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7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

There aren’t many things that you should blatantly run away from.

Every manipulator is amazing when it comes to masking red flags. That’s how he convinces you he’s the best option for you.

But after a while, things become very apparent. You just need to know which phrases are everything but good to hear. If you choose to stay after you hear these sentences then you must know that you’re staying with someone who’s no good for you at all.

1. “I’m sorry, okay? Geez, are you happy now?”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

Does this really sound like an apology to you? Do you hear this and feel relieved that you finally got the apology you were looking for?

When someone is sincerely sorry for hurting you and feels bad about it, they’ll take responsibility for the things they said. This just sounds like a phrase that someone would use just to get you off of their back.

If a guy says something like this, it’s just to appease you. He won’t bother to change his behavior, because he doesn’t think that he did anything wrong to begin with. He believes it’s your fault for catching him and you’re just trying to make him angry.

So in order to stop your nagging, he’ll say that he’s sorry and probably walk out of the room because he believes that the conversation is over.

This is such a huge red flag and there’s no reason for you to trust this type of apology.

2. “You’re so dramatic.”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

Women are accustomed to hearing this from men. To them, we’re always too dramatic and/or too sensitive. Because they’re so out of touch with their own emotions, the emotions of others simply make them uncomfortable.

This is also a very passive-aggressive comment that lets you know he doesn’t appreciate your feelings or mood swings. It doesn’t even have to be something irrational for him to say this phrase.

He’ll call you dramatic or sensitive the very moment he sees a tear slip down your face. This way he invalidates your feelings completely and after a while, you’ll start feeling awful for even expressing them.

3. “I can’t seem to do anything right.”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

This is extremely relevant for men in relationships, where they’re so toxic, your world seems to collapse under your feet.

He’ll do something that’ll make you angry or sad, and his only response will be that he simply can’t do anything right. He’ll continue by saying that he’s such an awful boyfriend and how you should just leave him.

That’s manipulation 101. He’s aiming for your sympathy because then you won’t be mad at him anymore. You’ll also feel like you may lose him and your abandonment issues will kick in.

The next time you’ll want to tell him about something that’s bothering you, you’ll remember this, and you won’t want to even mention it.

4. “Can’t you take a joke?”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

How many times have you heard this one? When someone blatantly insults you, you get angry, and their immediate response is to tell you that you have no sense of humor.

They’re trying to convince you they’re just joking around and you’re a buzz kill.

You should run from people like this. They’re hiding their opinion of you behind awful jokes. You’re hurt because those jokes aren’t funny and they obviously exist to insult you.

If these people weren’t sorry excuses for friends, they wouldn’t act that way.

5. “That’s just the way I am.”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

Whenever someone says something like this, you should definitely run for the hills and take everything that you can with you.

When someone tells you that they’re not ready to change because they’re just always been that way, then they’re actually telling you that they think there’s nothing wrong with their behavior.

If your partner says something like this, what he’s actually doing is shifting all the blame onto you. He’s saying he’s not ready to work on himself for the sake of your relationship. That man doesn’t understand that relationships need a healthy dose of compromise.

6. “I can’t remember the last time I cried.”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

Can you imagine the emotional trauma someone is withholding because they don’t cry? This is most common with men because they’re not as comfortable with emotions.

So, it’s been years since the last time he cried? Imagine how emotionally unavailable that man actually is. He’s not open about his emotions and he thinks that tears are a sign of weakness.

That man actually believes that you shouldn’t judge him for it, but you should just like him for he is. He’s convinced that’s the right way to live and the only reason you’re crying is that you’re weak.

How long will you be able to stay with a man like that without crumbling?

7. “Can’t you just take care of it?”

DONE! 7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

Never let anyone use this phrase to get you to do something for them. People will try to manipulate you into doing things for them because you’re supposedly better at it than they are.” That’s how they’ll get out of any work and you’ll end up taking on the responsibility of that particular task.

When you’re in a relationship with a guy who’s too lazy, he’ll ask you to do whatever he doesn’t feel like doing at the time.

And if you decide to do it once, he’ll know that he persuaded you into doing things over and over again for him. He won’t just stop at that one little thing. He’ll continue to exploit you until you’re doing everything for him.

He’ll even compliment you over and over again, just to manipulate you into believing that you’re actually that good at this.

7 Phrases That Are Subtle Red Flags For You To Run

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