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6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

There are so many things that you may not see as emotional abuse, but they’re so dangerous for your mental health. If we’re looking at things long-term, you may face serious problems in your other relationships.

Sometimes, we trivialize our own experiences. We believe that something as scary as emotional abuse could never happen to us, so we simply deny it from the outset.

However, abusers choose exactly those victims who are able to help them achieve their goals. If you were so aware of his wrongdoings from the beginning, he wouldn’t be so adamant about keeping you around. But here we are. You’re experiencing emotional abuse, even if it may seem entirely harmless at first.

I hope you get the chance to escape this toxic situation once you realize that even these “small” things are considered emotional abuse.

1. Having unrealistic expectations of you

DONE! 6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

When your man has unrealistic expectations of you, it can only affect you negatively. Those expectations are presented to you as needs or boundaries, but he obviously doesn’t care about you when he sets them.

For example, he always makes you dress up nicely. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, cooking and cleaning, he still expects you to look presentable for him. This is extremely unrealistic considering that we’re human beings and you can’t walk around dressed to the nines every minute of every day.

Other times, he’ll expect you to fulfill all of his needs. This includes physical needs as well as emotional ones.

He makes you feel bad if you can’t succeed in his expectations of you, especially if you can’t give him the attention and pleasure that he’s asking of you. Those are unrealistic expectations because they don’t have your needs in mind and they’re inhumane.

2. Constantly checking up on you

He says that he’s doing this because he cares about you. He says that if you loved him, you’d report to him where you are and with who.

I get it. In relationships, people tend to be very protective of their partner, which only makes them check up on each other more. But, be honest with me, would they make each other keep their locations on at all times? Would they continuously call and text?

Also, how does he behave when you don’t answer your call or when you don’t text him back at lightning speed? He flips. He tells you that he won’t let you out of his sight again if you continue acting like this.

Say what you want, but I don’t believe that the way to a woman’s heart is through threats. This is obviously emotional abuse. You just may not see it as such as it’s the type of emotional abuse that’s masked as care.

No matter what he or anyone else says, you have the right to be free – even in a relationship.

3. Downplaying your concerns

DONE! 6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

You don’t feel comfortable with something or your intuition is telling you that something is off, but he completely trivializes it. He says that you’re just being dramatic and that you shouldn’t even try to explain it to him because he’s so certain of it.

Doesn’t this sound like emotional abuse? Your emotions are under attack, so you feel like whatever you’re experiencing is just a false alarm. This is also known as gaslighting because it slowly but surely makes you lose your mind.

For instance, you can see that he’s a little too close with his female friend. They are very physical and they simply spend a lot of alone time together. When you ask him what’s going on or if you tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with it, he completely brushes you off or calls you delusional.

Your concerns are valid and your emotions are real. Don’t let him convince you otherwise.

4. Possessiveness

Possessiveness and protectiveness aren’t the same things, I hope you understand that. When your partner is protective of you, he’s actually giving you your freedom but he protects you when there’s danger.

However, a possessive partner won’t let you out of his sight. He makes sure that everyone knows you’re his possession and that they should keep their hands off of you. He even makes sure to let you know that you’re not allowed to go anywhere without him.

What type of relationship is this? Should this even be considered anything less than emotional abuse?

You always feel like you’re doing something wrong, even when you’re just experiencing life. He also makes you feel as if he’s keeping a vigilant eye on you 24/7.

Should someone’s partner ever be this paranoid? Absolutely not.

5. Demanding to see your phone

DONE! 6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

Just because you’re in a relationship shouldn’t automatically mean that you have no right to privacy. He says that you should share everything with each other because you’re together, but you have a right to set boundaries.

This is one of the dangerous forms of emotional abuse, even though you may not see it as such. You can only hear the words coming out of his mouth and they make you feel as if you’re the worst person for refusing him to go through your phone.

You see, he shouldn’t even consider snooping around through your messages and photos. I mean, we all know that our female friends go into excruciating detail about their nights out as well as send us pictures for approval. He doesn’t have to see that! Why would anyone ever suggest such a barbaric thing?

It’s considered emotional abuse because you’re always under pressure. He has full access to your phone and you can’t even text who or what you want because he has a full overview.

Remember this: Even if you’re in a relationship, you’re still entitled to your privacy.

6. Making you spend all of your time with him

Another blatant form of emotional abuse is when your partner demands all of your time. He isolates you from your friends and family by telling you that you should always be with him.

This happens when the abuser wants to manipulate you into becoming his personal puppet. By isolating you from everyone, he’s actually making sure that you have no one else to rely on but him.

This also means that you won’t have a life outside of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t have friends, because either way you’re not allowed to spend your time with yours.

He’s finding all types of stupid excuses to make you stay home even when he spends his time doing things without you. This is extremely nerve-racking because a normal human being can’t and shouldn’t just stop every other social interaction to only focus on one person.

6 Dangerous Things You May Not See As Emotional Abuse

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