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6 Obvious Signs He’s Your Happily Ever After

6 Obvious Signs He’s Your Happily Ever After

Let’s say that you met this awesome, handsome man and you’re really into him. Everything’s going well, he confessed his feelings for you, and now you’re in a committed relationship with him.

After a while, you see that he’s like no other man you’ve met before and your relationship seems great. So you can’t help but wonder whether or not he’s your happily ever after and your soulmate.

Let me tell you right away that many people have the wrong perception of what their soulmate should look like. Yes, it should be a person with whom you’re going to experience eternal happiness and have blissful moments but how can you know that he’s the one?

Are there any signs that can help you determine that he’s your future husband? Luckily for you, there are and I’m going to mention some of them in this article.

Your soulmate should be someone who complements you and vice versa. That man has to help you grow mentally as well as emotionally and you have to do the same for him.

Only then will your transformational journey come to its end and you’ll become one.

Signs he’s your happily ever after

1. He helped you conquer your fears and alleviated your pain

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

If he pushed you (in a positive way) to dig down to your deepest fears and encouraged you to face them, then you can be sure that he’s the right one for you.

It’s like you’ve been waiting your entire life for this moment to happen, for you to conquer your fears. All that pain that kept you from becoming better is now gone.

You feel ten times lighter, like you got rid of a huge burden from your chest, and you no longer fear the future because you don’t live in your past anymore.

He was there for you when you needed him and he supported you to heal those past wounds that poisoned your soul. Now that toxicity is gone, you can enjoy the present with an open mind and a healthy heart.

2. You dreamed about meeting him

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

Way before meeting him, you always dreamed about the special day when you’d get the chance to meet your happily ever after.

Even if you can’t remember his face or how he looked, you still feel like he was the one appearing in your dreams all that time.

You always had this strange sensation in your gut and even though you can’t prove it to anyone, you still can’t get rid of the feeling. And why would you?

If you know in your heart that he’s the right one for you, then you don’t need validation from others. Those dreams brought you hope and helped you keep your faith in love until the special day finally happened.

Eventually, when you met for the first time, you already knew that he was the man of your dreams.

3. Your chemistry is out of this world

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

You’re deeply and madly in love with him like you’ve never been before with anyone else. The chemistry you two share works like a magnet, so you can’t ever get enough of each other!

You attract each other with all of your strength. When you’re with him, you feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

Sometimes, it’s like you can read his mind and he can read yours without saying a word. The connection you two share is beyond explanation and the only thing you’re afraid of is losing him.

4. He’s your home

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

When you think of a safe place, somewhere where your soul can rest and be secure, you automatically think about him. That’s how you’ll know that he’s your happily ever after.

He’s your safe haven where you go to when others try to hurt you in any way and every time you need a piece of advice about something, you go and talk to him.

You know that he has your best interests at heart and won’t do anything that would harm you.

You know that people say ‘home is where the heart is‘ and for you, that’s true in every sense of the word. He’s your home and you know that your soul belongs to him.

5. You always come back to each other

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

Even if you two fought with each other and you went your separate ways, you always found a path to be reunited again, which is another sign that he’s your happily ever after.

Even if that happened a few times, you never endured being apart for too long because deep down in your heart, you know that he’s the man for you.

You may be wondering how you can know that but when two souls yearn for each other, no power on earth can stop them from reconnecting again.

6. You changed because of him

DONE! 6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

It’s not like you allow everyone to have a certain degree of influence on you. Only those who are closest to your heart will know what’s best for you and support you to achieve your dreams.

This man helped you change for the better and grow into the superwoman you are today. That’s how you’ll know that he’s your happily ever after.

However, a change didn’t just occur on your end, as you also encouraged him to change for the better as well.

Remember that your soulmate should be someone who’ll push you to become the best version of yourself. He won’t ever disrespect you or tell you that you’re not worthy of being loved.

6 Obvious Signs He's Your Happily Ever After

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