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7 Alarming Signs He’s Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn’t Moved On)

Everyone always says that women have a sixth sense. That’s why you clicked on this article, isn’t it? You feel like your boyfriend isn’t over his ex.

Something just doesn’t feel right and you’re ready to get to the bottom of it.

Why does it feel like you’re just a rebound until he gets over her? How will you know if he’s just using you while he spends days and nights thinking of his ex?

He may not even know that he’s not over his ex. He could believe that he’s moved on, but his actions and the way he talks to you convey a different message.

But the good news is, by paying closer attention to his actions, you can recognize the signs that he is still thinking about her and hasn’t really moved on.

1. He mentions her quite often

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

It hurts when you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t acknowledge you because they’re too consumed in talking about their ex.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, somehow he’ll manage to mention her. He’ll tell a story about how they used to watch movies like this or if he already watched this with her he’ll tell you her opinion on the movie.

He obviously hasn’t moved on if he keeps mentioning her, even though you’re right there with him. He’s thinking of her despite having someone new beside him.

You can’t really feel loved with a man like that. And even if he does say that he’s over his ex, you can clearly see that he’s still thinking about her.

2. He doesn’t want to talk about her

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

Why would he not want to talk about his ex at all? It’s an issue if he takes every opportunity known to mankind to bring up his ex in conversation, but it’s also a problem if he point-blank refuses to talk about her.

I mean, it’s important to know what happened between the two of them. You want to ask him how he’s grown from that situation, what he’s learned from the relationship, and so on.

He’s obviously not over his ex and still thinking about her if he’s not really to rationally talk about everything. There probably wasn’t any closure involved and the memories hurt too much for him to process everything in a healthy way.

Once he’s totally over her, he’ll be able to talk about it all. But obviously, he’s not. He needs more time to figure everything out.

3. He compares the two of you

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

Ugh, is there anything worse than being with a man who can’t stop comparing you to his ex? I mean, we get it, dude, you’re still in love with her, get over it already.

He’ll find any and every excuse to compare the two of you. If you make him coffee differently than she did, he’ll mention her. She’s like a constant shadow hanging over your relationship and you’re actually embarrassed to admit that you feel insecure because of it.

You better know that this right here is no subtle sign that he’s still thinking about his ex.

But what you really need to understand is that sometimes he won’t compare you two, rather he’ll put you in an inferior position. He’ll compare the two of you and tell you how much better you are than she is.

But that’s not as much of a compliment as he thinks it is.

3. He jumped from the relationship into the next

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

Everyone needs time to move on from their previous relationship. He can’t seriously believe that he can jump from one relationship into the next without some type of trauma being dragged with him.

It’s impossible to just move on overnight.

So if you two haven’t known each other for a long time and he still wants to be with you, then he’s likely using you as a rebound. He just wants someone to make him feel as safe as he felt when he was with his ex.

4. He still talks to her

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

This is a huge red flag, if you ask me.

When you move on from an ex and continue with your life, there’s no need for you to keep in touch with them. I’m sorry, but there’s no rational explanation for wanting to talk to your ex except if you want to see where things will lead.

Out of respect for your current partner, you’re not talking to your exes.

You don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. So when you think about the fact that he’s still talking to a girl that he used to be intimate with, a girl that knows him probably better than you do, it’s like a twisted power play. You feel like you’re losing him and every day growing more insecure.

5. They go out for coffee (without you)

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

What is so important that his ex-girlfriend needs to discuss with him that you can’t be there to hear it?

If he’s truly over her, he should be able to tell her that you’re more important to him than she is. But the thing is, he picks her every single time.

He doesn’t seem to care about the fact that this makes you green with envy and it causes you to question your entire relationship.

A man who’s over his ex would bring his current partner along when meeting up with her. If anything, just to make everyone feel much safer and at ease in that particular moment.

6. He’s kept all the photos

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

It’s great to keep memories from a time when you were a completely different person. You probably have pictures with your ex as well.

But you didn’t keep all of them. You have a designated box with just a few of them.

He isn’t over his ex and is still thinking about her if he hasn’t deleted any of their pictures. He still keeps them on his phone and in plain sight at home.

Of course, he’s thinking about her if he’s constantly reminded of her whenever he goes. Don’t believe a word he says if he hasn’t deleted the pictures he has of them together. That man is still totally in love with his ex.

7. He keeps tabs on what’s happening in her life

DONE! 7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

Yeah, we’re all probably all guilty of stalking our exes online after a breakup. I guess it’s a normal thing to do.

But how many of us do it after we’ve gotten into a new relationship? How many wait for our partner to be out of sight so that we can stalk our ex?

Even if he went out of his way to ask their mutual friends where she’s at and what she’s doing, it’ll still send her a clear message that he still wants her.

Just to make it clear, if your man keeps tabs on what’s happening in his ex’s life, then he’s not over her. You’ll know this for sure because he’ll be aware that she’s getting married, who she’s going out with, what she’s done to her hair recently, and so on.

7 Alarming Signs He's Still Thinking About His Ex (And Hasn't Moved On)

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