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7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

From time to time, we all get irrto a point in our life when we doubt ourself and when we feel that we aren’t good enough.

You go through a phase, fix yourself up, and go back to the stage where you are comfortable with your own self.

Well, some of us were destined for a bit of a bumpier ride than that…

I always had trouble with loving and appreciating myself. I struggled to see the good sides and focused only on the negative ones.

As time passed, I felt more and more drained.

I never felt good enough and I put so much burden on my shoulders that every step felt like a mission impossible.

Let me put it this way…

You know how you leave a guy because he is too negative and he kills the mood every time you two go out? Well, in my life, I was that guy.

My own toxicity was destroying me but I couldn’t do anything about it.

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

How do you get away from yourself because you are killing your own vibe?

How could I walk away from the thing that was destroying me when I was that thing?

I felt like a dark, gray cloud that carries rain and that people run away from. No light could get through it, no matter how strong it shone.

After years and years of struggling to see anything positive in life, I decided that I needed to make a change.

I sought professional help, and guess what happened?

The dark cloud of negative thoughts that followed me wherever I went started to lose its size. As time passed, it became smaller and smaller.

I finally realized my worth and it opened numerous new doors for me. Actually, it opened up a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed.

I started appreciating myself more, and for once, I started to take care of myself.

Those corny, “You are enough,” words finally made sense and I realized what everyone was talking about.

Now that I’m at the stage where I am comfortable with myself, where I know my value, and I love the person I am, I can share with you 7 amazing things I realized after falling in love with my own body, soul, and mind.

1. Your past doesn’t define you

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

We all make mistakes and we have to learn to live with them.

You should never let them define you, but instead, you should let them turn you into the person you are destined to be.

Remember that each and every mistake that you make is just a new lesson, nothing else. It will reshape you into a new person.

Don’t be afraid of that as you will be reshaped a million times throughout your whole life, because that is the main point of life – change.

If you remain the same person for the duration of your life, it means that you never actually lived.

Yes, you made mistakes and yes, you will learn from them. As long as you don’t let yourself repeat them, you have succeeded.

Thinking too much about your past by constantly returning to those memories should never be an option.

Once you learn to love yourself, you realize that the past is in the past and that is the only place where it should be.

It doesn’t define you and it doesn’t control you, as you have a future to look forward to.

2. It’s perfectly fine to put yourself first

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

Once I learned to love myself, I realized that sometimes I should put myself first.

No matter how much other people mean to me, I should be in position number one. Everything else is wrong.

You have every right to do the things that you feel like doing. Don’t put yourself under pressure to behave by the standards others put upon you.

Their expectations are called theirs for a reason. They are not yours and you are not obliged to follow them.

Listen to your body as it knows what is best for you. It knows what will make you happy and what will make you sad. It has been with you your whole life.

Always taking care of others, listening to their opinions, and destroying yourself by trying to please others should never be your priorities.

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Instead, give yourself a medal for first place because that podium is reserved for you.

3. You don’t need anyone besides yourself to lead a fulfilling life

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

We are taught that everything is better in company and that you can’t feel content with your life if you don’t share it with someone else.

This is false and it puts an unnecessary burden on you.

Once you learn to love yourself, you realize that you are the only person responsible for the way you will lead your life.

You are the one who can make yourself both sad and happy.

People will always come and go and you can’t prevent them from leaving you.

Some will bring sunshine to your world and some will bring rain, but it is all temporary as you are the one who chooses when the consequences of their time with you will stop.

When you focus on loving yourself, you won’t need anyone to help you achieve a life you are satisfied with.

You will do that on your own and you will realize that you are your own soulmate.

Once you start making yourself happy, others will follow.

4. Whenever you fall, you have to pick yourself up

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

You don’t have time to wait for others to come across you and offer you help.

That’s your job. Instead of beating yourself up in your times of need, start being your biggest support.

Be that fan who yells and screams encouragement as they know what you are capable of.

Cheer for yourself and never against yourself!

Trust me, people love to see you lying on the ground, needing help. That’s why, whenever you come across an issue, you need to pick yourself up.

Give yourself a hand, pull yourself up, dust off the dirt, and continue with your life.

Be there for yourself as you are the one who understands you the best.

5. Don’t pay too much attention to the words of other people

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

When you learn to love yourself, you don’t pay attention to what others are telling you. You don’t blindly follow their advice and suggestions.

Pleasing others gets erased from your head and your only goal becomes to please yourself.

You notice that your whole life has been a battle in which you struggled to make other people happy, forgetting about your own happiness.

After you learn to love yourself, you focus all of the attention on you and you start doing what you want, like, and care about.

This is the definition of a carefree life where your only goal is your own happiness.

6. There is always sunshine after the rain

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

Loving yourself is not a direct road, without bumps and obstacles. Instead, you will come across a lot of difficulties.

But that’s where the charm lies because after the rain comes the sun.

Once you realize that, you will stop beating yourself up for the things that happen to you on your journey through life.

Instead, you will understand that something good will always come after the bad.

7. It’s never too late to learn to love yourself

DONE! 7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

Even though you may feel that it may be too late to start, there is no such thing as too late when it comes to loving yourself.

You deserve to learn this, no matter your age. You will fail and try again, and fail and try again.

At one point, you will succeed and you will finally learn to love yourself.

You will realize that you are worth more than you think and that you should give yourself the things you deserve.

Always choose to love yourself because no one else can do that for you.

Be your biggest support and never your enemy!

7 Things That Happened When I Learned To Love Myself

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