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6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She’s Giving Up On You

6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She’s Giving Up On You

Sometimes, the reasons she’s giving up on you are all right there. Other times, you’re confused because you had no idea it was coming.

You didn’t get the closure you needed, even though she probably made sure to explain everything to you. But even if she didn’t, all the signs and reasons why are right there.

If you’re still confused, you might want to look at our list of possible reasons why she’s giving up on you (and probably has been for a while now). You can get the closure you need as well as learn a lesson or two on why women give up on relationships in general.

1. You treated her badly

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

You can treat a woman badly until the very point when she’s done dealing with it. Many women convince themselves that one day the man they’re dating is going to change.

But the reality is, most times he doesn’t, even after it’s spelled out clearly for him.

Look back at your relationship. How many times did she explain to you that she needed you to do something for her? Did she keep asking something of you?

You probably changed for a couple of days and when she “calmed down,” you decided that it was the right time to go back to being the person you were before.

You treated her badly and didn’t think much of it because she put up with your behavior. She’s done with that right now, as you can see.

If anything, she shouldn’t have had to condone this in the first place. But she did because she loved you. Now you lost her.

2. You didn’t deserve another chance

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

She warned you too many times. Whenever you’d make the same mistake, she’d always tell you that she was going to leave. You didn’t listen to her. You didn’t take her seriously.

A man who doesn’t listen multiple times to the warnings a woman gives him isn’t worthwhile.

I’m sorry to be this blunt with you because you’re probably heartbroken right now. But you didn’t deserve it any other way.

When a woman warns you that she is going to give up on you and the relationship, you need to listen. Don’t brush her warnings aside and believe that she won’t go through with it.

You need to understand that she didn’t give up on you because of that one mistake you made, but because she gave you one too many chances. She stepped on her own pride more times than she can count. Now she’s done.

3. You never put her first

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

A woman shouldn’t have to fight for her man’s attention. She shouldn’t have to beg you to spend time with her, put her first, or be there for her. You should know that in a relationship, your partner comes first.

Did you put her needs aside because of your own selfish desires? How many times did she wait for you to come home to her but you couldn’t care less because you were having the time of your life with your friends?

Your friends aren’t real friends if they would put you down for putting your girl first. They probably aren’t in relationships themselves. Even if they are, their girlfriends are probably just as miserable as yours was.

It’s one of the most plausible reasons for her giving up on you. You never had to beg for her to be there for you because you had her undivided attention from the very beginning.

Ask yourself where your priorities in life actually are. Because she was clearly never one of them.

4. She felt lonely, even though she was in a relationship

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

There’s no worse feeling in this world than being with someone and still feeling like you’re all alone in this world. You have that person right there next to you yet they don’t listen to you, they don’t understand you.

You never understood her. There were times you weren’t even listening to her properly when she’d speak to you. You thought her anger was cute and didn’t want to take her seriously.

So she stopped talking to you. She stopped because there was no point in explaining anything to you anymore.

She’s obviously better off alone than she is in a relationship with you, so she packed her bags. Now you’re crying? Now you’re the one who’s lonely?

Imagine how she felt this entire time with you by her side, when you couldn’t be bothered to be there for her. She had to fight her demons all on her own.

5. She couldn’t trust you

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

What is a relationship that wasn’t founded on trust? It’s one that was bound to break apart, one that was never meant to last long.

There may be many reasons she’s giving up on you, but this one is the scariest. She was in a relationship with someone she couldn’t trust.

It doesn’t matter if you hid your phone from her, made promises that you didn’t keep, or would look at other girls. She just couldn’t trust you.

To earn and keep her trust, you needed to respect her and her boundaries. For her to trust you, it meant that you would not go behind her back, but rather prove to her that you’re trustworthy.

Whatever it took, you’d make that happen. But you didn’t.

6. She wasn’t happy

DONE! 6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

We start relationships because we want to bring something new into our lives. We start them to create a union in which we’d feel happier than we would if we were alone.

Soon, she realized that she was miserable with you. Did you often do something to make her cry? Did you watch her get angry and mad, sad and desperate, yet didn’t do anything to make it better?

She wasn’t happy with you and now she decided to do the only thing she knew would make it better. She decided to leave you and move on with her life.

Somewhere in this world happiness is waiting for her. All that happiness you weren’t able to give her will be given to her by someone else.

6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She's Giving Up On You

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