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7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

While most of us lie to save the other person from being hurt or avoid having an argument with them, there are people out there who can’t seem to tell anything but lies. These pathological liars have no moral compass – they don’t care whether or not they hurt your feelings.

For them, lies are just a means to an end. They only care about manipulating, controlling, and gaining power over you.

Why? Because they can. It’s the only way they can feed their ego feel empowered.

Also, they become experts in it over time and won’t stop doing it. It may be that they used it as a necessary evil at first, but the more they got entangled in their petty lies, the more it became a habit to them.

Now, they couldn’t tell you the truth even if they wanted to.

Being in a relationship with a pathological liar can really damage you both emotionally and mentally. He has his ways to force you to question your own sanity and leave you broken.

Luckily, there are a couple of signs that show he’s a compulsive liar. This way, you can save yourself from being heartbroken again.

1. He doesn’t show any guilt

DONE! 7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

A pathological liar has no moral compass and no remorse. He’ll always make you feel like you’re the crazy one and never feel guilty for whatever it is that he’s done to you.

Breaking you into a million pieces doesn’t seem to bother him at all, because he’s incapable of feelings in the first place. He doesn’t show any guilt since he can’t put himself in another’s shoes.

Eventually, you’ll feel empty and abandoned by this man, like you’re not worthy of receiving loyalty and honesty. But the truth is he was never able to give you any of it. All that he could give you were manipulations and lies, nothing else.

2. You begin to question your sanity

Even though we all know that the sky is blue, if a pathological liar sees things differently, he’ll find a way to make you believe it too.

Soon enough, you begin to question your own sanity – and for what? For him to control you all over again?

The thing is, a pathological liar will always try to convince you that things you experienced with him didn’t even happen the way they did. He’s so good at lying and deceiving that you don’t know what to think anymore.

And every time you get upset about him lying to you, he’ll find a way to guilt-trip you, using it as a tool to achieve his goal. Eventually, you end up being the one to apologize to him.

3. You feel like the bad guy for questioning him

DONE! 7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

Manipulation is his middle name and a pathological liar has had enough practice to become a master at it.

It’s no wonder that you feel like you’re the bad guy in every situation.

Even if you dare to question him and his intentions (which is completely normal in every relationship), he’ll make you feel like you’re the worst villain who ever lived.

When a pathological liar knows what he wants, he won’t stop at anything to get it. That also includes turning your world upside down without even thinking about it.

4. He keeps things hidden from you

He’ll go out of his way to keep the lie going and in order to achieve that, he’ll hide things from you.

That means you won’t have access to his phone or social media profiles. He’ll keep you out of his private life as much as possible.

Even if you start questioning him because you can sense that something’s a bit off, he’s an ace at manipulation – so good at it, you end up apologizing to him, even if he’s the one who should do that to you.

5. He always finds an excuse

DONE! 7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

Whatever he does to you to hurt you, he’ll find an excuse for why he did it. He’ll even make up an entire story within seconds and shift the blame on you.

While the rest of us stutter or even mumble in a lie, he doesn’t even flinch.

He’ll always find some excuse the moment you start questioning him about anything that calls him out o his bad behavior.

And you’ll be scratching your head, thinking what the hell happened and where things started spiraling down.

6. He lies about the most basic stuff

The main difference between a pathological liar and a normal human being is that he’ll lie about everything.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is or what you ask him, he’ll still lie about it. From what he had for breakfast, or where he went last night, it really makes no difference to him.

With him, you’ll never find out the truth and even when he knows you can see through his lies, he’ll still lie about it.

He’s at the stage where that he can’t control the words that come out of his mouth, so he has to lie to you.

In every relationship, loyalty is one of those things that you should never compromise on, but with him, it’s practically impossible to have it.

7. He strips you of your security

DONE! 7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

His manipulative games take away everything you thought you knew. Your sanity, strength, and the trust you had in yourself are all gone.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who pathologically lies, the last thing you feel is loved, respected, and safe. It strips you of your faith in love and it seems as if there’s no way to escape.

If you recognize any of these signs, get yourself away from that man as soon as possible, while you still can, or else you’ll be left heartbroken.

7 Things A Pathological Liar Does That Break You Emotionally

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