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7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

Remember the beginning? That feeling like the whole world was yours?

Holding hands together, you could move mountains, and now, you wouldn’t cross a puddle for him.

The love is still there but it feels like the spark has gone. You’ve taken off your rose-tinted glasses and your love life has now lost the color you were used to.

The communication between you and your partner has lessened, you don’t feel the butterflies anymore and you have a feeling that both of you are stuck in a routine where you have forgotten about each other.

”What can I do now when everything seems to be falling apart?”

You feel like you are losing each other but you are not sure how to fix it.

Your goal is not to end the relationship, as you don’t believe it’s the time for that.

Love is still there, but it just feels that you two have drifted apart and your connection isn’t as strong as it used to be.

You want to go back to the beginning and enjoy the honeymoon phase of your relationship but you know that it’s not possible.

Instead, try using the following ways which can help you save your relationship and turn it into a beautiful environment again.

1. Communicate your mutual feelings to each other

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

The first and fundamental step in every issue-solving situation is communication.

If you want to save your relationship, you first need to make your partner aware of what’s wrong.

Create a communication safe zone where both of you will be able to express what bothers you.

Maybe you’ll be able to solve the issues just through the simple act of communicating what makes you unhappy.

Busy lives make us forget to express our emotions which can lead us to a separation.

We simply forget to share things with our partner and that makes the other person feel like they did something wrong.

This happens especially when you compare your current situation with the way you two treated each other at the beginning of the relationship.

You see that something is wrong but you don’t know how to fix it.

That’s why communication is the key. Your partner can’t get into your head, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Sometimes, the only necessary thing to do is express your feelings, as from there, you can work on solving the issues.

So, if you are in a situation where you feel that your relationship is falling apart and like nothing is the way it used to be, then start with your communication.

That needs to be your first step and later on, you will see what you can do next.

2. Start with yourself

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

When you’ve successfully communicated your emotions and feelings, then it’s time to react and make a change.

However, you can’t expect your partner to be the only one who needs to change.

You are a part of the relationship too, which means that you need to work on it the same way your partner does.

The best thing is to start with yourself.

Work on the things that each of you has to change, and then together try to improve your relationship and put it in a better state.

3. Stop being cold

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

Sometimes, we think that the best way to get someone’s attention is to ignore them and be cold with them.

It may seem like a good way of getting attention but trust me, it’s not a way to keep it.

This is chiefly because you want to save your relationship and make it a better place for both of you.

Ignoring someone and thinking that he will come running to you makes sense only if you are 13 years old.

In a healthy and mature relationship, playing games can only have one result – your partner will eventually lose interest in you.

If you think that he will chase you while you give him the silent treatment, then you are not ready to make an effort to improve the relationship.

You expect him to repair the damage that both of you made, and that’s not going to work out.

4. Talk about the good times from the past

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

Sometimes, a good way to save a relationship can be your ability to sit and talk about all of the good things you have been through.

Remember how you made each other laugh, how you spent nights watching the stars, or how you could go hours talking about your childhood memories.

People tend to forget the good stuff whenever they come across an obstacle.

They forget all of the amazing experiences they have shared with a person who now looks like a stranger to them, as they left them without care for too long.

Instead of fighting about the current issues, take a break and think about everything good that ever happened to you two.

You will be amazed at how much closer you will feel after that.

5. Focus on the positive things

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

When we focus too much on the negative stuff that we are trying to solve, we tend to forget everything good a certain person has ever done for us.

You forget that he makes you a coffee before you get up as he’s the first one who goes to work, how he always kisses you goodnight and how he startles from sleep just to pull the duvet over you so you don’t get cold.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. We all tend to ignore the good when we get hit in the face with the bad.

Still, you need to remember that too much negativity won’t help you.

A positive perspective from time to time can change the way you feel and think about your partner.

You two are stuck in a routine and that’s not a reason why you should ignore everything good that he has ever done for you.

6. Appreciate your partner more

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, appreciation will never go out of style!

No one needs to be taken for granted, so take some time and notice the little things he does for you.

Actually, don’t just notice them but also express your gratitude for them.

”Thank you so much for everything you are doing!” takes a second to say but it can make his day.

His level of appreciation will grow as he will see that you are not just a passive observer but that you care about everything he does.

7. Find time for each other

DONE! 7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

Life can get busy and your routine puts you in a frame of mind where you don’t really know where one thing starts and the next one ends anymore.

When you want to save your relationship, you need to find time for each other, regardless of how busy you are.

It can be fifteen minutes of your day before you go to bed – it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that it will be just your time together. Nothing and no one will interrupt you and you will completely focus on your partner.

Do this every day and you will notice the number of things you’ve missed saying to each other.

Focus on the other person and stop thinking that you are the only one who is important.

A relationship is about both of you, so start behaving like that!


7 Unmistakable Ways To Save Your Relationship

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