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6 Obvious Signs You’re Dealing With A High-Value Man

6 Obvious Signs You’re Dealing With A High-Value Man

We’re always talking about high-value women but what about a high-value man? Is there such a thing?

What do we need to know about him? How is he different from the men you usually see on the street?

You may have been dating this man for a while but you aren’t really sure what you’re dealing with.

Are you truly in a relationship with a high-value man? Is this the man you’ve been waiting for your entire life?

Every woman out there should strive to find a man like him and raise her standards so that only a high-value guy can reach them. If you’re with a man who doesn’t fulfill this criterion then he’s probably not going to be the high-quality partner you aim for.

You need a man of quality beside you and not an insecure child. So let’s figure out what you need to look out for to understand whether you’re actually dealing with a man of high value.

1. He takes pride in putting effort into your relationship

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

For some reason, men are ridiculed if they put effort and love into their relationship. They’re called awful things simply for caring for their girlfriend.

It’s like the less you care about women, the more the bros praise you.

However, a high-value man will never care about such things. He only cares about making his partner feel loved and appreciated.

Because of that, you’ll see him putting effort into everything he does, from the way he dresses when he’s around you to the dates he takes you on.

He doesn’t mind going the extra mile to get you flowers and open every single door for you.

Once you meet a man like this, you’ll see just how much your exes didn’t care about you. A man who isn’t of high value won’t know how important these things actually are.

The man you should aspire to have in your life is someone who would do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. Because of that, he won’t shy away from putting a lot of effort into making you happy and showing you that he cares.

The best part about it? You’ll never have to ask him to do that, as he’ll just know.

2. He always follows through with his plans

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where a man ditched you to go see a game with his friends?

Or he was simply too lazy to get out of bed so he bailed on you and told you that he’d contact you to see each other on another day?

Well, men like that are children who don’t know how sacred plans actually are.

Following through with plans isn’t something that’s negotiable and unless it’s because of sickness or an emergency, you should be able to follow through.

A real man knows that, which is why he’s always on time and never skips a date with you for a stupid reason. He’ll be happy to spend time with you and show you how much he cares about you.

Postponing dates or straight-up canceling on you simply isn’t in his vocabulary. He told you that he’s going to be there, so he’s going to keep his word.

3. He wants you to achieve all of your goals

 6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

A great guy has no interest in watching you give up your entire life for him. He knows that you’re going to be miserable if you choose to live a basic life.

You’ll be able to see him genuinely support you throughout your entire career. He won’t try to put you down because he knows how hard it is to work for something special in your life.

A man of high value isn’t someone who’s going to be insecure if you have a better job or if you get paid more.

If anything, he’s going to be happy for you because a happy life like that means that there are going to be more adventures together.

A real man isn’t threatened by a woman’s success. He may even use you as his inspiration and work harder himself.

4. He finds your independence attractive

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

If we’re talking about you, as a strong woman, then you’re also extremely independent. You know what you want and you know where and how to get it.

That means that you’re able to provide for yourself not just financially but also emotionally. You don’t need a man.

That’s so attractive to someone of high value! He knows that you’re independent and that you’re someone who doesn’t need another person to validate you or to provide for you.

You don’t need him to show you that you’re worthy of love and you’re not insecure.

With traits like that, you’re even more attractive to him. He wants to be sure that he can be confident and independent as well and he can’t really do that if his partner is insecure or codependent.

A damsel in distress simply isn’t interesting to him.

5. You’ll never have to ask him twice to come and help you

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

No one likes to ask people for help. It’s like admitting that you can’t do something by yourself and sometimes that just hurts.

However, sometimes it’s inevitable. So when you have a boyfriend and you have to ask him for a favor more than once, it’s doesn’t feel right.

You’re probably exhausted as it is, so asking him for help more than once is an actual hustle.

The thing is, a person of high value and someone who acknowledges your value in their life will never put you in such an uncomfortable situation. Instead, they’ll be there for you right away.

The man you’re dating right now is a true high-value man because he’s on his way the very moment you tell him that something’s wrong. You don’t even have to say anything more than that you need help.

That’s when he’ll be getting into his car and he’ll be on his way to your place to be there for you. A man who needs convincing that you need actual help isn’t a man you should waste your time on.

6. He takes care of himself

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

Before we even start talking about this, it’s extremely important that you understand that it has nothing to do with expensive suits and haircuts.

It’s not about a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than actually talking to you.

A high-value man knows how important it is to look good and to take care of himself. Even if he isn’t that good-looking, his attitude and the way he carries himself make him extremely attractive.

Taking care of himself means that he takes care of his personal hygiene, and he knows how important it is to groom his beard and to wear clean and ironed clothes.

He’ll go to the gym and he’ll eat healthy foods because he knows that his health is what keeps him alive.

When you know that your man takes care of himself like this, you feel inspired to do the same, especially when you know that you don’t have to beg him to dress appropriately for special occasions.

6 Obvious Signs You're Dealing With A High-Value Man

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