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9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

Can you think of some things that are really annoying and no man ever understood you when you were talking about them? I came up with a couple of them that really get on my nerves, so we’ll talk about that a bit later.

When was the last time your boyfriend or husband rolled his eyes and said “women” under his breath? I think you won’t have to think about it for too long. Apparently, we worry too much, we overthink things that don’t have to be thought of at all.

That’s who we are and we simply can’t change that. Who says that we wouldn’t like to ignore the fact that our nail polish is a bit chopped, or that there are a couple of wrinkles on our shirts? How can we avoid preparing him soup when he says he’s feeling sick?

There are certain things that annoy us too, quite a lot, but we can’t help it. Here are the first few that popped into my mind. Can you think of something else?

1. Having a hair-wash cycle

DONE! 9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

Do you have a hair-wash cycle? Does it drive you nuts when it doesn’t align with some important events? Like, you have a business meeting tomorrow, but you have to wash your hair the day after tomorrow because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I got irritated just thinking about it. It’s really annoying when this happens, right? Messing up with a hair-wash cycle is pretty serious, especially if you have oily hair and you know exactly when you can and when you can’t wash your hair. It’s a real struggle, isn’t it?

And men don’t even have to worry about it. Depending on the length, most of them simply wash it every time they shower, dry it quickly (sometimes with a towel only) and they’re good to go. I’m envious, just a little bit.

2. Lending your favorite hair tie

Do you have that special hair tie that holds your messy bun or ponytail perfectly? And you probably wear it around your wrist? Now, picture this. You’re out with your gal pals, it’s a really hot summer night and you took some time to braid your hair.

Your favorite hair tie is in its place until one of them starts complaining about how she’s sweating and how she needs to put her hair up. The only thing that can help her is your hair tie. What will you do? It’s too late now to hide it and she’s a really good friend…

The thing you hate the most is explaining to people why you should never lose it and how horrible it is for you to lend that one to someone. And, here we go again.

3. Catcalling

DONE! 9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

Ugh, my all-time favorite (I hope you can sense the sarcasm). Catcalling is something I hate from the bottom of my soul and I can’t even emphasize enough how annoying it is. It makes us uncomfortable hearing all those rude comments, whistling, or kissing sounds.

This way of verbal abuse (most of the time) is also called street harassment. If men are just saying things, throwing insults, and commenting on your looks, you can consider yourself lucky. I absolutely hate to say this, but it’s the ugly truth.

Some women experience severe assaults and violations of their private space. They’re being stopped at the street, their path is blocked and they simply can’t ignore the fact that the guy “noticed” them.

4. Walking alone at night

Catcalling makes this one even worse. In some extreme cases, you can get paranoid and constantly turn around to check if someone’s following you. You can’t calmly listen to music, but you have to take one earphone out so you can hear all the sounds from your environment.

Even your mother and grandmother warned you not to walk the dark streets alone because you never know what can happen. Avoid narrow paths and walk only those well-lit places. Ask your friends to walk you home and make sure someone always knows where you’re at.

5. Wearing makeup

DONE! 9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

I do wear makeup, and I’m not complaining about it. But who said you have to do it all the time? Why are our skin imperfections ugly and need to be covered, but men don’t have to worry as much? Who made us believe that heavy makeup is beautiful?

Can we finally embrace our flaws and shine regardless? Why is it so difficult to understand that you’re flawless and beautiful just the way you are?

6. Taking a big bag

Are you always taking a big bag for no apparent reason and sometimes it gets super heavy? I know… You have no idea why it’s suddenly difficult to take it when you’ve just added one pen. And your man is complaining that you don’t need all those things.

However, you’ve tried to get rid of something, but every time you’d do that everything seems important and exactly where it should be. Ah, and don’t let me forget when the one who’s complaining about your big bag tells you to put his things inside because you have space… God…

7. Perfume wears off quickly

DONE! 9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

Female perfumes are scams, there, I said it. I guess it happened a million times to you as well. You got ready, sprayed a bit of your favorite perfume on the perfect spots, and an hour later, you couldn’t sense it anymore.

I got tired of those stories that you actually get used to the smell and you can’t feel it. Can we stop making excuses and accept the fact that they want us to spend a lot on those expensive fragrances so we could buy more?

To make things worse, your boyfriend puts just a few drops in the morning before he goes to work and he smells so damn good late in the evening when he comes back. Life isn’t fair…

8. Being creative about “thank you” comments on social media

A bunch of your friends compliment your photos and you have to answer each one of them. What are the synonyms for “thank you”? How many titles for friends can you use so nobody gets offended? Answering comments on your social media profiles became obstacle course racing and it’s too demanding!

You have to use all your creativity in order to reply to all of their beautiful words. It gets really annoying when you can’t find the proper phrase and you have to use some mainstream emojis. Ugh…

On the other hand, men just tag all of their friends and write one thank you comment, or refer to all of them as “bro” and nobody cares about it. Why are women this complicated when it comes to the comments?

9. The lack of pockets

DONE! 9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

This is the most annoying thing ever. What the hell is wrong with people who think that those front pockets on your jeans have to be small, or shouldn’t exist at all?! How come your boyfriend takes all of his belongings in two of those sacred compartments, and you can’t even put your apartment keys?

He brings literally everything with him and it looks like he has nothing in there. How?!

Do you happy dance in a changing room in a shop when you find a dress or a skirt that has two hidden pockets? And how can you explain that excitement to men? I guess we don’t even have to try. They won’t understand it anyways.

These are just some of the things that annoy me almost on a daily basis and no man will ever understand those struggles. They may accept them though and learn to live with you even if you’re “overreacting” sometimes.

Just keep being you and don’t stress too much about things you can’t change (like most of these I’ve mentioned). I know it’s not so easy, but I believe in you and I know you can do it!

9 Annoying Things Women Have To Think About Daily That Men Will Never Understand

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