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7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

Have you ever heard of the 7 female archetypes? Did you know that you fall into one of these categories?

Archetypes are researched by many people in this world, especially in our Western world. The first person to come up with this concept was Karl Gustav Jung, but it’s important to say that he didn’t come up with the 7 female archetypes.

Jungian analysts are continuously trying to understand them. Today, there are many psychology schools that are trying to research this topic and everyone seems to have a different approach to this topic.

At this point, we can say that people are preconditioned to respond to the collective unconscious. This means that we fall into certain categories without even being aware of them.

With that being said, do you know which archetype you are? Understanding the 7 female archetypes will help you embody your true power, so pay close attention.

1. The Mother

DONE! 7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

The first one of the 7 female archetypes is the Mother, also known as the nurturing caretaker. She sees the needs of others as more important than her own needs and that is exactly how she acts.

She’s the person who loves unconditionally and the person who’ll always bring home-cooked meals to a picnic. She has a bag filled with the necessary stuff for a night out and she makes sure that every woman from your friend group gets home safely.

Sometimes, this isn’t such a good trait. As you can imagine, giving without expecting anything in return can easily turn very toxic if you’re not careful. That’s what happens to the Mother quite often.

Not everyone knows how to appreciate her and her efforts. Other people take her for granted and they don’t reciprocate her efforts.

2. The Maiden

She embodies purity, sensitivity, and empathy. She’s introverted and she’s always aware of other people and their emotions.

We call her the Maiden.

When we’re talking about this female archetype we can confidently say that she’s yet to become a woman. Her childish demeanor makes her a very dreamy but passive woman. She’s constantly daydreaming about the perfect life but she does nothing to get there.

More often than not, she’s depending on other people to make decisions for her. She’s unable to live on her own because she needs someone to save her and take care of her.

The best example I have for you is Snow White.

As you can see, there are many positives and negatives to each one of the 7 female archetypes, however, none of us are perfect and that’s how you should look at women.

3. The Lover

DONE! 7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

The playful and seductive Lover is the type of woman who’s completely in tune with her body. She loves to love and physical intimacy is the best way for her to express her emotions. That’s not to say that it’s the only important thing to her, but rather that she thrives in this environment.

She loves to know that men are at her feet. When men find her irresistible and otherworldly she feels like she’s on top of the world. It boosts her confidence!

The bad side to this is that many women who fall into this female archetype get very agitated if they’re ever rejected. They can’t handle it because it means that the man doesn’t find her good enough, which is unacceptable.

That’s when she can become very spiteful and vicious. Hopefully, you never get to see the dark side of a Siren.

4. The Huntress

There’s only one word to describe this female archetype: independence! She’s a woman who’s always on her own, she loves to explore the world and she’ll never fall under the expectations of others.

She values her freedom more than anything else. The Huntress had to work hard to become the woman she is today so she doesn’t let anyone into her life without knowing for a fact that her heart is safe.

Why? Well, because she’s extremely emotionally unavailable. You’ll probably never see her cry or even express any type of vulnerability because she believes that it’s nothing more than a sign of weakness.

She doesn’t want people to believe that she has any weaknesses. That’s also why she’s trying so hard to stay single as long as possible – being in a relationship means that she has to open up to someone.

She’d rather see the world by herself than fall in love just to have someone take her freedom away from her.

5. The Queen

DONE! 7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

As the true representation of a leader, the Queen is one of the 7 female archetypes. She’s crucial for this conversation because she represents a woman’s natural confidence and leadership skills.

Not everyone can be a queen because to be one you have to care about people and always be ready to make difficult decisions.

If you fall under this archetype you’re probably extremely extroverted and you love your friends more than anything. They always turn to you for advice and you’re not shy to admit that they look toward you for guidance.

However, there’s a downside to this archetype (as to all of them). The Queen doesn’t feel comfortable without a King by her side. She feels like she’s incomplete without a husband because she values tradition quite a lot.

The Queen believes that she needs a man to help her live a happier and more fulfilled life. She’s not really aware that her power is more than enough to lead an entire kingdom by herself.

6. The Mystic

Do you know that spiritual friend of yours that you always thought was a bit too weird? Well, she’s probably a Mystic. Or maybe, you love to listen to your intuition and spend all of your time in nature with crystals rather than in the loud city partying.

Either way, The Mystic is one of the 7 female archetypes that we can’t overlook. She carries an old soul within her body and her ancestors have a huge impact on her today.

The only issue with her is that she’s completely convinced in her ability to predict things that people don’t take her seriously. Everyone thinks that she’s a little too weird so they don’t listen to her and they mostly ignore her.

But she knows who she is. She’s introspective and she’s aware of all of her shortcomings because her divine feminine energy is completely in tune with her reality.

7. The Sage

DONE! 7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

Do you remember the authority Miranda Priestly had in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? She was the epitome of discipline and knowledge. Even though she was a little bit mean, everyone knows that she was on top because she deserves her spot there.

The Sage, also known as the Wise woman, is the woman whose so intelligent that people turn to her for advice.

However, the main difference between her and The Mother is that she doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings with her opinions. She believes that the brutal truth is always better than a pitiful pat on the back.

She doesn’t understand how others can daydream and how they can romanticize their lives as she only believes in realism. Idealism is nothing more than a waste of time to her.

That’s why she doesn’t have many friends and she seems extremely introverted. Her knowledge is amazing, but her emotional intelligence is non-existent.

7 Female Archetypes And How To Identify Them

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