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6 Warning Signs He’s Losing His Feelings For You

6 Warning Signs He’s Losing His Feelings For You

Guys are real experts when it comes to keeping their feelings to themselves. Even if they realize that they don’t like you the same way anymore, the chances are that they won’t openly tell you that.

Instead, you’ll notice a change in their behavior and you’ll realize that something’s wrong.

Sometimes, their feelings become too obvious, even if they don’t talk about them, as you clearly see that things have changed for the worse. A guy who used to care about you and always made you a priority starts acting the total opposite.

At that point, it’s more than obvious that he’s losing interest and there’s nothing you can do to change that. The only thing you’re left to do is see the signs he’s losing his feelings for you.

That way, you can save yourself from falling for him harder and facing an intense heartbreak.

1. You’re spending less time together

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

Once a guy realizes that he doesn’t feel the same way about you, he’ll start seeing you much less than he used to. If you were always seeing each other multiple times a week, you’ll notice a significant change in that routine.

It looks like you wouldn’t even see his face this week if it wasn’t for you inviting him out. All of the planning has fallen on your shoulders as he doesn’t even make an effort to call you to go out.

In fact, it looks like he’s avoiding you and you’re not really sure why, so you may start asking yourself whether you did something wrong.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t seem happy to see you and you’re still not aware why that’s the case. Unfortunately, it looks like your guy simply isn’t interested in you anymore and that’s the main reason he’s been acting this way.

2. He’s making a ton of excuses

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

When you confront him about his lack of interest in spending time with you, he showers you with a ton of excuses. He’s too busy with work, he already made plans with his friends, or his family needs his help with something.

Even if you ask him to go out in a week’s time, he’ll still let you know that he’ll probably be busy. The only thing he keeps giving you are excuses and promises that you’ll see each other another day.

You’re left wondering why he’s avoiding you and whether the problem is you. But what you don’t realize is that guys act this way once they start losing their feelings for a woman they used to love.

3. He stopped making future plans with you

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

In the beginning, he made plans for the future that included you. From visiting his family, to going to concerts together, or planning a vacation abroad.

But it’s been a while since you heard him making any plans with you. And you would be fine with that if you hadn’t heard him planning things on his own.

Instead of going on vacation with you, he’s planning to take his friends with him. Rather than taking you to his brother’s wedding, he decided to go all alone.

You’re seeing a significant change in his behavior and you’re still not sure what’s going on. But it looks like your man is losing his feelings for you and there’s nothing you can do other than sit back and watch.

4. His phones calls and messages have started to decrease

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

So he’s been spending less time with you and you’d be fine with that if it was the only issue. Maybe he’s actually busy and can’t squeeze you into his plans right now.

But you’ve noticed something else – another red flag that’s been bothering you. Your guy has reduced his phone calls to the bare minimum and his messages too.

In the past, he was always busy as well and you went weeks without seeing each other but he never went a day without texting you or calling you to hear your voice.

Right now, though, a great lack of contact has become a part of your everyday life.

He goes days without calling you and if you want to have a conversation with him, then you have to be the one to initiate it. Otherwise, you feel like you’ll lose touch with him completely.

5. He keeps finding reasons to fight

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

Even when you manage to talk to him, it seems that things always end up in a fight. No matter what, you hear him accusing you of something and finding a reason to argue.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to do anything and you still know that he’ll end up blaming you for something.

I know that you have no idea what’s going on but have you considered this reason? Do you think that it’s possible that he keeps fighting with you because he’s trying to find an excuse to break up with you?

He doesn’t know how to tell you that he’s losing his feelings for you and a simple break-up would easily solve everything. He wouldn’t have to explain his feelings and he would be free of you.

It sounds harsh but it’s a possible explanation as to why he keeps acting the way he does.

6. You feel like your relationship isn’t going anywhere

DONE! 6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

Right now, it feels like the two of you aren’t going anywhere. Your relationship isn’t moving forward, even though you had so many plans for it.

When you try to make a change to your stagnant routine, your efforts get ignored by your partner. Every time you try to have a conversation with him, he says that things are fine just the way they are and then he changes the subject.

It’s clear that he doesn’t want to take things to the next level when he has no interest in staying with you. His feelings have changed and he doesn’t know how to tell you that.

Maybe he sees that you still love him the same way and doesn’t want to break your heart or maybe he’s afraid of losing you because there’s no going back if he changes his mind.

He’s faced with a tough decision but it’s obvious that he’s been giving you all of the signs that he doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Now, it’s up to you to figure out what you want. What will be your next step?

6 Warning Signs He's Losing His Feelings For You

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