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8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

We all know that men are not so vocal when it comes to words. They scarcely use them and rarely openly talk about their feelings.

Because of that, they often show love through surprising actions rather than words and you can easily tell how they feel about you by paying close attention to their behavior.

So, instead of waiting for a guy to tell you he loves you, you should look for other patterns of behavior. If you notice he’s been acting in any of the following ways, you should see them as acts of love.

Trust me, these types of behavior don’t happen accidentally. They have a deeper meaning, one that you may not understand at first.

1. He spends more time with you

DONE! 8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

A man will want to spend all of his free time with you if he figures out that you’re the one for him. Until that happens, there’s no chance that you can see him whenever you like.

If you’ve noticed a change in his behavior and if it’s more than obvious that he now spends all of his spare time with you then you can be sure that he’s fallen in love with you.

Men choose carefully who’s going to be around them, so when he focuses all of his time and attention on you, it’s obvious that you have a special place in his heart.

2. He shares his secrets with you

Remember one thing – a guy will never share his secrets with you unless he truly loves you. He must fall head over heels for you in order to let you stay in his life.

Once he opens up to you and lets you know everything about his dreams, wishes, and desires, that’s when you’ll know that to him, you’re one of a kind. This will be your proof that he truly loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

3. He asks you for advice

DONE! 8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

Men think they know best about everything and they often ignore the opinions of others, as they don’t feel that they can trust them. But when a guy asks you for advice and actually follows it, you should see that as a sign that he loves you.

When he thinks that you want the best for him and decides to do as you suggest, that’s when you know he’s in love with you. Even if he hasn’t said it yet, his actions prove to you that what he feels for you is real.

4. He listens to you

Does it feel like he remembers everything you say? He absorbs every little detail as if he’s memorizing your words.

Believe it or not, this is also one of the ways men show love. When he listens to you carefully, with the intention to not miss a single word, that’s when you know that he’s actually in love with you.

Men usually pay attention only to those people who mean something to them. In your company, he’ll listen even to the most boring topics of conversation since he wants you to see that you’ll always have his attention, no matter what.

5. He’s always there for you

DONE! 8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

If he still hasn’t told you that he loves you, then he’ll find a different way to do that, without using his words. And one of the options is to always be there for you.

In the middle of the day or night, call him to let him know that you need his help and he’ll be there for you. He’ll do whatever he can to look like a hero in your eyes because that’s what he actually wants to be.

6. He’s protective of you

A guy who loves you will try to protect you. He’ll always have your back and he won’t ever let anyone walk all over you.

He’ll be your guardian angel and you’ll love seeing him stand up for you. However, you should know enough to not confuse his protectiveness with him controlling you.

If you notice that he wants to know every step you take and gives you the lame excuse that he’s worried about you, you should know better than to trust him.

As time goes on, he may start telling you with whom you’re allowed to hang out and whom you aren’t allowed to see. That’s something you mustn’t allow for yourself, regardless of how much you love him.

7. He never cancels on you

DONE! 8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

When a man loves you, you’ll be able to rely on him. No matter what, he won’t betray your trust and leave you hanging since you’re his number one priority.

He won’t call you fifteen minutes before you’re supposed to meet just to tell you that he’s not coming. He won’t go and watch a game with his friends instead of taking you out like he already promised.

Instead, he’ll be there for you just like he told you and he’ll never cancel on you. You’ll always come first to him.

Even though this doesn’t seem like much, this is also one of the ways men show love. They will be there for you just like they promise and they will never cancel on you to go out with their friends.

8. He introduces you to his family

Family has a special place in any man’s life. It represents love and unity and he’ll never introduce a woman who won’t be a part of his future to those who mean the most to him.

From the moment he meets you, a guy knows whether he wants you to stay in his life. After that, he makes the decision of whether it’s worth taking a shot with you or if he should leave you before it’s too late.

Once he introduces you to his family, you can assume that he’s already in love with you. You have a special place in his heart if you get the chance to meet those he loves the most.

When this happens, you don’t need him to say, “I love you.” It’s more than obvious that he’s already caught feelings for you, even though he hasn’t told you yet.

8 Surprising Ways Men Show Love (Without Using Words)

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