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7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

There are many reasons why a guy would reject you. None of them make it any easier.

It’s not every day that a woman makes a move to flirt with a dude and takes her shot. We all know that women are awful with rejection and it doesn’t matter how hard or often you try, it never gets easier.

You feel it’s up to you to make him like you. So when he doesn’t feel the same way about you, it seems like you did something wrong.

But there are many different reasons a guy will reject a woman and those reasons may have nothing to do with you. It could even be the tiniest thing that he sees about you that simply didn’t speak to him or was a red flag for him.

If you’re overthinking it all, it’s finally time to see the possible reasons behind his rejection.

1. He thought you were rude

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

Have you ever been told that your resting face looks like you’re being extremely rude? When you say something with a blank expression, people think you’re being sarcastic and don’t see you as genuine.

Sometimes, it’s so hard to explain to people that you’re not rude, but rather just uninterested (most of the time).

For some reason, he thought you were too blunt and insulting. You didn’t mean to come off that way, but your usage of sarcasm and humor to hide the fact that you’re uncomfortable took a turn for the worse.

He rejected you because he felt like you were trying to make him uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean that it’s completely your fault, but rather that it came down to miscommunication.

2. You’re too insecure

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

Men are probably the reason you’re insecure in the first place. Everyone expects you to act a certain way, look a certain way, and be someone you’re not. But you can’t do that, so you’re insecure.

We’re all human, of course. Everyone’s a little insecure.

Nonetheless, a man will reject you when you start to always talk about your insecurities. You can’t talk about anything else and even if you try, he sees right through your facade.

Whenever you comment something about another girl or ask him for too much reassurance, he knows that you’re not as confident as you’d like to be. It just makes him feel like you have some growing to do before you step into a relationship.

3. He’s intimidated by your independence

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

On the flip side, you could easily be too confident and too independent for him. You see, here, it’s not your fault. You’ve spent your entire life working hard on becoming the person you are today.

He’s just scared that he won’t feel like a real man if you earn more than he does. He could also feel really insecure next to you for many other reasons.

A man like that is not even worth your time. Because of his insecurities, he’ll start name-calling and want to “bring you down to earth” as he says, but that means nothing. Just ignore him. He’s just trying to put you down to his level, nothing more.

It’s good that he rejected you, so you don’t have to walk around with a man like that.

4. You have too many male friends

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

For whatever reason, this is a huge turn-off for most men. When a girl has many male friends, to him it represents a woman that needs a lot of male validation. That’s when he rather ignores her and doesn’t want to be romantically involved with her.

This is very connected to the fact that he’s insecure in himself. He thinks that your friends are more attractive than him or that they want something more with you, so you’ll inevitably cheat on him.

This doesn’t have to be true, but it’s a possibility in his mind.

5. You talked about other men

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

A very common reason a man may reject you is if he heard you speak about other men. For example, you didn’t stop talking about your exes. You took the chance that he didn’t say anything and just continued talking.

No one wants a girl who’s not over her ex. You’d think that people want to know about your dating history, but most men don’t care. So when you start talking about your exes, it’s a red flag.

He thinks that you’re just using him as a rebound to get over your ex. He’d rather just reject you because he believes that he’ll save himself this way.

6. You were too negative

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

You shouldn’t be anything less than yourself. There’s no reason for you to be all positive vibes and giggles if you don’t feel like that.

However, you also shouldn’t be a Negative Nancy.

Did you make conversations take a nosedive every single time he tried to tell you a story? Did you put him down for his ideas or try to demotivate him? Or maybe you were just gossiping on the date, so he thought that you had nothing positive to say about anything?

If that’s true, then it’s no wonder he rejected you. Men are looking for a woman who’s going to support them and help them become a happier version of themselves.

If you’re negative all of the time, you’re just going to make him miserable. And of course he doesn’t want that.

7. You’re just too different

DONE! 7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

Sometimes, there doesn’t have to be another reason behind his rejection of you. He simply doesn’t think that you’re compatible enough.

You may have been too happy to have him around, so you didn’t notice it, but he did.

This doesn’t mean that either one of you is at fault. After all, people are attracted to different things.

So just because you had disagreements or you like different things doesn’t mean that anyone did anything wrong. You’re just not the right pair.

Instead, find someone who likes the things you do and doesn’t shy away from the truest version of yourself.

7 Reasons Why A Guy Would Reject You

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