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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

Have you ever really hoped that the guy you are dating would simply change?

Despite knowing that he won’t do that for you and that it is something that is unlikely to happen?

I know how you feel every day.

You feel like you are washed up and you feel tired of stitching up wounds that are never meant to heal, trying to piece together something that should be thrown away.

Darling, you cannot be the only one who is trying. I know that deep down, you know that he is not worthy of your love.

That he is not worthy of the time or energy that you constantly give him.

He has proven himself to be incapable of loving you. So, what are you waiting for?

I know that you stayed with him even though you knew that he would never prove you otherwise.

This is for you, who keeps making excuses for him even though he treats you very badly.

And most importantly, I know that you are staying and making excuses for him because you love him.

You act as if you are blind and you don’t see the signs that are right in front of you.

You need to face the truth even though it will hurt. You try to justify his actions and you know that he doesn’t deserve to be loved by you.

You think that he is only emotionally unavailable and that you are the one destined to save his soul. However, you are not.

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

You just keep convincing yourself that he will open his heart because of you and that you will be the one who changes him.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth. I’m not going to deceive you like you have been deceiving yourself.

I want to be the one who tells you the truth, the truth about how valuable you are. And I’m doing that because you need to see your own worth.

If a guy treats you very badly and if he doesn’t care about your feelings or needs, then it is better for you to start believing his words.

I’m going to list some of the reasons why you should stop making excuses as a way to help you get yourself back together and start the healing process very quickly.

1. He doesn’t treat you right

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

The way I see it, there is only one way that a girl should be treated, and that is with the respect and dignity that she deserves.

If your man doesn’t respect you or doesn’t treat you as his first choice, then you should walk away as soon as possible.

You might be taken for granted by your partner or maybe he abuses you in some way, and those kinds of relationships never have a happy ending, and neither will yours.

You have to stop letting him treat you very poorly, especially if he doesn’t put any effort into your relationship.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if your partner doesn’t give you the love you need or he wants you to chase him, the hard truth is that he really doesn’t care about you.

That man is wrong for you.

2. He can’t trust you because he was hurt before

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

I don’t know whether you have realized it by now, but every time your partner disappears or is afraid to commit to a real relationship with you, it’s clear to see that you don’t need this kind of a man in your life.

Don’t make excuses like he was hurt before by his ex and that is why he disappeared or something like that.

That is not the truth. Everyone has trust issues. That doesn’t give you the right to be treated so poorly, my darling.

He actually masks his bad behavior by getting you to continue liking him.

Then he gains sympathy from you, so he can treat you like he treated you before.

The thing is, you should not put up with that. Move away from such a toxic person and focus on yourself and on developing your own personality.

3. He changed over time

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

At the beginning of your relationship, he was cute, charming, sweet, and kind. However, over time, something happened and he changed.

The man that you met at the very beginning isn’t the same man you are dating right now.

He might be a bit of a selfish guy, he ignores you or he doesn’t seem like he is putting too much effort into your relationship.

Don’t try to find reasons to justify his behavior.

You might be holding on to the image of a guy who will return eventually, ‘the right one’, but you should not waste your time.

The guy who you are dating right now and the guy with whom you fell in love with at the beginning are two different people.

Eventually, everyone shows their true colors, and now is his time to.

He is not your knight in shining armor.

4. He doesn’t mean to be a rude person

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

Believe me, a boyfriend who is constantly criticizing you and belittles you every time that you hang out with your friends doesn’t deserve you.

Don’t tell yourself that he actually doesn’t mean it. You cannot possibly try to justify such behavior.

Don’t believe in his stories like he was traumatized in his childhood, that his boss is stressing him out or whatever he says.

You should not accept such excuses because they are likely not valid or true.

A guy who truly loves you will boost your self-esteem and highly praise you in front of your loved ones, no matter what.

You deserve to be treated right and you should be, without any excuses.

5. He is just going through a rough period

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

Please tell me that you don’t believe in this. I’m not saying that he is not going through a tough period, it’s just that no matter what is happening in his life, you don’t deserve to be treated badly by your boyfriend, am I right?

You should not feel like you ask too much from your boyfriend if your wishes include him being nice and sweet toward you.

Those are normal things that every man and woman should ask for.

If he needs time to figure out things and realize how valuable you are, then just give him some space, and the rest will follow.

Don’t fall for his drama, please. You are a beautiful, strong woman who doesn’t deserve that.

6. You think it was your fault, that you scared him off

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

When problems arise, most women blame themselves. But that is not the way it should go.

You have both invested yourself into the relationship, so why would you be the only one to blame?

You might think that he is ghosting you or pushing you away because you were trying to be the perfect girlfriend for him.

You might think that you opening up about your emotions scared him off.

Well, you know what? That is not true.

A guy who really likes or loves you won’t be scared by your emotions and needs. Instead, he will try to fulfill them every day of his life.

If he doesn’t realize how beautiful and strong you are, then he doesn’t deserve you and you need to move on.

6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Making Excuses For Him

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