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7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

Breakups are never easy and they always yank us off track. It’s usually something that hurts us to our core and we need some time to get back on our feet. Right after the breakup, you ache for the familiar and you crave your ex, and that’s normal.

But then after some time, you move on. Some need more time than others, but eventually, you sort everything out. You start hanging out again, maybe even dating. All the things you used to do when you were single, become super interesting again.

But there is something that’s bothering you, right? Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t thinking of your ex right now.

Did you notice him behaving oddly after the breakup? It’s normal that you care for him, no matter what, because he was someone important in your life. Do you think he’s experiencing heartbreak?

Here are some subtle yet clear-cut signs your ex is truly heartbroken after the breakup.

1. He remains single

DONE! 7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

The first and the most obvious sign is that he stays single. No matter how long it’s been since you guys ended your relationship, your ex is still solo. He’s stopped hanging out in the local bar where he was a regular, and he doesn’t even go out with his friends anymore.

Sometimes it seems he’s dropped off the face of the earth. He isn’t interested in dating anyone and is intentionally avoiding setups.

Yes, this means that your ex is genuinely heartbroken and that he needs more time to heal. It’s one of the strongest signs that he’s not over you yet.

2. He keeps bringing up all the good memories you two shared

Is he making excuses just to see you? Does he keep asking about you? Then, whenever you meet, he’s always talking about all the good memories you shared together. It almost seems like he’s stuck in the past and refuses to move on.

He’s constantly texting you and even calling you to tell you something he remembered. Maybe he just called you to remind you how you guys went out on that fancy date for your anniversary and how his jaw dropped when he saw you in that figure-hugging red dress?

Yop, he’s truly heartbroken and clearly misses what you had.

3. He holds on to your things

DONE! 7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

Is he finding weird excuses every time you want to go pick up some of the things you left at his place? Or maybe he never answers your call? Maybe he just wants you to keep calling him, so you can’t properly move on.

It’s quite possible that your ex is holding on to your things and is having a really hard time letting go of items that remind him of all the beautiful things you two shared while you were dating. In that case, it’s evident that he’s suffering without you.

4. He picks up bad habits that are so not him

He’s become a party animal after the breakup and picked up some bad habits that he swore he’d never do. He’s now binge-drinking and picking fights in clubs? Weird, right?

He’d rather have a fling and get intoxicated than face his feelings. If he drunk dials you or constantly brings up the what-ifs, he’s clearly hurt and not anywhere near moving on.

5. His friends are reaching out to you

DONE! 7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

Are his friends reaching out to you, even those you hardly ever spoke with? Telling you how they see he’s not his usual self, and how he was the best version of himself when you two were together?

Maybe he’s even asking your mutual friends how’s everything in your life, and if you miss him as well. If so, he’s trying to find some comfort in that.

Contacting you is probably the last thing on his friends’ to-do list, but they want to stay loyal to him. Their buddy is truly suffering, so they have to cross some boundaries.

6. He puts no effort into his appearance

Does it seem like he gained or lost weight (but in a bad way)? He kind of stopped paying attention to his physical appearance. He doesn’t care if his hair is too long or his beard is ungroomed. He’s lost someone he loved and he’s devastated.

Food may have become a coping mechanism for losing you, or he may avoid it completely since nothing truly matters anymore.

7. He openly says he’s miserable

DONE! 7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

Last but not least, he openly says that he’s miserable. We can’t even count this one as a subtle sign, but if he’s saying this everywhere he goes but not directly to you, then yes, it is a subtle sign that your ex is heartbroken.

He keeps asking you for closure that he prays he’ll never get, and he keeps rehashing to his friends and family about how he lost the perfect girl.

Although this may be true, you have to think thoroughly about what you want to do next. He’s probably too shattered right now, but maybe your ex is just playing games and wants to win you back in order to boost his ego.

Whatever you decide to do, take everything into consideration, including the reasons you two broke up, before you make your decision. Good luck!

7 Subtle Signs Your Ex Is Truly Heartbroken After The Breakup

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