It makes him feel at peace, but it’s also so extremely attractive to him.

4. Laughing loudly

There’s nothing more special to him than when he makes you laugh. Your eyes squeezed shut, rosy cheeks, and belly laugh are his fix!

When you’re happy, he’s even happier.

I know that some of your exes might have said that your laugh is annoying or that you’re laughing too loudly. The only reason they might’ve thought it unattractive is that they weren’t happy with themselves.

A happy and confident man will love your loud laughter. He will consider it one of the most mesmerizing things about you. You might even catch him pausing for a moment to just enjoy your good energy.

5. Pouting

DONE! 9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

Every woman has been jokingly mad at her man at some point. When there’s nothing to be mad about, but you still feel like you should get what you want, you start to pout.

You don’t want to give in to his demands, but you don’t have a good enough argument against what he said. So now? You’re pouting and showing him your best puppy dog face.

Who could resist you when you look like that?

It reminds him that you’re the small and adorable one in your relationship. He can’t keep a straight face when you act that way. He’ll just try to make you smile more.

6. Biting your lips

We all know that a man who’s attracted to you isn’t able to take his eyes off of your lips. So what happens when you subconsciously start biting your lips?

For example, you might be totally absorbed in a book and not even realize that you’ve been biting your lip. Then when you look at him, he’s totally mesmerized by your mouth at that moment.

It truly puts men in some sort of a trance.

7. Giving him a unique nickname

DONE! 9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

Men like cheesy things just like women do (though they’ll never admit it!)

You know how much you adore him giving you a special and unique pet name. It makes you feel important to him because he actually took the time to think about it and come up with it.

The same thing applies to men. When you give him a special nickname, he’ll feel like the most loved person in the world. It’s extremely attractive, especially when you call him that in front of other people.

That’s when everyone around you knows who you’re referring to. Especially because you obviously told everyone how important he is to you.

8. Playing with your hair

Women’s hair has some mysterious power over men. So when you play with your hair, you’re simply enticing. Women know this and we usually play with our hair when we’re trying to seduce someone.

We run our fingers through our hair to make it look softer and more alive. It also allows us to change positions to show off our most alluring features.

Let’s not forget the fact that the subtle perfume you put into your hair will be more noticeable when you play with your hair.

9. Walking confidently

DONE! 9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

When you walk as if it was the cloudiest day and like life’s been treating you badly, no man is going to be attracted to that. Of course, all of us have days like that.

But when you want to feel attractive and alluring, make sure to walk with your head held high. Men will fall at your feet if they see you walking like you own the place.

Square your shoulders, hold your head high, and put one foot in front of the other. All heads will be turning to look at you!

9 Attractive Things Girls Do Without Even Knowing

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