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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Is your boyfriend a raging egomaniac?

Egomaniacs are known for being extremely self-centered. They’re excessively occupied by their ego and it’s described as psychologically abnormal.

If you believe that your partner’s actions don’t seem okay to you, then he may be an egomaniac who’s utterly draining you. I don’t think I have to tell you that he’ll never make a good boyfriend unless he decides to pursue therapy.

Unless that’s a blow to his ego, that is.

So let’s figure out if you genuinely need to stay away from him.

1. He doesn’t remember anything about you

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

The first red flag that you’ll notice is that he doesn’t remember a thing about you.

Your birthday simply seems to slip his mind whenever you quiz him. It’s a minor detail that he should know, especially considering that you’ve talked about it multiple times.

It’s not even about your birthday. He can’t seem to remember anything that you tell him, from your favorite color to the school you went to. He doesn’t care and he sure as hell never will.

An egomaniac will get angry at you for not remembering things about him, though. He’ll think of it as extremely disrespectful and has no problem throwing you under the bus at every chance he gets.

2. He doesn’t understand why you’d ever reject his advances

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

He doesn’t understand how you’d reject him in the bedroom. Or if you’re simply not in the mood to hang out with him in general, he immediately gets offended.

This man obviously doesn’t understand boundaries – he would much rather have you at his disposal all the time.

An egomaniac thinks that he’s the best company to have around. Especially if we’re talking about physical intimacy. His understanding of your rejection is a strong blow to his ego and he can’t take it.

It can even lead to outbursts of rage because he simply doesn’t seem to grasp your reasoning. You’ll get accused of not loving him enough or he’ll make you feel guilty for feeling the way you do.

3. He never stops talking

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

The setting doesn’t seem to matter to this man, because he’s unable to read the room. He doesn’t see that he’s getting on everyone’s nerves.

An egomaniac thrives on being the center of attention. That’s why he’s always interrupting other people while they’re talking and making sure to let everyone know that he’s the smartest one in the room.

And what happens when he’s not the smartest one? Or when someone takes his spotlight?

You guessed it, he throws a temper tantrum or simply becomes extremely passive-aggressive, taking it all out on you.

4. He’s somehow experienced EVERYTHING

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

It doesn’t matter if it’s something good or bad, he’s been there and done that. No one has it worse than him, but at the same time, no one has it better than him.

When you say how proud you are of yourself for accomplishing something, he makes sure to lift himself above you by telling you that he’s achieved something much better.

If you’re feeling down, he immediately turns himself into a victim and says that he’s got it way worse than you do. This can even lead to compulsive lying. You never know if he’s telling the truth or creating stories as he goes.

You also feel invalidated most of the time because he doesn’t give you the right to express your authentic feelings. Somehow, his experiences are always more valid and important than yours.

5. He always puts others down to lift himself up

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

This goes without saying. This man can’t feel empowered without putting everyone around him down. He can’t stop for a moment to think about how someone else may feel because of the things he’s saying.

Because of the fact that he has nothing to offer other than his egotistic tendencies, he makes sure to let everyone know just how inferior they are to him.

In reality, he’s extremely insecure. We all know that the truly confident people, who are absolutely wonderful, are also those who lift others up instead of putting them down.

Your boyfriend is definitely an egomaniac if he keeps doing this to everyone, especially you.

6. He thinks everyone has a crush on him

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

At the beginning of the relationship, you got slightly annoyed by the fact that he believes everyone and their mother has a crush on him. Now it’s just exhausting.

You can see that he’s obviously asking for attention and when he gets it, he thinks that it’s because everyone can see what a catch he actually is.

If a girl walks past you two at a restaurant or shop, he’ll tell you right away that you should watch out because your boyfriend is so attractive.

Would he really need these ego boosts if he was confident and secure in himself?

This is a huge red flag because that means that he might go to certain extremes just to show you how fantastic he is. That may include things like texting other girls online, still keeping his account on Tinder, or worse.

7. He can’t take criticism

DONE! 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

Have you ever tried telling him how he makes you feel? Have you ever once plucked up the courage to tell him that something he did wasn’t okay?

I can only guess how that conversation went down.

He can’t take criticism for the life of him. His immediate response is to become incredibly defensive and accuse you of not knowing what you’re talking about.

At one point or another, you’ll actually feel like you’re really the one who’s in the wrong. He thinks of himself as flawless and perfect. So whenever you point out something that doesn’t fit into his delusion, he flips his lid.

I’m sorry to tell you this, honey, but your boyfriend’s an egomaniac.

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Egomaniac That You Shouldn't Ignore

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