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7 Disturbing Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

7 Disturbing Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

Have you ever met or dated a man or who made you feel like he’s better than you in everything? Like he’s somehow above you – a perfect and flawless man?

If the answer is yes, then you may have dealt with a guy who’s suffering from a God complex.

The difference between narcissistic personality disorder and a God complex is that the latter is classified as a personality flaw and not as a disorder.

A guy with this complex is arrogant and possesses the desire to control, humiliate, and mock others in a way that makes them feel unworthy and inferior.

There’s a thin line between a narcissist and a man with a God complex, and there’s no saying which of the two is worse.

But how can you know that your significant other suffers from this complex? Luckily there are signs that your partner has a God complex and here’s how you’ll recognize it.

1. He convinces you that he’s irreplaceable

DONE! 7 Disturbing Signs You're Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

A man with a God complex is an excellent actor who really believes no one can replace him. He’ll do everything he can to prove to you that there’s no one like him in this world.

And even if you resist and say that there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, he’ll somehow manage to turn the tables around and say that he’s the best you’ll ever have and how your life has no meaning if he’s not part of it.

2. His image is everything to him

Other people’s perception of him is very important. He has to maintain a perfect image of himself at all costs.

You probably thought that he was too good to be true the first time you met him. He was ambitious, funny, and supportive of your goals and dreams.

He might have made you fall in love with him by sending you cute text messages or by keeping in touch with you regularly. There’s a possibility that he even went to extreme lengths and basically love-bombed you into believing he’s the perfect boyfriend.

Sooner or later, you’ll see he’s nothing like that. He wants everyone to admire him and see how impeccable he is, but in reality, he’s far from that.

A man with a God complex is extremely bad in love and doesn’t have the emotional capacity to love anyone else besides himself.

3. He tells you that you don’t appreciate him enough

DONE! 7 Disturbing Signs You're Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

He really believes that you need to be thankful you have him in your life. He’ll tell you that he’s given everything to you, and blame you for being ungrateful.

Really, the worst mistake you can make is believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Just because he has such a high opinion about himself, doesn’t necessarily mean everything’s true.

He wants to break you down piece by piece and to lower your self-esteem so it’s easier for him to control and manipulate you. Remember, he’ll only keep you around to satisfy his needs and boost his ego.

4. He can’t bear it if anyone criticizes him

A man with a God complex thinks that he’s this awesome man who’s never made a mistake and should never apologize first.

He’s too proud to admit that he was wrong about something and he’ll even start blame-shifting. He’s actually an expert in it – so much so that he even changes the entire story so that others see him as the victim and not you.

5. He’s always interrupting you while you speak

DONE! 7 Disturbing Signs You're Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

For a man with a God complex, it’s quite hard to listen to others and hear them speak. That’s why he’ll always interrupt you even when you’re telling him something, whether it be of great importance or a random thing.

He’ll use the opportunity to shift the focus of the conversation back onto himself. By doing so, he proves to you and anyone else that only his opinion matters and that he has no interest in your life at all.

He doesn’t care what your hobbies are. He doesn’t even care about your feelings or whether or not your needs are fulfilled.

6. He thinks he’s entitled

The thing about dating a man with a God complex is that he’ll always think you should be at his service.

Whatever you do and no matter how hard you try to please him, it’ll never be enough for him. Nothing that you do will satisfy him and he’ll always take you for granted.

He doesn’t know how to show appreciation to others. He thinks that people are there to please him and not the other way around.

A guy like this won’t be invested in your relationship at all, but will only call or text you when it suits him.

7. He’s addicted to power

DONE! 7 Disturbing Signs You're Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

Narcissists and men with a God complex have one thing in common – they crave power. They want to hold the reins on everything they do in life.

That’s why you may consider them extremely ambitious and successful.

But what you should keep in mind is that these types of men aren’t actually confident at all. They cover their low self-esteem by acting superior.

Your man may be charming and sweet at first, but a guy who has a God complex is an exceptional manipulator who’ll play mind games with you to keep you by his side.

7 Disturbing Signs You're Dating A Man Who Has A God Complex

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