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7 Things You DON’T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

7 Things You DON’T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

When you fall in love with someone, your rose-colored glasses make you believe that you need to change in order for this person to fall in love with you.

When you want to impress a guy, you will try so hard that sometimes you will lose your own essence.

There are so many things women do for men out of the desire to be loved.

However, society tells us that if we don’t fulfill certain standards then we aren’t lovable to begin with.

How can society have such an impact, you might be wondering?

Well, when you grow up with people constantly talking about the importance of you finding a suitor, you grow to believe it yourself.

They make us believe that there is something wrong with us if we don’t have a man but this is a complete and utter lie, if I do say so myself.

As a woman, you are such an amazing and beautiful creature and the right man will know how to love and treat you.

He will know that you deserve to be loved and adored, and because of that, you need to stop bending over backward to make a man fall in love with you.

There are certain things that you don’t have to do to make a man love you, no matter what anyone says.

1. Be quiet

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

You don’t have to be quiet to please a man.

I know that men are taught to believe that women have to be quiet and they want a non-opinionated woman who won’t be very open about the things that she does and doesn’t like.

If a man was opinionated and wasn’t afraid to voice those beliefs, he would be thought of as an assertive leader, but when a woman is like that, she isn’t really called nice things.

You don’t need to shrink yourself down just for a man to love you. You need to stay true to yourself and show him that he won’t silence you.

He can try, but before he even realizes what’s happening, you’re out the door.

2. Change your appearance

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

If you don’t think that there is anything wrong with your appearance then you shouldn’t let him convince you otherwise.

This is especially not if a man is talking about how it would be better for you to lose or gain weight.

As long as you’re healthy, you are completely fine.

Also, your clothes are your self-expression! He shouldn’t be the one to have a say in whether you can or can’t wear a certain piece of clothing.

A real man, who is worthy of your time and effort, is the same man who will love you just the way you are.

3. Constantly buy him gifts

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

You DO NOT have to do this just to keep him around.

Of course, there are instances where someone’s love language is giving and receiving gifts, but if he isn’t doing the same thing for you too, then you really do not have a reason to shower him with them.

If he is a man worthy of your time, he will love you regardless of your financial status.

Gifts can also come in the form of constantly loaning him money or always paying for your dates.

Women are independent and we can afford our own things, but unless he puts the same amount of effort into the relationship, don’t sell yourself short.

You earn your own money and you shouldn’t just spend it to make sure that a man falls in love with you.

4. Stop seeing your friends or family

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

A man who actually tells you that you need to cut off your friends and family because of him is a man you should run away from.

You should never abandon the people in your life who mean something to you just for the sake of a man.

If he asks you to stop talking to a friend or that you shouldn’t go out on girls’ nights anymore, he isn’t the one. It’s that simple.

Those people were most probably there long before he came into the picture.

You should never leave them just because you want a man to love you more.

5. Dumb yourself down

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

You are an amazing and intelligent woman. Why would you want to dumb yourself down for a man?

I know that there is a belief that men are usually very afraid of women who are much smarter than them.

If he can’t keep up with you intellectually then you should go and find someone who can match your wit and vocabulary.

If he is intimidated by you, it’s his problem. You should never dumb yourself down to make a man love you more.

6. Accept less than you deserve

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

You shouldn’t be forced to stay around until he realizes that he needs to put more effort into the relationship.

You deserve the entire world and more. If he thinks you’re needy because of this, then you are not obligated to stay.

You do so much just to show him that you love and appreciate him.

All you want is for him to put in as much effort as you are, but he simply doesn’t seem to care.

There is someone out there who will show his love and appreciation for you without being asked for it.

You don’t have to accept a man who treats you like you don’t deserve more.

7. Ignore your boundaries

DONE! 7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

Healthy boundaries are not a luxury but a necessity. That’s why you can’t just ignore yours!

They are here to show you what things are and aren’t your responsibility.

If you’re always the one doing things for him that are out of your comfort zone then he is crossing boundaries.

If he makes you go out on nights when you feel anxious and not like yourself, he is crossing boundaries.

It’s as simple as that.

If you tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with certain things and he still demands those things from you, he is not the man for you.

No man is worth this.

7 Things You DON'T Have To Do To Make Him Love You

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