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6 Ways To Know That You’re Dating A Potential Psychopath

6 Ways To Know That You’re Dating A Potential Psychopath

What are the chances that you’ll encounter an actual psychopath in your life?

You’d think it’s only possible in the movies, right? But it doesn’t matter how many true crime documentaries you watch, you still wouldn’t be able to recognize one if he stood in front of you.

Trust me when I tell you that not every psychopath has to lead you to some dramatic fatal ending. It’s a mental illness that many people suffer from without ever being aware of it.

However, there’s a chance that you’re dating a potential psychopath. You clicked on this article because you’re feeling like something’s simply amiss.

Psychopathy is characterized by a deficiency of emotional responses. A psychopath lacks empathy and is highly impulsive. The fact that he’s able to manipulate people around him to believe that they’re the crazy ones and not him is like an evil superpower.

But at the end of the day, you’re not even sure what to believe. So here are a few signs that can help you figure out if the guy you’re dating is a potential psychopath.

1. You feel like you’re talking to yourself

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

As masters of manipulation and mind-games, psychopaths ensure to make their victims feel as safe as possible at the beginning. He wouldn’t really be able to do that if he showed you his true self. He needs to deceive you in order for you to trust him and make you feel comfortable with him.

Because once you’re comfortable enough, you’ll let your guard down.

The best way to make you feel this good is to acquire all of your traits. He sees your likes and dislikes, stores them in his memory, and then uses the information he’s gathered against you.

A psycho will mimic your body language and even your accent or the tone of your voice. It doesn’t matter what he needs to do to make you loosen up, he’ll do it.

A normal person wouldn’t do this. They’d make sure you meet their authentic selves. But a psychopath is an emotionless wreck, and he can’t keep you if you see his true nature.

2. He’s constantly complimenting you

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

No one will be able to make you as flustered as someone with psychopathic tendencies. He needs to make you feel like the most beautiful woman out there because that’s how he makes you compliant.

You’ll fall head over heels for him and believe that he’s the man who understands you the best.

He’ll see where your insecurities lie so he’ll use that knowledge. He’ll compliment your biggest insecurities the most at the beginning. Afterward, he’ll use this information to manipulate you and control you.

This sign is very easily spotted, simply because a healthy person wouldn’t spend all of their time complimenting you but rather continue to have a conversation with you. Flattery is the main tool.

3. He fakes injuries

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

It doesn’t matter if it’s injuries or an illness, but he’ll fake them to get some sort of pity out of you. He wants to be taken care of to the point where he doesn’t have to do anything.

When you pity him and take care of him, he’ll use that time to get everything he needs from you.

For instance, you told him you were going out with friends, and out of the blue, he falls sick. He was totally healthy just a couple of hours ago. However, now he’s sick and/or has a very bad injury.

That’s exactly how he’ll get you to cancel all of your plans and stay home with him. He would even lie from the very beginning that he has some kind of weird health issue that prevents him from taking care of himself when it’s convenient for him.

4. You catch him lying

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

How many times have you caught him in a lie? How many times have you ignored your gut when it told you that something wasn’t right, just to find out later that you were correct?

He lies about the stupidest things. He lies that he was with his friends when in actuality he was by himself, getting a coffee. There are even times when he lies about certain moments from his past, or about his likes and dislikes.

It’s all part of his charade because he believes that he needs to do this in order to keep you interested.

However, when you do catch him in a lie, he continues to talk until you believe that it’s nothing but the whole truth. If you continue to ask questions, he’ll only get angry and maybe even aggressive. He doesn’t like to be questioned, so you need to be careful about that.

Bottom line? Always trust your gut.

5. You see cracks in his mask

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

Do you see the cracks in his mask? Do you see those fleeting moments where he shows you his true self but you brush it aside?

When you’re dating a psychopath, nothing is a coincidence and you shouldn’t ignore the times he shows you the truest version of him. I know that you may believe that you’re just imagining things, but I can assure you that it’s there.

You’ll notice these moments, like when you’re sure that he’s in a good mood and then you see the crack. You see the way his face becomes completely devoid of emotion and he even rolls his eyes.

This man can’t help but break his camouflage. He’ll raise his voice, tell you that he doesn’t care, and then just move on as if nothing happened. Afterward, he’ll catch his composure and may even apologize.

Another way out for him could also be to gaslight you and tell you that you never saw him break out of character.

6. He puts you in a state of obsessive frenzy

DONE! 6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

One common thing of manipulators, especially psychopaths, is that they need to present you as the crazy one. Whenever you’re fighting, he’ll start to lie to you about things you know aren’t true, then he’ll try to put everything on you.

Sometimes, he’ll even bring jealousy into the whole game and tell you about girls. But he does it very tactically because he knows where your insecurities lie and use that against you.

That’s when you’ll start to lose your mind. You’ll want him to stop behaving this way, but you won’t know how to get him to do that. That’s when you’ll start to raise your voice, cry, and eventually go crazy because of him.

He’ll tell you that you’re the problem, but he’s the one who brought you to this point.

6 Ways To Know That You're Dating A Potential Psychopath

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