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8 Things No Girl Wants From A Partner

8 Things No Girl Wants From A Partner

When we think about relationships we usually think about the beautiful side of them. Exciting dates, kissing in the rain, making snow angels, and planning your future together. We think about all the things we need and want from our partners, but we rarely think about those things we don’t need from them.

Yes, relationships truly are beautiful and if we find the right partner it feels like we’re living in the best fairytale ever written.

However, sometimes God has some other plans for us and He sends the wrong person our way. He wants us to learn something new that will help us recognize the people who are worth our time. But in order to do that, we need to recognize those who aren’t a good choice.

Below, you’ll see a list of 8 things you don’t need to experience from a partner. If you recognize any, then it means you’re with the wrong guy. Let’s check them out together!

1) Little time spent together

DONE! Things You Definitely Don't Need From A Partner

Do you constantly feel lonely? How often do you see your partner? Is he constantly busy when you tell him you would like to plan a date? Or maybe you told him about these things and he just snapped at you telling you that he’s a busy guy who doesn’t have time for you every single day.

These words made you sad, but you tried to understand. You even blamed yourself for not having more obligations that would keep you busy. But that’s not true! It’s not your fault.

Those who really care about you will always find some time to see you. Your partner should be the one who cares about you the most, and he should be the first one to arrive when you feel lonely.

2) Control

Maybe your partner always wants to control what you do. He says he only wants what’s best for you when in fact, he can’t stand you having your own life. He is too jealous and wants to know your every move, people you talk to, and even your colleagues from work.

Of course, you need to know something about your partner’s plans for the day, but if he wants to know every little detail of your life, then that’s a red flag!

3) Poor communication

DONE! Things You Definitely Don't Need From A Partner

If you want a happy and healthy relationship then the two of you need to have great communication. If your partner always ignores the problems you mention to him. Or he doesn’t spend much time talking to you, and you feel bothered by that, then it means you aren’t good for each other.

Imagine your relationship in the future and the stress that arrives with marriage, kids, and job. If you can’t have a good conversation now, you won’t have it then either.

4) Feeling unsupported

Our partner should be our biggest fan. Someone who will believe in us and support us no matter how difficult it is to reach our goals. That person should hold our hand and help us stay motivated because they know what we’re capable of.

If you feel like your partner never supports you, or doesn’t pay any attention to the things you love and usually talk about. Then you should consider leaving that relationship behind you.

5) Giving up on your dreams

DONE! Things You Definitely Don't Need From A Partner

And what happens when you’re dating an unsupportive person, is usually that you give up on your dreams, plans, and goals. There is not a single person in this world who should make you give up on something you really want, especially not the person you’re in a relationship with.

As I said, the right one will support you and help you make most of your dreams come true. And not bury them and never see them again.

6) Losing touch with people you love

Another thing that usually happens when you’re dating a walking red flag is that you’ll lose touch with some of the people you love. It is usually someone your partner feels threatened by. But sometimes it can also be your family, especially if they aren’t really the biggest fans of the person you chose.

But always remember that you’re an adult who can choose people to hang around. If the person you’re dating has something against it, talk to them or suggest introducing them to those people.

7) Being forced to change

DONE! Things You Definitely Don't Need From A Partner

Your soulmate would never try to change you. Because there’s someone in the world who will love you just the way you are. Someone who will fall in love with your perfections, but also every little imperfection you have.

If your partner often asks you to change something about yourself, then it only means that that’s not your soulmate. It’s just a person who wants to shape you the way they want to. Don’t let anyone do that to you. You’re perfect the way you are and someone will recognize that!

8) Constant criticism

And of course, one more thing you definitely don’t need from your partner is constant criticism. If the person you’re dating always has something to say about your work, the cake you made, the songs you listen to, the way you dress, or even the way you drive your car. Then you deserve to find someone better.

You deserve to find the person who will criticize you when you make a huge mistake. But he’ll also be your biggest support when it comes to everything else. Don’t settle for anything less than that!

Now that we’ve seen these 8 things you definitely don’t need from a partner, feel free to take some time. Try to figure out whether you feel like this in your relationship. If you do, then it probably means the two of you aren’t meant for each other.

I know it sounds scary, but I promise that it can only bring a positive change to your life. Have an honest conversation with your partner and tell him everything that bothers you. If he ignores you and everything stays the same then it means that you should leave.

Don’t be afraid of change, especially when it means that you’ll get the chance to finally find your soulmate. Happiness is waiting for you, hurry!

8 Things No Girl Wants From A Partner