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6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

Being ghosted by someone you care about is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. No matter how strong you are, the realization that your crush was able to cut you off that easily hurts like hell.

In those moments, you forget your own value and start to feel like you’ll never be good enough for anyone. You spend days trying to figure out what you should change about yourself.

But instead of thinking this was your fault, you should remind yourself that you weren’t the cause of any of the things that happened. And even if you were to do some things differently, that guy who ghosted you still wouldn’t change his plan.

Even though you don’t want to hear these words, you must come to terms with this harsh reality: He’d still decide to ignore you as if you meant nothing to him.

When someone ghosts you, your whole world falls apart. You actually feel like you’re never going to heal from the pain they put you through.

But the truth is that you’ll feel better with every day that goes by. So, stop worrying as everything will go back to its old ways.

If you’re having a hard time accepting what just happened, then you should read the following reminders. These statements will help you accept reality and move on.

1. If he doesn’t want to be with you, then he doesn’t deserve you

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

The truth is simple. When someone wants to be with you, he puts in the effort into making your relationship work. At the same time, when he doesn’t want you, then he doesn’t even deserve you.

Once you learn these words by heart and repeat them to yourself every time someone ghosts you and cuts you out of their lives with such ease, it’ll be easier for you to move on.

You’ll know that those who don’t deserve you will always find their way out of your life. Wave them goodbye and walk on.

Only those worthy of your time and attention will stick around. And even though those who leave will always outnumber those who stay, at least you’ll know that the real ones are by your side.

When a guy you thought liked you ghosts you, it only means that he wasn’t the right one for you. So, don’t take it personally and be grateful that you’re saving yourself from someone who doesn’t deserve you.

2. Never feel embarrassed for being honest about your feelings

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

You don’t need to be ashamed about your feelings. Just because you showed someone that you care about them, it doesn’t mean you made a huge mistake.

Actually, you did the right thing – you let him see that you’re not one for playing games. It’s his problem that he had no idea how to react to your words.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t know what it means to be in touch with your emotions. He’s incapable of sharing his feelings and letting the other person know how much he cares.

The reason for this is that he suffers from low self-esteem and doesn’t think that he deserves to be loved. You, on the other hand, are aware of your value and aren’t afraid to speak up about your feelings when you like someone.

Rare are those who are capable of doing that, so you should feel proud of yourself.

3. Being single is better than being with the wrong person

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

It’s always better to stay single than to waste your time with someone who’s wrong for you. Repeat this every time someone ghosts you and shows you they were never right for you in the first place.

Chances are that you could’ve made this relationship work, but only for a little while. At one point, it would’ve become obvious that his efforts weren’t matching yours and everything would disintegrate.

The fact that he ghosted you saved you all the time you would’ve wasted trying to please him. In the end, you would’ve realized that he isn’t the one for you and eventually walked away from him.

This way, you simply skipped that part of giving your best to make things work and you straight-away realized you were never meant to be together. Trust me, even though you’re hurting right now, it’ll all get better with time.

4. There’s nothing wrong with being upset about losing someone

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

Being upset about losing someone is a natural part of the process. You cared about him and you wanted the two of you to work.

He, on the other hand, never had any real feelings for you. He simply used you to cure his boredom and that’s the reason you’re hurting right now.

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that someone manipulated you into feeling like he cared about you. While your intentions were pure, every word that came out of his mouth was a lie.

So, don’t feel upset about the emotions you’re feeling. They’re signs that you loved honestly. And as far as that goes, your conscience is clear.

5. Eventually, you’ll find someone who’ll love you enough to stay

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

When someone ghosts you, it can literally feel like it’s the end of the world. You cared about this person and it’s normal to be hurt by their actions.

But what you don’t realize right now is that one day, someone will actually choose to stay in your life. He’ll fall in love with every single detail about you and realize that you’re the one for him.

He’ll take care of you, appreciate you for everything you are, and will never even think about breaking your heart. And that’s when you’ll know that you’ve found your forever person.

However, there’s no rainbow without rain. These heartbreaks are only lessons you must learn in order to be able to notice the one who won’t only be a chapter in your life but the whole book.

6. Finding true love is no easy task

DONE! 6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

Finding true love is never easy. The path is filled with laughter, pain, and tears – sometimes all at once.

It’s super rare to meet your true love the first time you try. In most instances, it’ll take many attempts before you get the drill about how love actually works.

So, don’t give up just yet. Your moment still hasn’t come and you can easily miss it if you decide to surrender now.

Get up, dust yourself off, and keep walking until you find the one who’ll choose to be yours, no matter what. That person actually exists and you shouldn’t give up before you meet him.

6 Reminders You Need To Hear When Someone Ghosts You

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