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6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

What would you do if your partner fell out of love with you or in love with another person? How would you react if his feelings changed as your relationship progressed? And how would you deal with complicated love?

The truth is that you may experience changes in his behavior and you may be wondering why he’s sending you mixed signals. Perhaps he thinks that you’re using him in some way or you recently had a fight and now he’s thinking about breaking up with you.

Those are all things you may need to consider when you’re in a romantic relationship with someone but know that every relationship has its ups and downs. Don’t believe when someone says that they never fight with their partner because that’s simply not true.

Problems and arguments will happen, which isn’t anything unusual. Sometimes complications occur when something’s bothering your partner and you’re trying to decipher what that is or when you love them with all your heart but they don’t express their love the same way as you do.

So, how do you deal with complicated love?

Truth be told, not every complicated relationship ends in a break-up. There’s a chance that you may figure out the solution to your problem together so that you won’t have to go your separate ways.

It’s all about understanding your situation and making compromises. Love is never easy and you need to put in a lot of work in order to make each other happy.

1. Identify the problem that’s been bothering you

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

The first step when dealing with complicated love should be to find out what the issue is.

You need to take a break from everything and analyze the one thing holding you back in your relationship. Why is it so difficult for the both of you to agree on things and live a peaceful life?

Perhaps there are multiple problems that you need to solve in order for you to continue being together. Could it be that your partner has commitment issues? Or maybe he did something that forced you not to trust him anymore?

Whatever that may be, solving these difficulties is the first step to having a successful and happy relationship.

2. Work on your communication

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

The chances are neither of you has had the courage to face the problem or suggested sitting down and talking about it.

This could be because there’s a severe lack of communication between you two and you can’t see eye to eye on how you should approach the issue.

Most couples fight and argue with each other because of misunderstandings or problems that they didn’t know even existed.

The best way to improve this is to be open with each other and let your partner know what bothers you the most.

When you have a problem you want to discuss with them or vice versa, openly talk about it and solve the issue immediately. Don’t sweep it under the rug and hope that it’ll magically disappear.

3. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are the problem

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

There’s a possibility that you’re the very reason why you and your partner have problems in your relationship, which is why you have to see things from a different perspective.

Don’t think you’re the perfect girlfriend who never makes a mistake.

Understand that your words or actions may be the cause of why your relationship isn’t successful in the first place. Be honest with yourself and take some time to self-reflect.

If you need to adjust something in your life, then do so before your partner walks away from you. Ask a friend or a family member to help you if you can’t do it alone.

4. Don’t be scared to demand more from your partner

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

Honesty is crucial when you’re dealing with complicated love. If you think that your partner doesn’t make enough effort and you’re unhappy about it, then don’t be shy and tell him what you need from him.

You chose him because you thought you could always be yourself around him so don’t be silent and instead let your voice be heard.

If he cares about you enough, then he’ll actively listen to what you have to say and won’t reject your opinion immediately.

On the other hand, if he seems uninterested and tells you that it’s all in your head, then you know that he’s doesn’t value you at all.

5. Ask for help if you need

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

We usually tend to keep our problems to ourself as we don’t want anyone else to know about them. We keep them a secret even from those who are closest to us. But that’s wrong if you have to deal with complicated love.

As I mentioned earlier, having a fresh perspective on things can help you solve the problem you and your partner are facing.

Your friends and family can give you unbiased feedback on how to fix the issue and encourage you to speak what’s in your heart.

6. Spend some time apart

DONE! 6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

You may hear experts say that this is the worst thing you can do but it actually has some benefits. Being apart from each other gives you a chance to clear your head and to miss one another.

You’ll be able to identify what’s preventing you from being happy without your partner’s influence and you can focus on yourself and embrace your emotions.

Then you need to get together and tell each other what you’ve discovered about your relationship.

6 Ways To Deal With Complicated Love

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