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9 Actual Proofs That Your Husband Is A Good Parent

9 Actual Proofs That Your Husband Is A Good Parent

Obviously, he’s a perfect spouse, but sometimes it just feels like something’s off. Being a dad requires him to have that special something that children can easily recognize.

If a lot of kids have enjoyed spending time with him even before you were married, you don’t have to wonder if your husband is a good parent.

Men are busy providing for their families, and fatherhood sometimes seems like the last task on their list, but is it really true? If you’re struggling with the thought that your husband may not be paying enough attention to your little family, let me quickly convince you of the opposite.

1. He puts family first

DONE! How To Know If Your Husband Is A Good Parent

There are no ifs, ands, or buts, your husband puts his family first. He makes sure everybody knows and respects that. Affection is something that comes naturally and your kids never go to bed without a good night kiss on their heads.

He provides for the household and protects all of you and your little unit. You feel safe when he’s around and like nothing can hurt you. And if some obstacles show up along the way, he makes sure you go over them together, as a family.

2. He cracks dad jokes and is proud of them

Do you remember the last time you said you were hungry and he replied something like “Pleased to meet you, I’m Peter”? Or when you called him out for being immature and he told you to leave his fort?

He probably has a looot of dad jokes up his sleeve and he’s super proud of them.

We both know that he’ll do anything to see you smile and to hear that adorable laugh of your little angels. So next time when you’re goofing around and he asks you if you’ve heard about that new restaurant on the moon, tell him that the food there is great, but there’s no atmosphere.

Rest assured that he’ll fall in love with you just a little bit more.

3. He’s playful

DONE! How To Know If Your Husband Is A Good Parent

He loves having a good time, especially with you and your kids. His inner kid always comes to the surface when he’s building a fort with your babies (you know, the one he kicked you out from previously). Talking in a baby voice to your angels and to you from time to time, makes you smile instantly.

Pretending to be a tickle monster, giving piggyback rides, making funny hairstyles – he does it all with pleasure! He’ll be the one to volunteer to take your youngsters to the park only because he wants to build a sand castle too!

4. He’s patient

He tries his best to listen to every little thing your kids are saying and he goes the extra mile to fulfill all their wants. You’ve never seen him raise his voice at them, even though you’ve often wanted to. No matter that your kid unfastens that seatbelt a million times, he’ll secure it one more time.

He truly has understanding and patience for them and he’ll repeat the same thing over and over again until they finally accept (and understand) it. Most importantly, he always takes a step back to figure out what’s happening, no matter how challenging the situation is.

5. He multitasks often

DONE! How To Know If Your Husband Is A Good Parent

And I’m not just referring to finishing his work from home and watching the adventures of Manny, Sid, and Diego with them over his laptop. He truly multitasks around the house with chores and kids without ever complaining even for a second.

He goes out of his way to help you out and take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Changing diapers is never a problem, but you’ll have to take care of the lunch that he started preparing, just for a second.

He’s superman, dad, plumber, electrician, chef, and the most passionate lover – all wrapped in one!

6. He feels feelings

Exactly – he’s not afraid to show how he feels. Sadness, frustration, or any other negative emotion is real and he’s not afraid to show your kids his true side and be vulnerable in front of them as well. This way, he’s teaching them how to behave when they grow up.

He’ll also make sure that they know what pure happiness is and he’ll explain to them that they deserve respect every step of the way. Of course, he doesn’t fail at showing them what true love is through loving them and the woman who brought them to this world.

7. He supports you (in every way)

DONE! How To Know If Your Husband Is A Good Parent

Whether you realize it or not, he’s your biggest support. He supports your career goals and your dreams, and he goes out of your way to make your wishes come true. There’s no doubt that he’s going to be by your side all the way while you’re raising kids.

Parenting is a tough job and you are absolutely sure that he’ll always be there to help you make the tough decisions and accept those you’ve made without him. He’ll never blame you if something goes wrong, he’ll help you as much as he possibly can.

8. He spends a lot of time with the kids

You don’t have to explain to him how important one-on-one time with him is for the kids because he already knows it. Besides, he does this at least once a week. He takes your kids to get their favorite ice cream or to their favorite park.

He makes sure that they spend a lot of quality time together because they will cherish those memories for the rest of their lives. If your son wants to play Transformers with him, or collect every one of the Cars and organize his own Piston Cup Championship, your husband will eagerly accept the challenge.

And when it comes to your daughter, he makes sure to take her out on father-daughter dates and teaches her how she needs to be treated. He shows her unconditional love, buys her little gifts, and even sacrifices himself so she can polish her makeup skills.

Oh, and he’ll never deny reading one more chapter of the bedtime story because he knows how much it means to them.

9. He loves you

DONE! How To Know If Your Husband Is A Good Parent

And there’s no doubt about it. He proves his love with every morning kiss and breakfast in bed. Holding your hand in public and giving you a peck before any of you leave the house is going to be a little reminder for your kids about what love and respect look like.

He’ll make sure you two set an example for the little ones. Of course, he’ll always show up when you need him, and prove that you’re good teammates as well.

If you’re smiling after reading this, congrats! You have a great man by your side.

9 Actual Proofs That Your Husband Is A Good Parent

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