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7 Useful Tricks To Not Look Like The Desperate One

7 Useful Tricks To Not Look Like The Desperate One

There are many things that can go wrong in a relationship.

From not being emotionally satisfied to not having proper communication with your partner, and so on.

Being the desperate one is surely one of the things that can lead to a broken relationship and these surefire signs will show you if you are that person.

Women can unintentionally push away the guy that they actually like and some women act desperate or even needy.

No one likes a person who is too needy or desperate for attention.

I’m not judging anyone. Maybe your intentions are good. Maybe you really like him and you put a little more effort into making him like you in the same way.

Let’s face it; guys don’t date girls if they seem desperate and they are rather turned off by them.

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

You are a great woman with many beautiful qualities so why overshadow those features with some minor things which will portray you as a clingy person?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you are, but sometimes your actions say differently.

Let the guy you like see those extraordinary qualities that you possess and don’t let the other things undermine your true value or beauty.

Let’s paint a picture here. You have gone on many dates, and some of them were just a disaster.

Some of the guys didn’t even show up and now you have created this insecurity about yourself that is hard to get rid of.

So you ask him a million times, “Are you sure?” “Have you any other plans?” “Can I count on you to show up?” or, “You know that other men have disappointed me, right?” and so on.

These are just some of the questions that I have found to be repeated time after time.

Women want to make sure nothing goes to hell.

It is okay to ask your friends these questions, but if it involves your potential partner, he could see you as a desperate woman.

1. Take it slowly and focus on one man

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

When talking about the dating scene, many people will say it is like a game and you need to accept that.

In a world where most first words are being exchanged via phones, messaging plays a major role, so the problem arises when you start double texting.

It just screams that you are desperate and that you have nothing else to do than sit there and wait for him to reply.

Woman, you’re not even in a relationship and already your entire world revolves around him.

Stop texting several messages over and over again, saying the same things.

Let him process those messages and reply. Do not hit the send button again as it will not get his attention. You will not get his attention.

Another major turn-off for men is when a girl texts a taken man. That’s not cool, plain and simple.

First things first, there is that ‘code of honor’, you know. Taking someone else’s man is not cool and you know it.

Another thing to keep in mind with this is that it means you don’t value yourself.

Your self-esteem has hit rock bottom if you want to be someone’s sloppy seconds.

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind is that he is never leaving his primary for you.

Darling, if you are okay with being the other woman then hey, go for it.

However, it will never go your way and you will end up being hurt by someone who doesn’t want you as his main squeeze.

2. Don’t plan anything ahead

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

Yes, a new romance is always interesting and you might be caught up in the spirit of a new romance. You are genuinely excited just to hang out with him.

Nevertheless, you need to appear as a person who has a lot of options.

Don’t be the type of woman who plans a trip to Hawaii with him after just a couple of weeks’ dating.

You can never be sure how long the two of you will last.

Committing yourself to a person for longer than a couple of weeks could backfire on you.

You are at the start of a relationship so move slowly and carefully and don’t take anything too seriously.

On the other hand, if the guy is a really good prospect and you hit it off like a house on fire, then be my guest and run off on a trip with him.

3. Social media isn’t your friend

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

In today’s age, where social media plays a significant role, it is tempting to let your frustration out on there and then somewhere else.

Let’s say the guy doesn’t show up for your date.

Don’t be the kind of woman who immediately goes on social media and posts about how she is going to have fun no matter what, just to show him how much of an amazing and rich life you have.

You shouldn’t post all the time just for him to notice you either.

A man’s attention span is shorter than that of a woman and most of the time, they don’t even realize you posted something, so they don’t really care.

Also, you shouldn’t post sad or empowering quotes or things like that immediately after a break-up.

Take your time to heal, focus on what is important and move on.

If you do the opposite and post like crazy, it definitely looks like a desperate move to get his attention. Do not do that.

4. Playing games is not fun

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

You know that men can play games too, don’t you?

They are excellent at picking up subtle hints that a girl is playing games with them.

For example, you read somewhere in an article that if you reply to him every two hours, he will like you. No, don’t do that.

Sometimes those mind games that you have read on the Internet don’t work.

Sure, you can try them out, but believe me, it’s better to just be yourself and let him get to know your true self.

Playing games with a man can and will backfire on you.

Instead, it’s best to leave those games to boys and girls, and instead be a real woman and act like one.

5. Don’t be that creepy woman surprising him everywhere

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

At the beginning of every relationship or when first starting to date someone, sometimes you want to spend as much time as you can get with the person you like.

That’s okay if you are invited to go out with him but, if you are not, please don’t be that type of woman who randomly shows up anywhere that he is and be like, “Hey, I was just passing by.”

Trust me when I say that the guy will freak out and think of you as a zombie trying to eat his brain.

6. Don’t be too interested

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

Take your time. Don’t be the one who lays all your cards on the table immediately.

Sure, you might be crazy about him but act natural, especially if you have only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks.

You won’t get his attention by acting too interested.

At the same time, don’t be too cool or even cold toward him to the point where he believes you don’t give a damn about him.

Let some time pass, value those moments that you spend together and don’t be too intense.

7. Find yourself a hobby

7 Surefire Signs That You Are Being The Desperate One

Don’t let him be the highlight of your day, every day.

By putting him at the center of your world, you will seem like a desperate woman, a woman who has nothing other to do than check up on him.

If a man screws up and doesn’t show up for your date, then you can explain to him in a calm manner that your time is precious, but before that, don’t rush things.

Everything will be okay if you just relax.

Don’t always be available. If a guy asks you to go out for dinner, don’t immediately give an answer that any night is fine, as that’s a big mistake.

As I said before, find a hobby.

Ask him what night he has in mind, and maybe tell him that you are not available or maybe you should reschedule for a different day.

7 Useful Tricks To Not Look Like The Desperate One

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