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6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

They say that men are simple, but honestly, most men still have unrealistic expectations for women. They keep asking for things that could never happen unless we had some magic wand to make all of their wishes come true.

“Be this and that,” but at the same time, “Don’t act this way.” Can’t you realize how impossible that is?

Okay, I’m already starting to lose my patience, so I’ll use the examples to explain what I’m talking about.

1. Looking perfect without taking any time to get ready

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

Trust me, no woman is born perfect. We all have our flaws. That “just woke up flawless” standard is something that you can only expect to happen in movies and staged YouTube videos.

When I get out of bed, I look as if I’ve been hunting all night throughout the darkest woods. My hair doesn’t nearly resemble perfection and my face sure has no glowy, smooth look to it.

If women were to walk out of their homes without taking some time to get ready, I’m sure all men would start running for the hills. You expect us to look perfect, but you always complain about how long it takes us to look that way.

Well, maybe we could switch roles and see how much time you’d need if you were in our skin? Or you could simply accept the fact that no woman is perfect and stop expecting us to look that way.

2. Being skinny yet curvy

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

Do you even hear yourself saying these words? Do you think it’s physically possible for a woman to look this way?

You want to date a woman who looks like a model but at the same time isn’t as skinny as one. You want her to have curves but not too much, as that apparently makes her look fat.

Of course, this doesn’t stand for every man, but most keep body-shaming women and setting standards that we can’t meet even if we tried.

If you’d simply accept the fact that we all come in different sizes and shapes, the world would be a much better place for us to live in.

3. Showing interest but also being a challenge

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

So let me get things straight. You want us to text you, yet at the same time, you don’t want us to text you too much so you can chase after us?

Or I could put it this way. You want us to show you that we’re interested but you also want us to stay mysterious and not verbalize our feelings?

It’s kinda hard to find the balance between the two, right? Then how come men expect us to do both at a time when they clearly contradict each other?

It looks like we’ll have to painstakingly calculate how much effort to put in and when to act aloof. Maybe that would finally make men happy, huh?

4. Making you chase us while not being too complicated

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

The moment a woman starts to play by her rules, all men tend to call her “complicated.”

“She doesn’t know what she wants. One day she’s in and the other she’s out. I guess she wants me to chase after her, but I’m not doing that.”

At the same time, you want to pursue us. You want us to give you a reason you should go after us and try to win us over.

Even if I had to spend days thinking this one over, it really makes no sense. You’re expecting two completely different things from us and still somehow believe you don’t have big expectations from women.

Then maybe it’s time for us to raise the bar and start expecting the same things from you. I can’t wait to see where that would take us.

5. Not being cold-hearted yet also not being emotional

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

An emotional woman is often called crazy, overly sensitive, and clingy. But if she decides to hide her emotions, she’s then called cold-hearted, cruel, and ruthless.

So, no matter the choices we make, you’ll still have something to comment on. You’ll still find a reason to complain about us since you’re never happy with anything a woman offers you.

If she cares about you, you call her needy and leave her because you can’t deal with such a girl anymore. At the same time, if she keeps her feelings to herself, she’s instantly an ice queen and you don’t want to waste your time with her.

Again, we must take a math course in order to figure out the right percentage of expressing feelings that makes a man happy.

6. Being committed but running from wedding bells

DONE! 6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

So, apparently, most men are looking for a committed girlfriend. One who’ll be loyal to them and won’t leave them the first time someone better walks in her life.

However, the moment she starts mentioning getting married, you all seem to run away. You hide petrified in a dark corner because you’re afraid she’ll start talking about the thing you dread the most.

When in a serious relationship, it’s obvious that the next step will be marriage. It’s only natural for things to progress that way.

But you somehow think that you’ll be able to avoid that conversation and never have to ask her to marry you.

Well, if you’re looking for commitment, then that’s what you should expect.

6 Contradictory Expectations Men Have For Women

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