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6 Signs That You Don’t Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

6 Signs That You Don’t Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

We all must agree that love is a beautiful thing.

The idea of being in love, feeling consumed by someone who feels the same as you do, is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

The idea that you have a person next to you with whom you can share the good and the bad, the laughter, long road trips, different adventures, and all the fun that comes with being in a real genuine relationship, it seems that there is no better feeling than that.

However, this kind of relationship is really hard to find nowadays.

Even if you do find someone who seems like a good candidate for you, you risk being hurt and sometimes women tend to choose to be single rather than hurt.

The other side of the rainbow seems to be that your relationship is emotionally draining you.

The romance that you experienced in the first place has now started to fade.

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

The questions arise: “How do you know when the relationship that you’re in is starting to emotionally drain you?”

“How do you know you’re exhausted from the continuous hustle to find bits and pieces of some happy thoughts?”

Being exhausted or drained from a relationship isn’t quite the same as being exhausted from life or because of your job and you need to know how to differentiate those feelings.

When you’re emotionally drained from your job or from life, it will manifest itself mostly in some physical changes.

Whether that is being irritated all the time, a lack of sleep, or a lack of motivation as a major factor, you start to feel like a ticking bomb, that everyone’s annoying you, etc.

Those are some of the signs that could be related more toward your life or your work than having something to do with your relationship.

This article will help you realize the signs that not only is he not for you but also, he’s the one draining you emotionally.

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s go over these signs together.

1.Your man doesn’t listen to you

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

I know you saw this coming, but hear me out.

If you are doing your best listening when your man has problems, let’s say with his family or at work, and you are being a good girlfriend helping him resolve those issues, then the real problem arises when he doesn’t listen to you.

Not listening can lead to serious problems in a relationship. No one likes being shushed or not having a voice to speak up.

It’s like your feelings and emotions don’t matter to him and you have become this lonely woman who is constantly being emotionally drained due to not having her own voice.

We all have been in a situation where your partner doesn’t listen to you, or he’s on his phone while you are talking.

If that happens rarely, sure, you can work things out by pointing out that you need to work on your communication better.

However, if the problem persists and he continues doing that, then, my dear, you have a real problem at hand.

Eventually, you will be emotionally drained and you will be stuck in a relationship where communication isn’t important anymore.

A relationship should consist of giving and taking, and if you don’t feel that’s the case in yours, eventually, you will feel exhausted from your partner.

2.You start avoiding having conversations with him

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

One of the major signs that you should consider breaking up is when you avoid having conversations with your partner.

You start avoiding it because every time you do have a conversation, you feel like every single atom of your body has disappeared, you start feeling washed up and you need a break afterward.

Maybe you start to just feel tired at first, but later on, you will be like a ticking time bomb who is always ready to start a fight.

You realize that more things start to annoy you, things that you never thought would irritate you about him.

Trust me, if you think that the tiredness will go away, the little things will annoy you later too.

When a relationship consists of continuous arguments, that same relationship will start draining you emotionally.

There is nothing worse than constantly banging your head against a wall with your loved one.

To solve the situation, you must take a step back and reevaluate things, though when assessing the circumstances, you must also think about whether it is you or him who starts your arguments or if both of you should take the blame.

Every successful relationship starts with being on the same page and owning up to your mistakes.

You are wasting your time and energy if you are with someone who continues to fight long after you admitted to your mistakes.

3.You are the bad one in the relationship

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

This sign is a simple one.

If you are in a relationship with a partner who is always blaming you for all the bad mistakes and issues that happen between the two of you, this is a red flag.

Even if you know he’s wrong and he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, then he’s not the right one for you.

It’s like you are in a relationship with an emotional vampire.

Psychologists agree that identifying the root of the problem will help to resolve this kind of problem.

It can help both of you to grow together and identify any unhealthy behavior that you have.

4.Your man asks too much of you

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

A relationship certainly consists of his and her needs. Everyone has them.

You have feelings, emotions, and needs that have to be fulfilled. Don’t be discouraged by that, as it is completely normal to expect.

However, if you are emotionally overwhelmed by your partner’s needs, eventually you will hit your breaking point and there is only so much that a person can tolerate.

In every relationship, there are times when you stop and think, “Are the things he asks me for normal?”

Maybe for him, it is normal, but for you, it seems rather crazy.

If the things that he asks you to do or consider changing are way too much for you, then reconsider whether he’s the right one for you to stay with.

5.You need a break after seeing each other

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

Like everything in life, a relationship can also drain you physically.

If you feel like taking a break after a date with him, you really should consider changing things up a bit.

You don’t have the same passion to go out with him as you used to.

You start to feel like nothing’s exciting to you anymore when going on a date with him.

You don’t dress up and it’s completely unimportant to you where you are going, which are more signs that he’s draining you emotionally.

You get excited every time you and your girls go away for the weekend.

If you are more enthusiastic about going somewhere alone or hanging out with your friends than on a date with your boyfriend, that’s a red flag that he is draining your energy and emotions.

6.Your self-esteem is beginning to crumble

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

Feeling like your self-esteem takes a hit every time you are around him is a good sign that you are dealing with an emotional vampire.

The trouble seems to be when your man starts to belittle you in order to boost his ego and in most cases, he won’t even be aware that he is doing it.

One of the reasons he does that is because he doesn’t feel secure enough in himself.

He feels like he is not good enough and he is aware of his own insecurities.

However, no woman should have to deal with too much criticism. You definitely deserve better.

Let’s wrap it up now. We can conclude that being in a relationship where you are emotionally drained is not good for you.

Maybe you can work things out if the issues don’t continue but if they do, maybe you should just walk away from him.

You are a human being. You should be strong, have a voice of your own, and have the ability to speak to your partner about whatever you want.

Maybe you are ready to build a life together, or you want to move in with him. Feeling that you are stuck in a rut won’t get you anywhere.

You won’t find happiness and it will emotionally drain you.

You may find a reason to stay, but first talk to your partner about the problems that you are experiencing, and if they don’t recognize them themselves or don’t support you, then it’s time for you to move on.

6 Signs That You Don't Realize You Are Being Emotionally Drained

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