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6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

A woman who’s about to fall in love with her man is willing to move mountains for him. She’ll make sure to show him that he’s the only man in her heart and that no one could ever replace him.

But sometimes, this makes us make mistakes that we aren’t even aware of. We do things without knowing that they’re doing us harm.

If only someone warned us of what we aren’t supposed to do when we like a guy. That could save us a lot of pain.

Because I know how careless we tend to be when we focus our eyes on that one special guy, I’ll try to help you so you don’t ever make the same mistakes as I did.

This will save you a lot of time and energy. Even if you have the best intentions, sometimes they can take you in the wrong direction.

Keep reading if you want to find out what the mistakes are that women tend to make when they like a guy A LOT.

1. We give too much too soon

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

When a woman really likes a guy, she gives herself completely to the relationship.

It’s a good thing to be fully committed to someone you like, but if you’re still at the very beginning of the dating process then this could be a mistake.

Once you fall for him completely, you can’t imagine anyone else next to yourself. At this point, you ignore the fact that your relationship could fail.

You’ve only just met but you already have serious plans for your future. This makes it harder to go through a breakup if the two of you don’t make it work.

I know that you like him but if only you could think about your heart for a second.

When you open yourself completely to someone before it’s the right time, you risk your own sanity.

If he breaks your heart, you’ll be left devastated. So, for your own good, try not to give too much of yourself too soon.

This could backfire on you and you may regret your decision more than you think.

2. We see past the red flags

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

It’s 100% true that when a woman falls in love, she sees the world through rose-colored glasses.

Everything looks sweet, romantic, and simple and there are no red flags on the horizon.

But is it actually this way or have all those red flags turned into green ones because you’re so madly in love with him?

This is another mistake that all women tend to make. We see our man in the best possible light, ignoring all of the negative sides of his personality.

And then, after the initial stage of infatuation goes away, you’re stuck with a guy who doesn’t make you happy.

By that time, while you’re taking those rose-tinted glasses off, you notice that things aren’t the way you thought they were.

3. We compromise more than we should

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

A woman in love is a blind woman. I know that because I’ve been there.

We get so obsessed with the romanticized image that we create in our head that we forget what we’re doing.

Maybe you promised yourself that you would never keep dating a guy who makes nasty comments about women.

Or perhaps you notice that your ‘perfect’ guy tends to become aggressive when he’s upset, but because you like him, you look for an excuse for his behavior.

You break all of the promises you made to yourself because you don’t clearly see what’s actually going on in front of your eyes.

It’s okay to make compromises in a relationship but to stick with a guy through abuse, lying, or cheating just because you like him a lot equals being crazy.

Open your eyes and don’t let him change your idea of what’s good and what’s bad. Otherwise, this will only backfire on you.

4. We revolve our life around them

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

When you fall in love, you feel the constant need to be around your guy. Day and night, you think you could never get tired of him.

This puts him at the center of your attention and makes you shape your life around him.

If he’s busy on Friday, you’ll make sure to cancel your plans from Saturday just so you can meet up with him.

It’s okay to do that once or twice but to leave everything behind and plan your life around him is a mistake that can cost you dearly in the future.

5. We pretend to be something we’re not

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

Let’s be honest – we’re all self-conscious when we’re standing in front of a guy we like.

In a situation like that, we want to look our best and present ourself in the best light.

That’s why we tend to make one of the biggest mistakes out there – we pretend to be something we’re not.

Instead of showing a guy your real face, you hide behind a facade, thinking that you’ll impress him and keep him close to you.

Then, as he gets to know you, he realizes that you’re completely different from the person he met at the very beginning.

He might even feel like he was lied to, which makes matters even more complicated.

That’s why you should avoid making this mistake at all costs.

In the end, once he sees the real you, you risk losing him because of your previous actions.

6. We compare ourself to their ex

DONE! 6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

Women are mysterious creatures. We always make sure to make our life more complex than it already is.

So, when you stumble across his ex, the chances are that you’ll start comparing yourself with her.

She’s tall and beautiful so you ask yourself what he sees in you.

This makes you lose your self-confidence and start looking for flaws in yourself.

But you also start making comments about how his ex was much prettier, which probably makes him lose his mind.

Men hate repeating things, so when he has to convince you over and over again that he’s still into you, you only push him away.

Women, open your eyes and stop making these mistakes if you want to save your heart from an intense heartbreak!

These careless errors can easily be avoided now that you know what you’re supposed to do.

6 Careless Mistakes Women Make When They Like A Guy

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