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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Move On From Your Almost Relationship

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Move On From Your Almost Relationship

An almost relationship is like a burden that you can carry forever, simply because you aren’t able to find a way to move on from this person.

You think of yourself as silly. This man didn’t even give you all of his love, he was never yours to begin with.

Somehow, that doesn’t make you feel better. It makes you feel worse because this relationship broke your heart harder than any before.

A relationship that has a beginning and an end breaks your heart for a particular reason, as you can pinpoint when the relationship took a turn for the worse.

On the other hand, you don’t have an explanation for why your almost relationship didn’t go further than an almost.

Now you’re suffering. Your heart aches and your tears aren’t drying.

Are there actual reasons why you can’t seem to get over your almost relationship?

Is there really no way to walk away from this awful situation in one piece?

Even if you’re not able to see them now, there are some very obvious reasons why you can’t get over your almost relationship.

Once you look just a tiny bit closer, you’ll see all these reasons and you’ll have an easier time overcoming them.

1. There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ in your almost relationship

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

With an almost relationship, you never have all your questions answered. What if he was the love of your life?

What if no one will ever treat you as well as he did? Is there really someone out there who you will love as much as you loved him?

There are so many unanswered questions that don’t seem to have real explanations, unless you go to him and demand answers.

As stated before, it was an almost relationship.

It was a relationship that didn’t happen to the fullest, and which would never live up to its full potential.

So how are you supposed to know the answers to these questions?

One of the reasons why you can’t get over your almost relationship is because those questions won’t stop until you hear his thoughts.

2. You’re waiting for him to give you closure

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

Yes, those questions are swirling around your mind at an alarming speed. But you’re also waiting for him to give you closure.

One moment, you were texting him and the next, you saw him posting a picture of him with another woman.

That’s how fast he moved on without considering your feelings in the slightest.

You’re left with an open wound, seemingly without a possibility of closure.

It’s hard to find your own closure when things happened so quickly that they almost gave you whiplash, so it’s inevitable that you’ll have to find your own.

You’ll have to sit yourself down and really think things through.

At the end of the day, you don’t need him to give you closure; the fact that he’s out of your life is reason enough to move on.

3. You had expectations in your almost relationship

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

Just because you didn’t have an official relationship, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t any expectations.

You were talking for long enough to create trust and have deep feelings for each other.

You thought that there would come a time when he would introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend.

Expectations are extremely normal, especially when you’ve been talking for a while and you thought you were heading toward something more serious.

You’re not able to move on because you’re so hard on yourself about the expectations you had.

You don’t believe that you should have given him your all.

But let me tell you that you aren’t the one to blame. You did your part of the deal, you were truthful and you had normal expectations.

He was the one who walked away. You can’t be so hard on yourself about something that’s simply his fault.

4. You wonder whether you made everything up

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

He was out of your life before you even got used to him being a part of it.

It happened so fast that you’re now wondering whether you made it all up in your head.

Did you imagine that he looked at you like you were the most precious human being ever?

Did you imagine all of his gentle touches and words that promised a better future?

Are you going crazy? The answer is no, you didn’t imagine any of these things and you’re not crazy.

He really did make you all those promises and he really did make you feel like you were someone special to him.

People have their own way of deceiving you when you trust them the most. He might not have lied, his emotions just changed.

You don’t need to dwell on this because you had something extremely precious to you, and you need to remember the good times.

He just didn’t want to stay. He led you on.

5. Your friends aren’t any help with your almost relationship

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

It’s so much easier to move on from someone when your friends are there to help you.

When you’ve gone through an almost relationship, they aren’t much help though.

You probably didn’t introduce them to the guy in the short time period you were talking, because you didn’t know where things were headed.

That might have been a mistake, however, because your friends don’t know how to give you valid advice right now.

They may keep giving you motivational talks about how the right one will come around or how it’s just his loss.

OK, yes, you do need that ego boost sometimes, but right now, they’re not helping.

Only you can help yourself get out of this problem. You’re on your own.

6. You don’t know what to do if he comes back

DONE! 6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

What if he comes back? How would you act?

What would you do or say? Should you take him back if he asks for another chance?

Your mind is making up all these romantic scenarios about how he’ll come back to you. The only question is what would you do if they came true.

The truth is that you can’t really prepare yourself for this situation. All you can do is wait for it to happen to know how you’ll react.

You’ll have to ask him questions that will ensure your heart is safe and that he won’t break it again.

I won’t tell you to take him back or refuse to even acknowledge his behavior. All I will tell you is to wait and see what time brings.

You won’t be able to move on from your almost relationship if you keep rethinking all of the possible questions and all of the possible answers.

You won’t know what’ll happen unless he actually makes a move. So lie back and enjoy the ride and if he doesn’t come back, it’s his loss!

6 Reasons Why You Can't Move On From Your Almost Relationship

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