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8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

We all want to be an unforgettable woman. When we meet someone, we want them to remember us for everything we are. We want to make an impact.

Society is filled with so many standards for women. We are constantly being told what to wear, how to speak, how much makeup we can and can’t wear. They tell us that it’s our fault for trying to be different and the blame us for everything we have to go through on a daily basis.

Those standards and toxic mindsets are what makes so many women feel insecure.

You’ve probably asked yourself many times if you fit into society’s beauty standards and expectations.

We forget that those things don’t make us memorable. We’ve all tried to fit into society to the point where we’ve momentarily lost our authentic self. Because of that, some women are more memorable than others nowadays.

Are you one of those unforgettable women? Do you take someone’s breath away? Are you the woman others can’t get out of their head no matter how hard they try?

If these signs apply to you, then you’re an unforgettable woman.

1. She’s independent

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

The first thing that you think of when you think of a strong woman is that she’s independent. A woman like that is unforgettable because everyone around her is inspired by her.

Everyone is able to see that she doesn’t need a man or anyone else to help her through life. Her inner power is undeniable and she knows that if she doesn’t take care of herself, she can’t expect anyone else to do it for her.

If you’re an unforgettable woman, you’ll know what I mean when I say that you don’t need your partner to validate you.

Words of affirmation are sweet from time to time, but you don’t need him to tell you that you’re beautiful. You already know that.

You know that you’re strong and capable. Your mindset is so independent. You’ve probably been working for a while now and you simply know that you have to be able to take care of yourself.

This mindset leaves people speechless, especially if they’re not able to find this sort of power within themselves.

2. She’s passionate

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

As an unforgettable woman, people around you remember you for your excitement about the things you like.

A passionate woman is always incredibly enthusiastic about the things she wants to achieve in her life, so if you’re one of them, this feeling will be all too familiar.

When someone meets a passionate woman, of course, they’re not going to forget about her even when they do part ways. They’re going to remember the way she talked with such zeal and how contagious her excitement was.

If someone has described you like that, then you are definitely one of those women who simply can’t be forgotten.

3. She’s authentic

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

In a world where people are constantly trying to tell us how we should look and act, it’s so hard to stay authentic. Being true to yourself and the way you want to present yourself isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

So what precisely is an authentic woman?

An authentic woman is someone who isn’t defined by societal standards. She wears whatever she wants and walks confidently in it.

Do you think that you fit this description? Do you love to show off your unique style as well? Then there’s someone out there who definitely can’t forget about you.

In a world where everyone dresses the same and tries to fit in, an authentic woman who stands out simply can’t be forgotten.

4. She’s working towards something

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

Living life day by day isn’t something an unforgettable woman does. She’s always working toward something and always trying to improve herself in one way or another.

Have you ever spoken to a woman like this? She sounds like she’s giving a TED talk the entire time. There’s something that makes you want to listen to her when she’s telling you about her dreams and aspirations.

That woman right there is not going to settle down for a job or partner that doesn’t fulfill her wants and needs. She wants the best from this life and that’s exactly what makes her so remarkable.

5. She’s kind and caring

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

A woman is expected to be kind. It’s expected of us to care about other people. We’re the caregivers of our society.

But what does this have anything to do with being unforgettable?

Well, because not many people today can be described as kind. When you meet a genuinely kind person, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

An unforgettable woman is one who is so kind that she will walk up to a stranger just to compliment their outfit and then walk away. She just made the stranger feel amazing about themselves and she put a smile on their face.

This woman can’t be forgotten.

She’s the type of girl who’ll make sure that everyone has enough food at a family dinner. The type who’ll run after someone to give them back their phone because they forgot it in the store.

You don’t really see this often, so if you want to be unforgettable, don’t forget to care about other people.

6. She has established boundaries

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

Most of us are not taught healthy boundaries, we have to learn them ourselves. Because of that, when a woman says “no” as a full sentence and she gives no one around her permission to object to it, it’s an amazing sight to behold.

Women especially know that their boundaries have a tendency to make them look mean. Everyone expects us to be compliant and submissive.

A strong woman knows that she doesn’t have to do anything if she’s not into it. So boundaries are extremely important to her.

She’s never going to be an agreeable human that everyone can play however they want. She knows her worth and because of that, she isn’t afraid to set herself healthy boundaries – and stick to them.

7. She’s not scared to express her opinion

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

Even though sometimes she might stutter out the words to get her message across, she still won’t back down from telling people what’s on her mind.

An unforgettable woman isn’t someone who’s quiet and stands on the sidelines while people say things that go against her morals. She’ll make sure her opinion is heard.

We sometimes find it hard to say what we really mean. People have taught us to keep our mouths shut. But if you’re an unforgettable woman, you’ll try to do it, nonetheless.

An unforgettable woman doesn’t just stand around and watch someone say some nasty things without stepping in. You’ve probably done this as well because you feel compelled to do what’s right.

That’s why no one ever forgets a woman like this.

8. She has an open mind

DONE! 8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

Having an open mind doesn’t necessarily mean you condone certain behaviors, but rather you believe everyone has a right to do what makes them happy as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

When you’re able to consider everyone’s perspective while also being empathetic, someone out there will sure remember you for it.

An unforgettable woman doesn’t judge another person without thinking about what they went through first. That open-minded thinking can only result in others being very grateful that a woman like this exists.

We’re consumed by this thought that there is a right way to live, but if you’re an unforgettable woman, you know that everyone has a right to live however they want to.

8 Traits Of An Unforgettable Woman

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