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6 Men On The Torturous Moment They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

6 Men On The Torturous Moment They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

We’ve all wanted to know how guys feel after a breakup. It’s easy to see what they’re doing, but it’s not so easy to figure out how they feel. Especially if they just let go of the right woman. That’s why I prepared some first-hand answers for you.

6 men will speak about the torturous moment they realized they just lost the best woman out there. Some of them will say what we’ve always expected, but some will leave us speechless. Are you ready to hear their perspectives? I bet you are.

DONE! 6 Men On The Torturous Moment When They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

1. “It hit me after I met someone else”

“At first I felt amazing. I was sure it was a good decision. For the first time in a while, I felt so free. I went out with my friends every night. They said they were glad to have me back since I didn’t see them that much while we were dating. She was always afraid I’d meet a new girl.

I did meet girls, but only after we broke up. I had so much fun. The feeling of freedom was just what I needed. Spent days working, and nights going out. I’ve had some girls, but then one really caught my eye. It wasn’t long before we started dating. She was a party animal so we had a lot of fun together.

But I got promoted so I didn’t have as much time as I did before to go clubbing. So we stayed in most nights. That’s when I started getting to know her for real and I realized I couldn’t talk to her about anything. We tried to find some mutual topics of interest, but it was mission impossible.

That’s when it hit me. I let go of the woman I could spend days with, and I knew was the right one. I didn’t try to contact her because she deserves someone who won’t realize these things when it’s too late. But I’ll always regret my decision.”

Daniel, 27

DONE! 6 Men On The Torturous Moment When They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

2. “I knew it when I saw her with another guy”

“It happened a few months after we broke up when I saw her with her new boyfriend. I thought I was handling things well, but when I saw her so happy, I realized she never looked like that when we were together.

That’s when I knew that it was my fault we broke up. It was I who failed to make her happy. I was the one to let go of the right woman, the woman who truly loved me.”

Lucas, 24

3. “It hit me only after I married someone else”

“Sadly, it happened after I married another woman. I was so sure that she was the one for me, but so many things reminded me of my first love, that I eventually realized I never got over her.

The biggest hint was when we were planning our honeymoon and my at-the-time-fiancé suggested going to Cuba, but I refused because my ex and I had planned to go there together.

I remember all the dreams and plans we had together, and then I look at my marriage and realize we never had that kind of connection.”

Anonymous, 39

DONE! 6 Men On The Torturous Moment When They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

4. “I figured out I got my priorities wrong”

“I thought friends were the most important thing ever! So they always shared first place with my ex-girlfriend. It made her so sad, and she always tried to explain that’s not how it’s supposed to be. But I never even tried to understand her. I was so sure I was right.

Eventually, it led to us breaking up. My friends were over the moon, I was also glad that I had even more time to spend with them. But then they started getting into relationships. One by one, until I was the last man standing.

They all made their girls their priorities, but they still had enough time to hang out with me from time to time. All of them were happier than they’d ever been before, and I realized I could’ve had the same thing. But I was stupid – I let go of the right woman.”

Thomas, 23

DONE! 6 Men On The Torturous Moment When They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

5. “I knew it when I saw other people lack the empathy she had”

“I always thought she was too emotional for my liking. She’d always cry at the sad movie scenes, feel sad for other people who were going through tough times, and she would easily get hurt. It was so annoying for me that I eventually decided to break up with her.

After we separated, I spent more time outside the house than inside. So I got the chance to meet many new people. I listened to their stories, opinions, ideas, and plans for the future. I got to know them pretty well. And the thing I noticed was that most of them lack empathy.

Then I remembered my ex and realized that she was such a unique human being. Someone who cared so much about everyone and tried so hard to make everybody’s day a bit brighter. It’s such a rare thing in today’s world when most of us are so self-centered.

I hope I didn’t force her to change because I left her. It’s something that will always bother me. That, and the fact that I messed up my own life when I let go of the right woman.”

Tyler, 29

DONE! 6 Men On The Torturous Moment When They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

6. “After dating many girls, I realized that no one compares to her”

“We broke up and I was so sure I’d soon find a new girl. And I was right, a few weeks after our breakup, I started dating one of my coworkers. At first, it was amazing, but after a few months, we had so many relationship issues,t she said the only way to solve them was to go our separate ways.

So we did. But in the back of my head, I remembered my first love tried so hard to keep us together. And always found a new way to solve whatever problem threatened our relationship.

Then I started dating a new girl. I fell hard for her. Beautiful, strong, independent, hard-working. She always motivated me to work on myself and she helped me reach my goals. But I was always just one of her many obligations.

It never felt like she really loved me. Just that she liked the idea of having a successful man next to her because she also had an amazing career. I couldn’t stand living like that, so I left her.

Again, I remembered my first love and how we used to celebrate each other’s successes. We always tried hard at work, but we tried even harder at home. I don’t even recall why we broke up, but I know that I let go of the right woman.

Years passed by, and I dated more girls, but I never found one like her. I heard she got married and has three kids, and I’m really glad she’s happy. But I don’t think I’ll ever experience that.”

Ryan, 43

6 Men On The Torturous Moment They Realized They Let Go Of The Right Woman

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